How To Rid Your Mind Of Fear

Success requires action and the only thing that will prevent you from acting is fear. In fact, fear is the archnemesis of all things success and ambition. If you continue to be paralyzed by fear, you will live a life of perpetual inertia.

For this reason, Elite Daily has compiled a list of proven tips for overcoming fear, so that you too can attain success. Without further adieu, here are the four ways to program your brain into beating the only thing holding you back:

1. Value Courage Over Security

Repeated surveys have shown that most people value "security" over just about everything else in their lives. People will put up jobs that they hate, marriages that make them miserable, and habits that are killing them (think "comfort food") simply to feel more secure.

To conquer fear, you must consciously dethrone "security" as the thing that you value most in your life and replace it with the active virtue of "courage." You must decide, once and for all, that it's more important for you to have the courage to do what you must to succeed, rather than to cling to the things that make you feel safe.

2. Differentiate Between Fear & Playing It Safe

Most fears are irrational and unreasonable. For example, you might be afraid to make an important call because if the call doesn't go well, you'll have to face the fact that you "failed."  Or you might be afraid to start your own business because you're not certain you've got what it takes.

It's these irrational fears that hold you back and keep you from being more successful. Other times, you may think “playing it safe” is the right call. But, just make sure you aren't pretending to be prudent--when you're just trying to avoid taking reasonable business risks, for instance, or putting yourself on the line to do what's necessary.

3. Treat Fear As A Call to Action

If what you fear is inside your control - some action that you're afraid to take, that is - take a few moments to prepare yourself, then do the thing that's scaring you.

I mean now. Not tomorrow; not next week. Right now, before you read the rest of this post. Call that person. Write that email. Create a business plan. Do it now!'

If this fear is outside your control, devise a plan with detailed steps for how you will overcome this if and when it happens. Then, have the courage to rely on that plan.

4. Reframe Fear Into Excitement

Finally, tune into the aspect of fear that's really fun.  Think about the last time you rode a roller coaster: You probably felt plenty of fear, but you were also having a great time. Let's face it, a life without fear - and without the courage to overcome fear - would be pretty bland and insipid.

Some people actually value security so much that they will put up with a miserable life. You must rid your brain of this mindset! Disrupting the status quo and putting yourself out of your comfort zone is what creates an environment for success.