Entrepreneur Profile: Bryan Silverman


Nineteen year old Bryan Silverman has always been on the path to success. In high school he was a member of three varsity sports teams and was president of Model UN and High School Congress.

Now, the Duke University sophomore is currently proving why some of the most prosperous ventures lie within the road less traveled as the founder of Star Toilet Paper with his older brother Jordan.

Bryan's creation provides the public with a unique yet incredibly useful service in the form of toilet paper printed with ads and coupons that allow users to save money on various different items and brands. A company with a total of four employees, Bryan is seizing the moment by taking advantage of all the business tactics he has learned in life, choosing to follow his heart rather than abiding by the conventional methods of advancement for those his age.

Bryan's hard working and passionate attitude is constantly diving him to expand his network and advertising base in order for his entrepreneurial endeavors to reach more people every day. Elite caught up with Bryan to find out what motivated to star Star Toilet Paper along with what influences the decisions he makes to always lead his business in the right direction.

Essentially the hardest thing to do in life is to actually believe and commit to your ideas. Who has inspired you or mentored you the most in taking your dreams to action?

Which entrepreneur inspires you the most?

We all know how distracting college can be, what is your strategy for finding the right balance between your social life, academic life, and entrepreneur life?

You've essentially found a new way to tackle an old problem? What was the epiphany moment when you decided to put advertising on such a traditional product?

What is your biggest tip for entrepreneurs?

5, 10, 50 years down the line when you've achieved everything you aspire for today, where do you see yourself?

Everyone aspires for success, but what drives you to work so hard?

What fundamental courses and skills have you acquired at Duke which you have found to be essential for building your own endeavors?

Sean Levinson | Elite.