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“You can say fuck it and see the world, or start a business, or save the world, whatever.” These are the immortal words of legendary investor/entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Last week, Elite Daily had a chance to catch up with Mark Cuban personally.

In this rare and exclusive interview, Mark Cuban lays out everything from what it takes for a startup to be successful in today’s market to his days in college as a “beast." Without further ado, here is Mark Cuban like you have never seen him before, answering questions you yourself would ask. Just remember, you read it at Elite.

Like any entrepreneur, you always seem to be involved with several different ventures and projects at once. How do you prioritize and balance this so that you maximize each one’s probability of success?

Again, always having your hands in a little bit of everything, what are the more important businesses you are involved with right now? And what should we expect to see hitting the market this year from Mark Cuban? Any stealth projects?

What were you like in college? I mean, were you as hungry then as you are now? Was it more of the typical college experience that the Average Joe has, or were you hustling away, engaged in business endeavors?

What is your take on college in 2012? Many successful entrepreneurs are skeptical of how much college actually prepares students for the real world. Would you advise an entrepreneurial-minded youth to go to college today?

After all your achievements, success, and – as a result - financial comfort, what motivates you to wake up in the morning and work harder than everybody else?

Right now, in the midst of the second tech boom, we often see Internet startups transform into billion dollar IPO’s over the course of just a few years. Is this just a bubble that will soon burst? What do you think the next great opportunity will be that is of equal caliber to this tech boom?

What are the hottest market, tech, or social trends that you think have the best potential for an entrepreneur to capitalize on?

When you made your first million, what was the first thing you bought or did?

Have you had any setbacks that almost discouraged you from the risk-filled world of entrepreneurship?

What does the average day in the life of Mark Cuban consist of?

What was that “it” moment in your life when you realized you had finally made it, reaching a level of success that others dream of?


What advice can you give a young entrepreneur who is in the midst of turning a concept into a business? What are those first critical steps that need to be taken?

If you had to enter any other profession or career, what would it be?

What industry would you like to have your hands in at some point in the future?

What is most important aspect of a company that determines its success?

You have lead so many different ventures to financial success, but what endeavor was your personal favorite, closest to your heart, or “pet project”?

What was going through your head when you purchased the majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks back in 2000?

Ryan Babikian | Elite.