Rap Genius Cofounder Tom Lehman Says The Best Businesses Start Out As Cool Projects


With Rap Genius back among Google's top searches, after the end much publicized feud with search engine giant, focus has now returned to the site's actual product, and its plans to change the Internet.

For the three co-founders behind Rap Genius, Ilan Zechory, Mahbod Moghadam and Tom Lehman, it's safe to say that they have already changed the way in which music is revisited online.

The annotations that users and verified artists can add to lyrics, adds a whole other dimension of intrigue to visiting the site. They have, however, no intention of stopping there as they plan to revamp the Internet with what they call "genius" technology.

Like most relatively young entrepreneurs, Rap Genius' cofounders have plans to not only create a good company, but one that has a massive, generation defining impact. Lehman, however, says that thinking of the end goal is a distraction. You can't consciously think of what you're doing as a "business," he says.

That "cool art project" has a resulted into the creation of what has become a fascinating site. One that just scored a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, which will allow it to Rap Genius to publish lyrics by Universal's artists.

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