The Art Of Selling [Video]

Selling is just as important to entrepreneurship and life as the concept or idea that one decides to embark on. Being able to sell is the most crucial part of any business. If you are not able to sell your product, no matter how great or useful it actually is, your business will fail and therefore you will fail. Having an incredible product is never enough; if you can’t sell that product then you will be out of business faster than you got into business.

Closing a deal has a lot more to do with than simply selling the product. As soon as you meet with a potential buyer face to face, the product itself has much less importance in relativity to the sale then you do as the salesperson.

We must not only sell our product that we worked so hard to create but we must sell our ideas and sell ourselves. Essentially, every business transaction that involves human interaction during the time of sale is selling people people. We sell the potential customer our views and dreams in order to give a backstory and depth to the product that they are looking to purchase. We are not only selling a product, we are selling a change, a change for the better.

A company and an entrepreneur is nothing without the ability to sell.  Selling does not only have to do with the information presented to a client but with how it is presented. Strength and confidence is essential when making a sale and being properly groomed and polished is the best way to allow this to resonate to the buyer. Ideally, the art of selling ought to be taught in schools since day one. In every interaction with anyone we are always selling something.

No matter whether it be a product, an idea, a friendship, a night of passion or a few good laughs.  Human beings have a strong, insatiable urge of wanting. We want to be noticed and we want to be recognized as being better, or having more worth than others.

Whether you like it or not our world, our culture, revolves around sales.  Being successful in business and in life requires a bare bone attitude in order to convince those that we interact with that what we have is better than the competition’s; there is always competition. The video below depicting Alec Baldwin’s speech stresses the importance of selling and how it naturally separates the weak from the strong.

Richie O'Flaherty | Elite.