Qualities Of A True Leader

Contrary to popular belief, a leader isn’t just born. Leaders are groomed. Leadership is neither a title nor a position that you inherit. It’s a lifestyle. Through constant exposure to difficult situations and having the resiliency to strive, there are certain characteristics that every effective leader eventually picks up.

Resonating Voice & Ideals

In the midst of controversy and turmoil, everyone seems to have an overzealous opinion. Yet, there comes a time, eventually, when everyone shuts the fuck up and listens to one voice of a reason. That is the voice of the leader.

No matter the situation, an effective leader is able to get his point across with grace and power. His or her words seem to have a soothing effect, while simultaneously it encourages you to do what is necessary.

He has total control of the room and isn’t intimidated by the given attention. President Barack Obama is the perfect example of this. Despite your political views, his speeches almost always inspire you to be more.

Listening Skills

Greek mythology notes that humans have two ears and one mouth because we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. Never is this more evident than in describing a true leader.

Although we fall under the misconception that all our leaders do is command, they actually just listen to others most of the time. They are able to assess the situation clearly and make the appropriate decisions by listening. What seems to be divine wisdom is actually just good interpersonal skills.

Problem Solving

Leaders aren’t benefactors of smooth sailing. A leader is the person we turn to when shit gets rough. With that responsibility, the leader has to solve the situation at hand effectively and wisely, while having the risks in mind. Not only does he have to have faith in his plan, but he also has to convince YOU to have faith in his plan.

Solving the problem may or may not require unorthodox methods. That’s the beauty of it all though, being able to use components that aren’t clearly seen makes you seem like a fucking genius. It’s a daunting task for sure, but nevertheless, if the correct measures are taken, success is a guarantee.


The thing that made Steve Jobs one of the most innovative leaders of our time was his keen ability to see into the future. He imagined Apple to be more than just a new computer company. He saw a revolution. He dreamed of its potential and ate, breathed and shat it until it became a reality.

While the common layman is able to see just a few steps ahead, a true leader is already planning out the steps for the next race. This is the only way someone could actually lead, making the next appropriate steps seem as natural and easy as possible. It’s the only way to make themselves and everyone around them elite.

Misaell Cabral | Elite