ConnectNow: The Digital Business Card Soon To Be Your Networking Addiction

The art of networking is always changing. With the continuous introduction of new platforms for people to connect with each other, it has become difficult to trace one’s digital footprint.

ConnectNow was created to fill this void in the market. The sleek app allows users to connect with one another through the exchange of clickable contact cards. Primary social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram), in addition to a user's phone number and email address are consolidated.

"The app was created for today’s social media infused society where a person’s Facebook or LinkedIn channel is just as, if not more, valuable than their phone number or email address,” said founder Justin Oh.

The “My Info” tab houses a person's personal profile, which consists of the user’s points of contact. The “Locate” tab uses a map and GPS technology to show the user which of his or her connections may be geographically near by. The “Connect” tab allows users to search for contacts by Name, Company, or Email. The “Connections” tab lists all of your current connections.

The founding team is made up of recent college graduates: CEO Justin Oh and CFO Joseph Sorrentino, along with current Syracuse University students, CTO Ben Honig and CMO Serge Efap. The idea of ConnectNow was birthed in December 2012 and now, eight months later, it is available for download!

After creating a slight buzz around the development scene with an impressive beta testing phase, ConnectNow has officially launched for free in the Apple App Store. Download ConnectNow in the App Store, make your digital business card and start expanding your networks today!

Also, be sure to stay up-to-date with ConnectNow on Facebook and Twitter.