The 10 Lines Of Bullshit You Will Hear Before Pursuing Your Dream

by Anonymous

When it comes to guidelines and helpful advice, most of what you see in the movies in addition to what your retard professor will tell you in class is all complete nonsense. One of those two sources will make success look really easy and the other will just make it look impossible.  The world of the latter is full of mediocre pessimists that never mustered up the courage to take the next step in life as they were just content with the bare minimum and their 9-5 jobs.

When you as an elite member of this generation decide to take your first steps to follow your dream and get on with the tough journey to the top, the people around you, even those closest to you will seem to be rooting against you, muttering terrible lines in your ear to stop you from doing what you want to do.

They may be jealous because you actually have the balls to do something with your life or may just be following the natural ways of the pessimist, to pass their thoughts onto other people. They don't understand the big picture--your dream, passion, goals, success and what you ultimately want out of life. They don’t understand that, to you, the reward is worth the risk.

So they try to protect you by shielding you from the possibility of failure, which, in effect, also shields you from the possibility of making your dreams a reality. As the saying goes "A lion never listens to the opinions of the sheep". If you are pursuing your dream and getting ready to kick ass in this world, than congratulations, you are a lion and anyone not doing the same is a sheep.

As the great Steve Jobs said:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Here are the ten ill advised lines of bullshit people will tell you:

1. You can follow your dreams someday, but right now you need to buckle down and be responsible.

One thing about mediocre people is that they have no concept of time. They don't understand that "someday" is not a day at all. It's a generalization that lazy people use to keep pushing something to a later day because they don't want to deal with it. Mediocre people don't even check their email after 5pm or on the weekends. Tomorrow may never come but this moment is waiting to be taken advantage of, right now.

Today is the only day you can begin to make a difference in your life. So don’t be irresponsible. Don’t wait until “someday.” Make today the first day of the rest of your new life. The people that wait until "someday" are the one's who die with a balance left on their mortgage.

2. You’re totally screwed if it doesn’t work out.

Maybe one of the worst lines some peasant will tell you. They have no idea what it's like to be in your shoes therefore they have no way of knowing how or when someone else would be screwed at all. Even if things don't work out, it's not like you're going to give up. Life is about getting back up after you fall. Micheal Jordan once even said that he failed more times than he had succeeded but he still kept getting up and trying.

3. It’s safer to stay at your day job.

Sure, that sounds like a safe bet to normal white people who have a shit ton of college debt to pay back and live by a  9-5 with a 2 week vacation. Do you know what else is safer? Locking yourself in your bathroom and never coming out.  And just like that, you will have flushed your entire life and your dreams down the toilet. Remember, safer doesn’t always mean better.

4. That’s impossible!

It's only impossible if you never try it. The reason things seem impossible is because no one has pulled it off yet. If you would have told me space travel would be available as a leisure trip for anyone by Virgin Galactic, I would have said that could never happen.  If you truly dedicate yourself to an end result, almost anything is possible. You just have to want it bad enough.

5. Only a lucky few “make it.”

You know what the funniest part about this one is? The reason only a "lucky few" make it is because those are the people who were confident enough in their decisions to not listen to these 10 lines of bullshit that people have muttered in their ears. They had the drive, determination, and willpower that you have right now. You can be one of them.

6. You might fail. And failing is bad.

Anyone who tells you this should be slapped. If they don't understand that failure is actually necessary for success they have no idea what they are talking about. Failure is a way for you to learn from what you have done wrong and not make those same mistakes. Either you succeed or you learn something: win–win. The biggest mistake you can make is doing nothing because you’re too scared to make a mistake. If you can’t handle failure, you can’t handle success either.

7. You don’t have access to the right resources.

It's not about the access to the resources, it's about getting out there and networking your ass off to find the necessary resources. Stevie Wonder couldn’t see, so he exploited his sense of hearing into a passion for music, and he now has twenty-five Grammy Awards to prove it. Get it?

8. You need more money saved up before you can take the first step.

You don't need more money. You need a plan, you need a budget and you need execution. To pursue your dream you need to sacrifice various aspects of your daily life and be ready to work 7 days a week for the next 10 years. Sure, the journey isn't like a Disney fairy tale but if you're up for the thrill of the challenge, you'll find yourself in a new kind of adventure with even more promise at the end of the road.

9. You don’t need any help. It’s smarter to go after it alone.

The terms divide and conquer should be heavily focused on here. No one can take over the world on their own. They need a team or a group of people that believe in their dreams just as much as they do. Find your tribe and work together to make a difference in all of your lives.

10. That sounds like a lot of hard work.

Um, yeah it is a lot of hard fucking work, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. This country has become lazy and everyone is just trying to do the bare minimum amount of work to survive and pay their bills. The work wouldn't seem as hard if everyone around you was putting in effort to make their own dreams come true every day. You need to separate yourself from the lazy one's and be ready that to work your ass off.

A very close friend of mine who is extremely successful once told me when he first started his own business, he was working so hard that he didn't have sex for a year and a half.

That is the kind of focus you need to have when you want to follow your passion. You will love what you are doing so it won't even feel like you're really working at all. You're onto something big and if you believe you can do it, go out and get started. People change the world every day, why shouldn't you be able to do the same?

Richie O'Flaherty | Elite.