Can't Explain Your Business Idea In A Tweet? You Probably Don't Know What You're Doing

Yours truly has been there before and it'd be hard to imagine that many of you, the readers, haven't been there as well.

Whether it's been a random, fleeting idea or a thought that came from a serious brainstorming session, it seems entirely improbable that these simple words haven't flown through many a person's head at one point or another: I've got such a great idea for a business.

For those who can relate, and for both the curious and the serious, there's Elevatr, a free app available on mobile iOS stores that allows users to take their entrepreneurial ideas a step forward, organize them and, essentially, help find an answer to an all-important question: "If I really wanted to do this, how would it work?"

“We’re trying to position Elevatr as the company that can help you hit that next benchmark," founder David Spiro told Venture Beat's Devindra Hardawar, "regardless of the stage you’re at."

With this aim in mind, Spiro, who graduated from the University of Michigan in 2012, has created an app that provides context to one's contemplations.

Every person is bound to have confidence in an idea that he or she thinks could be revolutionary, but Elevatr forces users to think beyond the product and helps them consider factors such as target demographic, market size and relevant competitors.

All of this, however, comes after the very first step, which is to formulate a business concept and describe it in Twitter-like fashion. The reason for this, Spiro says, is pretty straightforward.

“If you can’t explain it in less than 140 characters, you probably don’t know what you’re doing," he told Tech Crunch's Sarah Perez in May.

The app attracted over 40,000 users in its first month after launching in May and, up to date, has doubled that amount to over 80,000 users with over 120,000 ideas. Furthermore, Elevatr has added features that not only help you construct your business plan, but also connects you with developers that can construct your own strategy, app and website.

All of this, the total package that Elevatr offers, contributes to business that is growing a reputation as a useful tool for not only for those who have simply thought about building a business as an option, but also for those who have chosen entrepreneurship as their one and only path.

“The push back we got originally was that we would be getting ‘Joe Schmoe’ ideas, but as it turns out it’s real entrepreneurs using Elevatr to launch their ideas," Spiro told Hardawar.

As long as the app builds on its aesthetically pleasing platform and people continue to find it useful, Spiro and his co-founder Adam Carver won't stay too far away from the mark they set for themselves in an interview with Pando Daily's Erin Griffith.

Their mission is clear.

“Our goal is to become the default way to pitch anything.”

For more info on the Elevatr app and how to download, click here.

Top Photo Courtesy: Elevatr