Entrepreneur Profile: Brian Linton, Founder Of United By Blue


Brian Linton is the founder and chief trash collector of the sustainable apparel brand United By Blue, a for-profit company that removes one pound of trash from U.S. waterways for every product sold.

In the two years since founding UBB, Linton has received several accolades for his social-entrepreneurship strides from the nation's top news publications including Bloomberg Businessweek and The Wall Street Journal.  This recognition came to a head in 2010 when the Philadelphia resident was named one of Pennsylvania's top Environmental Leaders.

Your core values and passion for the ocean and sealife seem deep seeded, what triggered this strong connection?

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that are driven by self-centered ambitions, but your endeavors are primarily philanthropic. Who were some of the people that have had the strongest influence on your path in life?

How did United By Blue come to fruition?

What are the greatest influences on your design? Do you leave that up to your team or are you the primary creative director?

What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome in establishing United By Blue?

Everyone aspires to be successful, what drives you everyday?

Ultimately, what is your dream accomplishment?

What is the biggest tip you can offer to young up and coming entrepreneurs ?

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