A Social Network For The World's Elite

by Ryan Babikian

As a Swedish Count, investment banking power player, and proven entrepreneur, you could say Erik Wachtmeiser has serious clout. In fact, it was the essence of clout that inspired Wachtmeister's incredible new venture: a platform for connecting those who have tasted more success than the rest of the world combined.

Attaining success in the digital realm is best accomplished by fusing the hottest and most desired trends and service of today.  So, when Erik Wachtmeister took a bite out of the trillion dollar social networking industry and targeted the world's most successful and established individuals, he hit the jackpot... for the second time.

But, entrepreneur Erik Wachtmeister probably isn't someone you've heard of... but you definitely should have. This pioneer has branded his venture with the very same values the Elite pride themselves on: innovation; ambition, opportunity, and - of course - a life worth living.

With this highly anticipated startup, this Swedish count and former investment banker essentially took the best of Facebook and the best of Jetsetter and combined it with everything LinkedIn should be doing. By putting a fresh take on the elements of multi-billion dollar platforms, Wachtmeister has officially placed himself on the short list of entrepreneurs to watch in 2013.

But let's start from the beginning: Wachtmeister was the pioneer of social networking. In 2004, he founded the startup ASmallWorld: an invitation-only website that catered to success-driven individuals by providing elite networking capabilities. Users could connect with other jetsetters, make business connections and find personal, high-end services.

In 2006, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein made a significant investment in the startup, just as ASmallWorld was gaining traction. Yet, in 2010, Wachtmeister made the bold decision to walk away from ASmallWorld in 2010. Many critics felt this was absolute stupidity, but Wachtmeister clearly knew what he was doing.

Like all Elite entrepreneurs, he saw what he wanted and he took it. He no longer felt ASmallWorld was it, and immediately started working on what he felt would be game-changing with BestOfAllWorlds. Originally, he toyed with the idea of reacquiring the ASmallWorld after attaining backing from Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. But in the end, he had to do it for himself.

Enter BestOfAllWorlds... Starting on August 27th, the site will allow users to network with like-minded people (a crucial aspect of building a "dream team" for your next venture), find restaurants and nightlife in city guides, and discover who’s attending exlusive and notable events, such as: Art Basel in Miami and England’s Royal Ascot horse racing.

With increasing sentiments of dissatisfaction with Facebook and LinkedIn, Wachtmeister plans to scoop up the most established of these fleeing users.

Facebook is a monopoly in the social sphere, but it only gives little value. We can deliver clever filters, cut through the mess and get information that’s relevant and we can trust.”

And Hell... with backing from the Saudi Royal family (as well as some major U.S. and European investors) what could go wrong? Wachtmeister is betting on exclusivity and the unique ability to control personal and private data in order to attract a user base composed of the world's most established.

Not surprisingly, this has attracted myriad marketing powerhouses interested in advertising and showcasing luxury products such as:  yachts, timepieces, liquor, jets, and sports cars. But for the first month, BestofAllWorlds will run ad-free. Monetization is contingent on fees generated from services such as hotel and restaurant bookings, Wachtmeister said.

BestofAllWorlds sent out 5,000 invitations in May to an exclusive group and the site now has almost 25,000 members, Wachtmeister said. He is now seeking another round of financing for $5 million to $10 million. Add becoming a member of this site to your "to-do list" after you attain the Clout of an industry-leading entrepreneur...

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