Why You Need To Have A Thick Skin If You Want To Succeed In Business

In order to thrive in today’s society, not only in the world of business, but also in the grand scheme of things, it’s important to have thick skin. We live in a world that can provide ample negative energy. And if all you do is dwell on that, you basically become a weaker person and move further away from your goals.

Countless times, people have told me tell me that I was going to fail or that I shouldn’t do X, Y or Z (I have plenty of examples of those in my book, "The Dream"). They more or less distracted me from the end game, which was pursuing something I really wanted to do (either for business purposes or my personal life).

So, one of the things I did very early on in life was to grow very thick skin. Some people live very pessimistically, and that translates to the negative energy they exude. I like to live in a world of optimism and if I want to do something, I won’t let anyone stop me for doing it. Criticism can be great, but only when used as filter to help make decisions. Passion dictates the rest.

Positivity is a form of passion that conquers any battle. One of my favorite quotes is “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, “You Owe Me.” Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.” This is what positive energy does — it can light up your life with success.

This independence leads to confidence, which becomes the only voices that matter. I encourage all of you to follow your heart’s desire on any matter — and never let anyone stop you from doing what you love. It might be painful, but after a while, the skin becomes thick enough to handle anything.

So, grow thick skin — very thick skin. People will question your ability to succeed, and the loudest among them might make you doubt your own talents, so you’ll need thick skin to drown out the noise. The silence will help you focus on your objective and you will prevail.

Photo credit: WENN