4 Ways To Help You Leave Your Mark On The World And Fulfill That Burning Desire

by Carolyn Correia

As human beings, many of us have a desire to leave our mark on the world. We seek to be remembered for something special years after we are gone. In actuality, only a gifted few are so lucky.

Leaving a universal legacy requires the proper channeling of our inherent talents. If this seems impossible to you, check out these ways to bring your aspirations to life:

Touch a soul through arts and entertainment

Some of us wish we could sing like Adele or dance like MJ, but we may be more talented than we realize. You may start out singing in the shower, then in your school or church choir, and before you know it, you could appear on NBC’s hit show “The Voice.”

We all have humble beginnings, but some of us doubt ourselves and give the naysayers too much credit. We end up being our own worst enemies. We may need a little nudge of encouragement here and there, but the key is to never stop believing in yourself.

With time, your dreams could come true.

Tell your story with words or pictures

Whether you have a gift for writing, speaking, photography or filmmaking, you have a story to tell. You have the power to melt hearts and inspire or spark change. When you are no longer on this earth, generations after you may remember you for your contribution to society. You could come alive through your books, films, recordings or photos.

This is an amazing opportunity that you are free to grab.

Be the change the world needs

Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln are just a few of the people who have paved the way for freedom and peace to permeate the world. They gave selflessly and were agents of change for many people.

Their struggles and sacrifices made it possible for us to enjoy the life that we now live. They did it not for fame or fortune, but because it was what they wanted for their personal destinies and for the destiny of the world.

If you follow this path, one thing is for certain: The world will remember you for a long time to come.

Live by example

Whether you are a preacher or clergyman, your religious or spiritual stake in life will inspire others to live wholesome and enlightened lives. It is important for you to live up to your ideals so that others can follow your example.

Heal through medicine

With so many medical ailments plaguing so many lives, there is a great need for people who genuinely care about helping others. After overcoming the flu or any other ailment, you may feel like you have a new lease on life and can conquer the world.

Doctors and nurses are gifted people who work hard to save lives and work miracles. The multitude of people you save (and their legacies) will never forget you.

There are many ways to leave your legacy; this list is just the tip of the iceberg. You can touch lives by just making someone’s day a little brighter, which is a noble way to affect many people.

Just by being a good parent, daughter, son, husband, wife, sister, brother or friend, you have the power to influence significant change and leave a mark on the lives of those who really matter: the people you share your life with.

Photo via The Aviator