Why Not Caring Will Get You Everything You Want

Focusing too hard on a goal or overthinking the steps needed to accomplish a goal are symptoms of a much greater problem: caring too much.

Most people believe that in order to accomplish great things you must “keep what’s on your mind, on your mind.” But exhausting unnecessary energy by caring about things beyond your control hinders most pedestrians from reaching successful entrepreneur status.

It is not important to dwell on the details of any plan of action. What is important is to have a plan of action, execute it and then finally, let it go. Once you have done your part, it is your duty to your desired goal to let business take its course.

When most people speak of letting go they are usually under the belief that a divine being or positive energy must do its job to see to the end those things that are beyond our control. That is not my point of view in business. Letting go in business is an incubation process.

Excessive follow ups, providing multiple options, developing plans A, B and C, do not allow time for the other entities involved in your business deal to “live” with your proposal. You are not allowing other parties the time to understand, appreciate and see from your point of view why your plan of action makes sense.

Most business deals do not fall apart because of failure to agree to terms, they fall apart because the party was not given the opportunity to become as passionate about the proposed business as the seller.

A greater reason for not caring is avoiding presenting an image of desperation. If your ability to pay the rent and eat three square meals is dependent upon you closing a deal, the other party must NOT know it.

If a potential business partner or client senses that you are desperate to close they will more than likely walk away because no one wants to be in business with people that NEED them. They would much rather be in business with people that WANT them, or, better, offer added value. Desperation, like fear, will get you eaten alive by the sharks.

Truly, not caring about whether or not you close a deal or land a job is essential to achieving the desired result. How is this so? Approaching any situation with a carefree attitude does two things: one, it increases confidence and leads others to believe that you are a success with or without them. This makes you more appealing to potential partners or employers. It also allows you to see the entire picture from angles other than necessity.

Being carefree in business is not about being reckless. It is about knowing that you have the skills, resources and knowledge to take your life and business to new heights, while understanding that your livelihood and well-being are not dependent on a big break.

Most entrepreneurs believe that the venture they mortgaged the house to finance is their one shot at success and therefore live in fear of failing. Successful entrepreneurs don’t place too much weight into any one given situation because they know that after one door opens more will follow.

Smart entrepreneurs know that caring about the outcome of any business dealing is not the modus operandi for success. Experiencing failures and setbacks are a huge part of being an entrepreneur. If these reasons don’t convince you to care less about achieving your desired outcome, look at it this way; if you don’t care if you win, you wont care when you lose.

Damani Barham | Elite.