Dear Hard Work........[Video]

Nothing worth doing is easy. Remember that. You have a long list of things that you want, things that you know will make you happier and you know you will be miserable without.

You get one life to live- make the most of it. Don’t sit on your ass and make excuses; you are the master of your destiny- if you don’t take the steps necessary to get to where you want to be going, you’ll only have yourself to blame. It’s scary, I know.

But you need to look all that hard work staring you in the eyes and stare right back. You are not hard work’s bitch. Hard work is an obstacle that every man, women and child can cross. Make hard work your best friend. Get together on a regular basis and push each other to your limits. Use hard work the way you use any other bitch- to your benefit. Sit down and write hard work a letter.

Dear Hard Work,

Fuck you.

Love, Generation Y

Richie O'Flaherty | Elite.