This Calculator Helps You Determine If It's Worth It To Take That Job Offer

It makes sense that, when trying to land a job, most of your energy is focused on securing that initial offer. But after polishing your resume and nailing the final interview, how many people actually take a minute to catch their breath and consider whether to take the job at all?

Very few, most likely. That's why Fidelity created the Job Offer Calculator to help applicants figure out if a job offer is actually worth accepting. Along with factoring in the salary differences between your old and new job, the calculator considers bonuses, benefits, stock options, relocation and cost-of-living expenses to help you best determine your financial gain (or loss) from switching things up.

While it's not always as simple as choosing more money over less, the Job Offer Calculator will at least help you sort out all the details you're likely too frazzled to approach after harrowing the job market for months on end.

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