Find Your Obsession And Act Upon It

by Paul Hudson

You can read countless articles and books on the secret to being successful, the secret to running a successful business. You can read up on different methods of keeping yourself focused, keeping organized, staying motivated, etc., etc.…

But the honest truth is that there are only two things that you need to do in order to be successful in whatever line of business you decide to be in or whatever line of work you decide to pursue. No matter what you decide to do with your life, in order to achieve success you need two things: you need to be obsessed with what you do and you need to act when opportunity rears its beautiful head.

Ever notice how the most successful people make what they do seem like a piece of cake? Well, that’s because, to them, it is. Those that make success a way of life don’t force themselves towards success, they become successful because success is the only logical outcome of their obsession.

In order to be good at what you do, you need to like your job; in order to be amazing at what you do, you need to be obsessed. Success requires a lot of focus and a ton of work — the only way to manage greatness under such circumstances is if what most people consider to be work, you consider playtime.

I am sorry to say that I can’t provide you with any shortcuts. I can’t show you a way to get from where you are now to the top of the world — but what I can do is guide you in the right direction. An obsession, by definition, is not something that you can force.

Thankfully, by definition it isn’t something that you can easily suppress either. So your focus shouldn’t be on how you can make yourself obsessed with that which you are doing, but rather on how you can find something worthy of you obsessing over.

Once you find that one thing that gives your life direction and purpose, once you come to realize that that one thing is always floating about in your mind on some level or another, once this thing becomes a part of who you are as a person, that is when you have found your obsession and that is when the opportunity for success becomes available for the taking.

The only thing left to do is to have the balls to actually take it. That’s what life really comes down to, doesn’t it? Do you have the gumption to reach out and grasp what you want in life, or do you just not want it badly enough? We are all capable of so much and while we ask for so much, when we are given the opportunity, we rarely take what we want.

I believe part of this is not realizing that we are being presented with an opportunity in the first place. Life doesn’t usually present you with fireworks and explosions — usually the greatest opportunities are quietly creeping right under your nose.

What most people fail to realize is that the biggest opportunity that they are given in life is themselves — themselves and the time to flourish. The greatest opportunity, the only one that actually matters, is the opportunity that doesn’t come in the form of an event; it comes in the form of a state: the state of having enough time to hone in on your skills, your talents, your dreams and your obsession.

There is no need to wait until you accidentally run into your next venture possibility; work with what you have right now. Now, I know that you are thinking that you are already working three jobs and are still barely able to cover your rent every month, living from weekly check to check. You’re not alone.

People have been in more difficult situations and were still able to make the seemingly impossible a reality. So stop feeding yourself bullshit; you can make things happen if you so choose to.

This really is the magical formula that thousands of writers, philosophers and gurus of sorts have been trying to explain and share, often in overly convoluted ways. If you have the time and an obsession, you can hold the world in the palm of your hands. Take the opportunity that nature gave you — you — find your obsession and become that which you love.

Other opportunities will make their way over to you once you have some force behind you. The laws of attraction do apply; once you start living your obsession, the rest of the dominos will set themselves up in place — you’ll just need to provide the initial push. You are an opportunity. Will you take it? Or are you just too much of a pussy?

Paul Hudson | Elite.

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