Why Financial Stability Will Drastically Increase Your Quality Of Life

by James Teague

It's crazy knowing that December will officially mark a year since I've moved out of my parents nest and started my journey of independence. Even though I've learned and experienced a lot through trial and error, there's still a lot for me to figure out about life.

I feel like I'm in a much better position now, compared to when I first arrived in Atlanta. Everything is good, and I'm not as homesick about college life like I used to be in the beginning. Don't get it twisted, though, because I still miss college -- a lot.

However, I'm in a better position where I can live my life in a more fulfilling manner, and I'm not limited to the things I was limited to when I was in college.

When you are responsible and able to handle your business, real world living isn't so bad. And, when you are financially stable in the real world, life as you know it becomes so much better.

"Financial stability" is one of the important key necessities in order to make your "life after college" experience grow into something worthwhile. There are so many reasons why being financially stable in the real world can help you not only in the long run, but also in the present day.

Helps you to be more disciplined

When dealing with your finances, not only are you teaching yourself how to save money you're also disciplining yourself. You're equipping yourself to be more responsible with handling and controlling your funds.

There will always be times where you will feel like you're always spending money, whether it's on bills, gas, groceries or random nights out with your coworkers.

When you're disciplined with your account, you know how much to save, how much to spend, how much to give, etc. You become more appreciative of the amount of dollars you're able to save and hold on to.

You also learn how to make do with the amount of money you have on you whenever you're set up in situations where you end up unexpectedly broke.

Helps to save you from being "unexpectedly broke"

Don't you just hate those moments when you end up being unexpectedly broke? That one moment when your card gets declined, at a time when you really needed and depended on that money?

I can tell you from firsthand experience that it can be one of the most upsetting, yet humbling moments in your life. There may be a few times in life where you may accidentally spend a tad bit more than expected and realize later down the line that you royally messed up.

This is where being financially stable comes to play. When you know how much exactly is in your bank account, it prevents unexpected situations that may put you into debt.

Helps you to keep up with all of your bills

Developing a system where you can keep up with the dollars that come in and out of your account can keep you up-to-date on your bills. There is not a soul in this world who doesn't think bills are a downer, but when you have control of your finances, you have control of paying necessities.

You'll grow to appreciate bills as they help you be more responsible. It will make you feel good that you can provide yourself a roof over your head.

You become more appreciative of the value of a dollar

When saving money, you tend to start looking at how you shop differently. Each year it looks as if like the value of a dollar is always decreasing. The cost of living is going up, bills manage to hold you back, gas and grocery are prices always going up and down each time a new season begins.

Being "financially stable" during these times helps you grow, and it also helps through tough times when it just seems like everything is expensive.

You can maneuver your way through and somehow manage to find a median between how much you need to spend and how much you should spend.

Paying $20 to get in the club will seem like child's play

I remember my college experience, and praying we didn't get hit with that "$20" to get in. I always used to hate paying $20 to get into a party, especially if it turned out to be a waste.

Paying to get in the club in college versus paying to get in the club when you're in the real world are two totally different stories and feelings. It feels good to finally not have to stress about dropping a $20.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It