5 Traits Successful Entrepreneurs & Professional Athletes Share | Elite Daily

Believe it or not, professional athletes and entrepreneurs have a lot in common. Even though they hold two completely different professions, they share a lot of traits that have allowed them to be successful.

From listening to interviews and talking with entrepreneurs who are successful, I have quickly learned about the common traits these individuals share.

1. Willingness To Sacrifice It All

Both entrepreneurs and professional athletes often sacrifice everything without any guarantees. As an entrepreneur, I dropped out of college and decided to pursue my startup full-time. Many people aren't willing to take those kinds of risks, however, athletes are.

This is a great trait that successful people share because it's important to take risks and do things that aren’t comfortable if you want something you've never had before. While not every risk pays off, those who persevere eventually succeed.

2. Outwork Everyone Else

Mark Cuban says, "Work like there is someone trying to take it all away from you." Successful entrepreneurs and athletes both think with this mindset.

They understand that there is always room for improvement and that can be achieved through hard work.

The harder you work, the luckier you get. Not only that, but you are bound to be successful if you outwork your competitors. Entrepreneurs, just like athletes, feel a high level of competition.

Tons of new people enter the market every single day, but you have to work harder than everyone else to stay at the top.

3. Love For What They Do

You cannot be highly successful at something unless you love what you do. Between the ages of 15 and 17, I took many different jobs. I hated every single one of them and I couldn't succeed because my heart simply wasn't there.

Fast-forward to today: I'm able to achieve massive accomplishments every single day. I am excited to wake up and almost have to be dragged to go to bed each night. My love for the work I do is my driving force and motivation.

4. They Rebound Quickly From Failure

My mindset regarding failure is different than most people; to me, failure is just an event, something that happens on any given day. Failure doesn't define you or your goals unless you allow it to. You can only truly fail at something if you give up.

People don't remember you for your failures. They remember you for all the things you did to be successful. Entrepreneurs and professional athletes are able to bounce back from the lows quickly, which is what allows them to be so successful.

5. They're Hungry

When Kobe Bryant or LeBron James wins a championship, they don't lose their love for the game. If anything, they become even hungrier to come back and do it again. Entrepreneurs are the same way. After your first sale or first sign of success, you cannot be satisfied.

Successful athletes and entrepreneurs are constantly hungry for the next big accomplishment. Having that mindset keeps you grounded while making sure you never lose track of what is important.

The traits that successful entrepreneurs and professional athletes share support a strong mindset that is the beginning to a successful life.

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