The 10 Things We've Learned From Don Draper

by Robert Anthony

It’s safe to say that any man who has seen “Mad Men” aspires to be Don Draper. His success and method of achieving such success is exactly what every elite man looks up to.

Simply put, Don is a boss. He is straight to the point and can sell anyone the dream. He knows the game and he makes it work for him.

His ability to provide a unique service without having people know exactly what he is doing is a marquee trait that describes his character.

And although Don lived in a different era, there are still many lessons we can learn from him. Here are the 10 Things We’ve Learned From Don Draper

10. It is important to make calculated decisions without the slightest hesitation.

You must be quick and adaptable to change. Know that you can only plan for so much. Understanding that the only guarantee is that there will always be surprises is something you have to live with. Being able to think on your feet will be able to put you through tough situations without breaking a sweat.

9. Be straight to the point because no one will ever blame you for being honest.

There is no better way of communicating than by being brief. No one has time for bullshit in this world. If you're not saying anything of importance then don't say anything at all. Stick to your point because nothing is more weakening than having someone go off on tangents.

8. Keep your composure.

Don't overreact. No matter how tough the situation gets, you must always suffer with a smile. Keep it cool and control your emotions. In this world no one except for your mother cares about your emotions. It's all about what you can produce. Keeping your composure allows you to concentrate and actually work towards resolving the issue at hand.

7. Dress the part.

Everyone is going to judge you on your appearance. Your dress code defines who you are. No one wants to do business with someone who doesn't look like they know what they are doing. Although your suit and tie may be important, it's the character that will define you. Don't be the empty suit.

6. Always be selling without having people feel that they are being sold a used 1992 Honda Accord.

When you meet a beautiful woman you tell her how nice your apartment is and how luxurious your sheets are. Get her into bed without asking her into bed. Speak in metaphors when you have to, stop over thinking and make the genuine connection.

5. Make your presence felt without being loud or obnoxious.

You don't have to be loud to get attention. Real alphas don't need to be heard from across the room. Rather, their presence can take the breath from the room with their entrance alone.

4. Know what your worth is.

Don't sell yourself short. You know that you are the best at what you do and you must let others know this as well. You know you offer a good service, so don't have anyone undermine you by paying you below what you feel is adequate.

3. Make your clients happy by all means. The more that you build a genuine friendship, the harder it becomes to say no to a great friend.

It is your job to keep your clients satisfied. You must sell them through the experience. Yes, dinner and drinks are great, but no man has a good experience with just food and drinks. No client is ever going to complain with a hot blonde giving them a lap dance.

2. The entree ain't as good without something on the side.

Every man needs a good woman at home, but there is always room for something on the side. It's not about being an adulterous pig, but the world simply has too many delicacies to offer for you to go home to Hamburger Helper every night.

1. Any woman that can't keep her mouth shut isn't worth investing in.

You already live a stressful life. No need to add to the stress by having a talkative woman around. Many women are going to throw themselves at you because of your elite stature. Don't fall for the trap. If she is one known to talk then by no means should you invest your time in her. No need for bad press.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images