Chase Money, Not Women

Ready for another crash course in logic? Life -- from my perspective --revolves around two main concepts. What are the two things that a man wants more than anything? Money and bitches -- excusez mon français, mais je suis un connard.

Men spend the entirety of their short lives planning and scheming on ways to bag both. I am most definitely guilty myself. Being the humanitarian that I am, I want to share with you a secret -- or shortcut, if you will -- you need to stop chasing women. Stick to chasing money solely. Chase money and you’ll never be short of beautiful women to indulge in. If you bank it, they will come.

As the great lyriscist Nas once said: "You lose money chasing women, but you never lose women chasing money." The man knew exactly what he was talking about; it is impossible for you to chase both at the same time and have it turn out exactly how you want it.

All the smart men who came before us knows, as Tony Montana in "Scarface" explains, first you get the money, then you get the power and then you get the women. It's about having your focus on the right thing, your success, which will ultimately culminate in money and women -- beautiful women -- because that 19-year-old Bulgarian model on your yacht isn't really in it for your personality.

The saying “kill two birds with one stone” could not ring truer. The sad truth is that most of us are extraordinarily materialistic. Of course, not everyone, but you don’t need to sleep with every woman in the world, 75% of them will have to suffice.

Chasing women, in all honesty, is never the answer -- to anything. The days when men would court women are far gone and forgotten. The only options available these days are to either go on the prowl from bar to bar, club to club, or to become a successful version of you that will resonate as a mating call bringing all the high heeled, round-tushed gazelles bounding towards your direction.

Logic is man’s best friend -- it will help you avoid doing a bunch of dumb shit. All that you have is thought and action. Nothing more. Life being as short and sweet as it is, it is your job as a person -- a person with high aspirations I hope -- to minimize the time and energy you waste. Doing so will allow you to free up time to focus on things that are most important to you which is of course building your legacy and making the money.

Why waste time doing stuff when you can be efficient and complete multiple tasks with one action? You want a massage and an orgasm? Go get a happy-ending rub and tug. You want to grab a bite to eat, have a drink and look at some naked women? Go to an upscale strip club. You want to fuck beautiful woman and live like a goddamn rock star? Become rich and successful. Simple.

Chasing women not only will leave you holding your dick in your hand, it will also leave you looking like a fool. Keep in mind that the dating game is one big mind-fuck. I’m not referring to the lies that some men tell women just to get into their sweet spot; I’m talking about the fact that every time that you meet a women you are basically putting on an act, a show not only in front of her but in front of everyone else you know as well.

No man (or woman) is ever completely himself when he first meets someone to whom he is attracted. Whether it’s human nature or the effects that society has had on our thinking is irrelevant, the truth remains that no person allows himself to be completely transparent to anyone new. It’s a defense mechanism that we all use because we are scared of rejection.

That being said -- I will also tell you this: women don’t want to be chased. They want to play games; they want to be mind-fucked. All the women reading this are probably shaking their heads in opposition. Stop it; you look like bobble head dolls.

Women may not understand the workings of their own minds, but I’m cocky enough to say that I do. As soon as you start chasing a woman, she will lose interest in you -- instantly as well as the money you want to make. Being chased is boring.

Women want to feel needed, wanted, but they also need to be entertained. Women need to come to the conclusion themselves that they will need to put in a bit of effort in order to have the pleasure of sucking your dick. If you just approach them with your fly open, she’ll just point, laugh and walk away.

So stop chasing. Let them come to you instead. No woman -- I repeat -- no woman can find a successful, wealthy man unattractive. Being successful is universally attractive. Being wealthy is universally attractive. Focus on yourself, work diligently, hustle like the player you are, make that dough and I promise you that you’ll have to beat them off with a stick.

Or, if you’re smart like me, you either schedule them across empty pockets in your planner or invite them all over to your penthouse for a tickle-fest, pillow-fight orgy. If you’re worried that your apartment isn’t large enough then don’t forget that you are now a millionaire and won’t be living in the hole in the wall that you currently call home. Work on you and you’ll have more women working on you than you know what to do with. Happy pimping.

Lastly, life comes down to prioritizing. The people that become successful are the ones that know how to weed out any distraction that they have in their lives. Women are a distraction to men, sex is distraction to men and they have the power to derail our progress.

Friends of mine who are extremely successful now have told me when they started their businesses, they gave up sex for a year. Sure you can laugh at them, but trust me they're laughing at you now from 35,000 feet in the air getting cocaine snorted of their dicks.

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

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