Entrepreneur Profile: Alex Schiff


Alex Schiff is the founder and CEO of Fetchnotes, a TechStars Boston company that makes productivity as simple as a tweet.

Previously, he was the Vice President of Benzinga, a Lightbank-backed financial media outlet. He attended the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business for 3 years before leaving to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

What was your source of motivation in starting Fetchnotes? And what would you say are the key objectives behind it?

What did you learn during your experience that no school would have been able to teach you?

Fetchnotes participated in TechStars Boston in 2012. What lessons were taught that apply to how you run your business now?

As an entrepreneur, what do believe are the core values behind creating a successful venture?

There are tons of organizational and productivity apps out there. What distinguishes your brand from the others that are on the market?

Where do you see Fetchnotes in the future and how do you plan to achieve this goal?

Any last words of advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs?

Serge E. | Elite.