The Mindset Of A Millionaire

by Paul Hudson

Riches and bitches…every man’s dream. Luckily for us, money works like a magnet; whether you are a man or a woman, being a millionaire basically gives you whatever pickings you’d like — it may seem like a shallow way of looking at the world, but it’s the reality of things. While some are born into such an extravagant lifestyle, most of us aren’t so lucky.

So for the rest of us who were born somewhere below the 1%, we’ll have to make our fortune on our own. And thank goodness — there is much to be learned on the road to success, which we may have very well overlooked would we not be forced to make our millions on our lonesome. How exactly does one become a millionaire? Well firstly, you must want to become one. Wealth is not on everyone’s shopping list — some prefer to live more humbling lifestyles. Secondly, you must have the right mindset.

I hold two beliefs close and dear: there is always — and I mean always — a way to make money and anyone can make money if they so desire. I am going to go ahead and assume that you all want to be millionaires and will skip over the importance of wanting something with every fiber of your body. If money is not your main focus then don’t think that you can’t take anything from this article; becoming a millionaire is only one form of success.

There are countless others. Becoming wealthy is neither easy nor hard. It isn’t more difficult than what you are doing now or more difficult than other goals that are worth aspiring toward. The difficult part is finding the gumption and motivation to change your life. That is what is really required of you: you must change your lifestyle and who you are in order to change your life for the better.

This is what most people fail to realize. Once you change the way you do things and get accustomed to doing them, things instantly become easier. The truth is that they were always easy — your mind was the one making everything seem so much more difficult. We are creatures of habit; it’s time to break those weighing us down and create the ones necessary for success and fortune.

Step one is breaking away from the average. You are what you do — so if you do average things, then you are, by definition, average. You must avoid falling into the trap of doing things simply because your friends are doing them. There is always time for play, but playtime isn’t all the time. Get your priorities straight and focus doing only those things that help further your cause.

Becoming a millionaire is more than just about getting the dough — it’s about molding yourself into the person that you want to be. If you are not happy with whom you are as a whole, if you have a list of faults that you wish to change about yourself, even if you were to win the lottery you would still be unhappy. Create a better you and money won’t be of issue.

There is nothing wrong with average if that is what you wish to be — but only if that is what you really wish to be. Each and every person has a different mindset, even if only slightly. We all want different things, different experiences and have different visions for our future. If you have yet to figure out what it is that you want out of life, don’t fret; very few have been able to do so.

Spend some time thinking about what it is that will make you happiest and then follow that dream. In our day and age, the chances are that your happiness has quite a bit to do with financial stability. Likewise, when dealing with others, come to understand that not everyone will think like you and not everyone will be as open-minded as you. Some will take pleasure in watching you fail.

Others will make it their job to watch your downfall. Many won’t give a shit and won’t pay you any attention. Don’t be distracted by their negativity or lack of support. You do you and eventually you will have what you desire. Haters gonna hate — that’s just the way the world works.

The life of a millionaire basically revolves around oneself; it is the epitome of human egocentricity. You must always focus on yourself first and foremost. I strongly believe that Generation-Y is filled with individuals who wish to help others and wish to make the world a better place for all. This is a great purpose to have in life, but you have to come to understand that the very best way of helping others is when you yourself are at your prime.

When you are your happiest and standing on the firmest ground, you will be capable of doing the most good. When your mind is at its sharpest and your skills are at their highest level, that is when you can make the greatest difference. This is not to say that you ought to ignore your fellow brothers and sisters with trivial tasks, but if you really want to make a big impact then you must be at the top of your game. Personally, I believe that the greatest way a person can make an impact is through a large piggybank.

There are of course many ways to help without having to whip out your checkbook — but kind words and Facebook shares won’t feed those starving children or help those being slaughtered. Big problems require big money to pacify. This is how I plan to create change in the world, but that is not to say that you cannot have your own way. Like I said before, we all must follow our own paths.

Happiness is very important to attaining success and wealth. You may think that once you get racks on racks that a smile will immediately appear on your face. Who am I kidding…it definitely will. But the truth is that those that make a fortune count their blessings way before they hit seven figures. You must surround yourself with positive, joyful thoughts and indulge in them.

You want to feel as if you are sitting on a cloud all-day and everyday. Negativity is what will kill all of your hopes and shatter your dreams. Negativity is like a disease or virus. It is contagious and it ruins your mood, distracts you, changes your mindset for the worse and makes you much less productive. There is always something to be proud of or happy about — focus on it and let that joy snowball until it engulfs you entirely.

Human beings are imperfect; we make mistakes. We cannot allow ourselves to be affected by our failures, but must keep running on course. Dwelling on our shortcomings creates negativity that will taint all that we do in a darker shade. No one is perfect and no one does amazing work the first time they attempt it. Practice is key — try and fail, try and fail and repeat.

Eventually you will get it right. It won’t be easy — nothing worth doing is. But with enough hard work, and most importantly perseverance, you are capable of doing anything. One of the most prominent differences between the average person and the millionaire is not that one is smarter than the other. It is not that one is more diligent than the other or that one is luckier than the other.

Much of the time it comes down to grit: who will last the longest? My friend was recently telling me about his business that he started three years ago. He told me that at first, he only had two clients in a certain city. There were a handful of other competitors and because all were offering similar products and services, it was very difficult to distinguish oneself.

At one point he considered leaving the city because after operating expenses he was only breaking even. Then, when he was just about ready to call it quits, his competition miraculously all gave up at once. He then found himself with not only his 2 clients, but with two clients form each of his 5 competitors that left the city. And what did he do to increase his business fivefold? Nothing. He just kept on going and waited for those weaker than he was to give up.

Millions are for the taking as long as we understand that it requires a certain type of lifestyle with certain habits and a certain mindset. The focus should never be on the money itself, but rather on you. If you improve your skills and habits, if you work hard and have a clear vision of what you wish to do, as long as you persevere, you will find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You will fail and make mistakes — but sometimes the biggest mistakes reveal the greatest of opportunities. If it weren’t for a mistake I would not be in the process of taking over a company overseas as CEO. Mistakes are what you make of them. They can be failures or learning experiences — if not flipped into great successes. You have control of your life, you just haven’t realized it yet. Success only requires two things: action and inaction. You just need to figure out when to do which.