5 Ways You Can Harness Your Ambition In Your 20s

by Brannan Bell

Being successful in your early twenties is a rare accomplishment for most. It’s a time when we’re told that we have to be traditional, go to college, get a degree, then find a job. Where does the time for finding a personal source of ambition factor into the mix? It doesn’t come easily — it requires confidence and self-actualization. You must assure yourself that you are capable of accomplishing something and that you will dominate.

Many adults (and some peers) tell us that we are not capable of accomplishing some task at hand because we’re not old enough. But, age is not a gatekeeper for success. Some of the most successful people in the world began in their early twenties. These people's successes connect to their ability to think outside of the box — and that they didn’t let anyone stop them.

That’s what older generations sometimes fail to understand — that even young adults are capable of being great. Check out these tips for harnessing your confidence to be the best, most ambitious young 20-something you can be.

1. “NO” is not an option.

We’ve all heard it, but the word shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary. Who cares what others are doing or think about what you’re doing. Focus on yourself and your ambitions. The only things that are impossible are the things that you believe are impossible. By choosing not to accept the negativity associated with the concept of “no,” you already have a head start.

2. Have an ambitious mindset.

Whether you are starting your own clothing line, product, company or just a personal hobby, ambition is the key that will unlock your dreams. You must remain ambitious in order to put one foot in front of the other and continue to walk. Without ambition, you will be stuck with unanswered questions and a deficit of motivation.

3. Listen to others.

Though it may make you want to cringe sometimes, feedback is vital. You must be open to constructive thoughts from people who know more than you do. You must listen to your peers, especially the ones who are more successful than you are and have more experience than you have.

4. Be calm and eschew frustration.

Work to keep others from getting to you. Even if a person is negative influence in your life, one who shouldn’t be around in the first place, don’t let the person's words infiltrate your positivity and ambition. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough — and if someone does say this to you, don’t listen. It shows others that you are strong, mature and determined.

5. Turn yourself into a business guru.

Though it may be time consuming, understanding different aspects of business, entrepreneurship and innovation will propel you in a positive direction. There is no such thing as too much research. By dedicating time to entrepreneurial endeavors, you’re bettering and building yourself to limitless potential.

Photo credit: USA Networks