Closing Deals And Closing Women: The Surprising Similarities

In this day and age, businesses are easier than ever to start. With the Internet boom at its peak, now is the best time to get involved- before the bubble bursts. While these start-ups are becoming ever more popular, it is crucial to take the time to watch your investment with a restless eye and make quick and clear decisions when circumstances require they be made.

Having that said, let’s take some time to take a look at how investing in a business is frighteningly similar to investing your time and money into a woman.

Is it the right investment?

More and more women are now on the hunt to find and tame an Elite man. While many Elites are living the fast life and don’t seem too interested in settling down, there comes a point when they meet a woman and become so bewitched that the idea of having her as a girlfriend doesn’t seem so horrible.

The first thing a man does when he meets a woman is weigh his options- the good versus the bad. Is she the best looking person there? How does she handle herself in different situations? Does she exhibit solid character traits and will her character mesh with yours?

These important questions are the same questions asked when opening up a business in any given market. You want your business model to look the best it possibly can, as well as make sure the business can survive and flourish in this dog-eat-dog competitive industry.

The price you pay:

Living the Elite lifestyle, you should be familiar with spending copious amounts of money. While this is no real surprise, having a girlfriend is an immense additional expense. Between taking them out to dinner and buying them presents, the overhead can cost a pretty penny- and let’s not even get started on the costs of maintenance.

When finding a woman, it is important to make sure she is not just in it for a chunk of your assets, but there to better your life. In business, getting involved with investors is a tedious task. You must make sure they are investing for the right reasons and look to not only profit themselves, but also improve your business as a whole.

Don’t forget- you are most likely reinvesting most of your profits right back into the business for the first few years.

Closing Thought:

Women and business help make the Elite man who he is. When either your business or your relationship is flourishing, then you are happy; if they are both growing then you should be in heaven.

What makes a man Elite is making sure he gets the best of both worlds by attaining both a successful business as well as a successful relationship. When investing your time and money, make sure to make it count. The only way to do so is to always make smart decisions.

Rob Hausler | Elite.