Why Every Batman Needs His Robin: The Importance Of The Right-Hand Man

Just in case you haven't caught on to this site's sentiment, by the sight of the numerous articles tailored precisely for your motivation, it's important to note that most of what it takes to reach success at the highest level must be found within oneself.

"Am I doing this for the right reason? How many hours am I willing to stay up? How much am I ready to sacrifice?" These are just a few of the questions that separate the willing, those who are ready to do what is required, from the desirous, those who only want to do what is required.

Now, at the advice of the New York Times, entrepreneurs may see it as equally important to be asking said questions of those around them and not just themselves.

In his article praising the role of "The no. 2 who can do" anything, presumably, former small business owner Cliff Oxford said that those who come second-in-command often come first in dedication and importance to day-to-day operations.

"Often, the No. 2 is the smartest person in the room, talks the least, gets the most done and does not have a big ego," said Oxford. "Like head nurses, as long as the No. 2’s can keep the company alive and going, they are just fine letting others shine."

In that sense, Oxford describes the right hand man as the brains of the operation, attributing the no.2's importance to the fact that no. 1's must often spend time working towards goals outside of the office: promoting, scouting talent, meeting with investors, landing deals, etc.

It's also important, Oxford emphasizes, that no. 2's are humble, understand their role and are willing to be the problem solvers-in-chief

So how, you may ask, do you find such people?

"You don’t,"Oxford said. They find you. If you go out there and tell the world that you are looking for a No. 2, you wind up with a show horse instead of a work horse."

And if you fear that finding too good of a right hand man, or woman, is a threat to your position, no. 1, you shouldn't. If you are confident enough in your ability and no. 2, no pun intended, Oxford said there's no need to fear. Glory-hunting doesn't come with the territory that no. 2's cover.

"Really good No. 2’s don’t care about titles, offices or who goes to lunch with whom. In fact, all of this stuff runs contrary to what a real No. 2 can do."

Who's your no. 2?