Entrepreneurship Break Down: Quotes From The Extraordinary - Elite Daily


Here at Elite Daily, we usually dedicate each post to a single aspect or lesson for success and entrepreneurship. Straying from the beaten path, today we give you ten lessons for entrepreneurship: each represented by a different inspiring quote.

Just like you shouldn't take medical advice from anyone other than a doctor; similarly, you shouldn't take advice for success from anyone who has not attained it. Thus, here is a collection of the best advice for entrepreneurs from the best entrepreneurs.

Deal with Haters

All of those who have accomplished great things were told by others that their idea was either stupid or unattainable. Take it as a compliment if someone hates on your idea because - chances are - that means you are on to something great.


Innovation, by nature, is improving upon the creations of others. You do not need to develop the Molecular Theory or create the first artificial intelligence in order to be successful. Build upon things that should or could be improved in the world, and the invisible hand will reward you.

Embrace the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Simple advice, but incredibly true. Manuel labor is unrewarding and unfulfilling. Entrepreneurship is a meritocracy, in which you are rewarded only for what you accomplish. You only kill what you eat. To those who are ambitious, this is the only way to live.

Challenge Yourself

If you are not constantly being challenged, you are doing something wrong. You must always be overcoming boundaries and barriers.

Work Harder Than Everyone Else

If success were easy, it would not be called "success". It entails working harder, smarter, and longer than everyone else.

Be a Man of Action

You can only attain success if you act. This is the most important - and first - step you must take. Those that talk about doing great things, but do nothing to follow up will always lose. If you do not act, you will never achieve anything.

Dream Big

Sky is the limit. Shoot for the stars. You can attain success if your goals are mediocre and barely challenging.

Take Risks 

You may be comfortable with the lifestyle you were brought up in, the industry your parents were in, or the career your parents wanted you to have. If you mindlessly live a life constructed by others, you will never be happy. Step outside your comfort zone, take risks, and do something you are passionate about or have an aptitude in.

Squash the Competition 

There is always someone one step behind you. The second you stop climbing, you will be surpassed. Be the best at whatever you do.

You Are the Company You Keep

As Elite Daily always emphasizes, your entourage can either make or break your chances of success. Surround yourself with positive people who have big ambitions. If you are surrounded by your childhood friends your whole life, chances are you will never rise to the top. You need your friends to push you to take steps towards greatness. Not hold you back from it.

Rise From Failure

It the the man that constantly rises from failure that attains success, not the man that never fails. If you never fail, you are not trying hard enough.