Entrepreneur Profile: Brandon Silverstein


The Bounce Music Festival has become one of the largest international touring EDM festivals to date. Headliners have included every hitter in the EDM scene from Tiesto to Avicii. Two partners, Brandon Silverstein and Jared Lyons, put their minds together to create what would become a festival to not be reckoned with.

When and how did you come up with the idea for the Bounce Music Festival?

Hosting a festival as big as Bounce must have required some help. Could you tell us a little about the team around you?

Who were your most influential mentors when you were on the road to creating the Bounce Music Festival?

The Bounce Music Festival has grown to be a renowned international EDM phenomenon, and you started this all when you were in College. How did you manage to balance school and work?

You have quite a number of shows under your belt already. Which one would you say was your favorite? What made that experience unique from the other ones?

Are there any upcoming plans for Bounce that the people should be expecting?

If you had to choose one other brand to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Any last words for college entrepreneurs who are looking to build their own brands?

Serge E. | Elite.