21 Things That People With Confidence Do Differently

by Gurbaksh Chahal

Confidence is a unifying trait amongst the most successful people in the world. It's the confidence to push past the word "no" and to pursue your dream despite the looming possibility of failure.

Confident people are the people who aren't afraid to take a stance and change the world; they stretch across nearly every realm and walk of life and can be a mother or a billionaire CEO (or both!).

What sets apart people with confidence, you may ask?

They don’t walk like they own the world. They walk like they don’t care who does.

They wear their confidence by embracing it with humility.

They are never the chess piece. They are the chess player, always one step ahead.

They don’t make excuses for themselves. They make actions speak for them.

They don’t understand fear. Those thoughts simply don’t enter their reality.

They don’t mind discomfort or sacrifice.

They don’t obsess over what people think of them.

They don’t judge people, because they expect the same reciprocation.

They don’t let a lack of resources stop them. They find them.

They don’t make comparisons or judge a book by its cover.

They are never yes-people. That’s why they persevere.

They don’t need constant reassurance. Their self-confidence is enough.

They don’t avoid life’s inconvenient truths.

They don’t quit because of minor setbacks. They fall down, they get up. Every time.

They don’t require anyone’s permission to act. Convenience is not a journey.

They don’t limit themselves to a small toolbox. They find each piece until it becomes a masterpiece.

They don’t shy away from failure. They break things to make things.

They don’t spread negative energy. It derails the positivity in their lives.

They don’t over-complicate things. They can make something complex sound simple yet magical.

They don’t break their word. Loyalty is simply unbreakable.

They don’t blindly accept what they read on the Internet as “truth” without thinking about it.

Photo credit: USA/Suits