How To Make Millions (Or Billions) Without Waiting

When someone starts talking about how to make millions - or billions - of dollars, you instantly turn your head with laser-like focus, as if you are about to be endowed with some never-fail, overnight recipe for success that has been kept secret until now. 

In reality, there are only a couple ways to swiftly enter that coveted position among the one percent... and these are by no means secrets:

1. Win The Lottery

2. Inherit The Money

3. Marry Into The Money

4. Exploit A Company's (Or Person's) Liability And Sue

The chances of you winning the lottery are zero. If you are already in a position to inherit loads of money, this post wouldn't interest you. Marrying into the money isn't fun because you won't have any of the perks that come with having unimaginable wealth. And the chances of you winning a premeditated lawsuit are also incredibly slim.

But what about the legit ways to become seriously wealthy? You can put $5 into a saving account everyday, and after 42 years you will have a million dollars. Or you could obtain an entry-level job at a large corporation - engaging in ass kissing and office politics - and hope to climb the ladder. But, in either case, you will wait decades before seeing any results.

So, what is the best way to make a lot of money very fast? Entrepreneurship, without a doubt in the world, is the single best way to establish yourself among the 1% quickly. And moreover, you will receive an even better reward than the actual money: self-made success. In fact, self-made success should be the primary objective - and for most of you it already is. Wealth is simply a symptom of success.

99.98% of the world's billionaires are self-made. Not inherited. Not married into. Not lottery winnings. Not lawsuit settlements. Even though entrepreneurship is such an obvious answer for those that wish to attain success fast, the masses fail to acknowledge this. The Elite - by age 12 - will recognize the allure of entrepreneurship, but the majority of capable and competent Americans do not pursue the path of the pioneer.

Many say that they do - or that they will - embark on a self-built venture, but you can spot these phonies from a mile away. Even in this unrewarding and defunct economy, the masses lack the motivation to stray from the traditional path laid out for them by the establishment.

But out of the masses, a very select few genuinely desire to begin a life as an entrepreneur... but because of certain misconceptions and pathetic defeatist attitudes, they never do. This is not an acceptable excuse.

Here are the most heard lines of these fakers - along with the real-world facts of the matter - so that there are less excuses and more success-filled entrepreneurial endeavors in the world:

1. "I will tomorrow"

Procrastination until it's too late will kill any chances you have of entrepreneurial success. Laziness is an abhorrent quality. So is lack of focus or dedication. If you want success, go after it... right now! The only thing stopping you from being a successful entrepreneur is you. You are not too young. You are not too inexperienced.

Find something you are passionate about or proficient in and base a business around it. Devote yourself to it 24/7. Eat sleep and breathe this project. Build a core team of equally hungry and dedicated people with similar goals as you. This is the true recipe for success.

2. "I need money first"

The biggest perk about living in 2012 is that you do not need to be rich to get rich. Nor do you need funding, loans or a hefty savings account. In the world of tech-based ventures, you can get a website up for a couple hundred bucks.

The fastest growing and most profitable companies over the last few years have started in garages or dorm rooms for the cost of a big night out in the city. Stay in one weekend and use that money to build a beta or prototype. You can then bootstrap your way to profitability and sustainability.

3. "I don't have the resources or connections yet"

Often, people will say they plan on entering the entrepreneurship game only after they develop a deep network of contacts. Most of these "connections" people refer to are daddy's connections anyway. This is not necessary.

Again, the 21st century has provided us with the amazing market opportunity where anybody can start a successful tech venture. It is not like getting an internship at Goldman Sachs... no one is going to "hook you up" with some type of advantageous position in entrepreneurship.

4. "I will after I put in some time in the workforce"

True: there is a time to learn and there is time to earn. You need some type of relevant experience before you found a venture. But - by no means - does this mean that you need to sentence yourself to years in a cubicle, which will rot your motivation to the core. The cubicle is a death trap that is incredibly hard to escape. This is not a prerequisite to entrepreneurship.

5. "I might fail"

You will fail. This is inevitable. If you are scared of failure, you are not deserving of success nor will you ever attain it through any life path. The best part of entrepreneurship if you can fail quick, often, and soft - meaning that there are few, if any, consequences of falling down. This is the best way to get experience.

And the best part is that the industry will actually recognize that you are probably smarter after failing. you will learn exactly what not to do and make better decisions next time around. And because you do not need much money to found a venture, there is nothing stopping you from starting over again from scratch.