Entrepreneur Profile: Sarah Ware, Founder of Markerly


Markerly, a recently launched startup based out of Washington DC and founded by LivingSocial veteran Sarah Ware, is seeking to simplify the process of sharing articles online to provide a better user experience for consumers of digital media.

The site, described by Sarah Ware as “the Pinterest for text, with a dash of EverNote, a sprinkle of Digg and a hint of Twitter,” allows users to highlight specific parts of an article to be shared with friends for simplified reading and to mark important information. Elite Daily recently caught up with Sarah for a brief interview to gain some insight into the workings of the company and Sarah as an entrepreneur.

What that led to the development of Markerly? Were there any specific trends that you recognized in social media that spurred you to create Makerly?

As a professional woman and entrepreneur would you say you have faced sexism in your rise to success?

The word social network is overly used and widely applied to a range or websites. What is the biggest misconception that most people have about developing a social network platform?

Where do see yourself professionally in 5,10, and 50 years?

Has the rise of powerful women in tech and entrepreneurship in the last five years inspired you personally in any ways? Would you say that you're a direct beneficiary of the gender bending changes we've seen in the professional world?

Who were your biggest inspirations to move to create a venture within the tech industry?

Being a full time entrepreneur is a full time commitment. At what point did you realize that success was imminent and you were in it for the long run?

How important have mentors been to you? Is there anyone specific that has been a guiding force for you?

What are your immediate ambitions for your company as a tech professional?

And what about long-term goals? What do you envision for your company over the upcoming years?