Bigger, Better Things: 6 Signs Your Comfort-Zone Job Has Got To Go

by Raneq Barber
Warner Bros. Pictures

There comes a time in every young adult's life where he or she begins to question things. Where am I going? What do I want out of life? Most importantly, how long will I stay at this crappy job?

With the lack of financial security our generation faces, stepping out to follow your dream career can turn into a nightmare. Still, recently I’ve been asking myself these very questions and today, I’m taking the plunge and accepting a new position.

So, how did I know it was time to leave my safe job? Just about everyone experiences certain things to communicate it's time to try a new role. Here are signs you should move on:

1. You find yourself running late or calling out often.

If you notice that it’s a challenge to make it to work, it could just be that subconsciously, you don’t want to work there anymore.

2. You suddenly despise every task.

You begin to hate everything that you do at work — even the simplest of duties.

I started to detest walking upstairs to clock in and out. It was ridiculous how angry it made me when I had been doing it for years without a problem.

3. You count down the hours until you can go home.

Don’t get me wrong; everyone can’t wait to go home at some point. But if you feel that most days, you want to leave as soon as your day begins, you should probably find a new place to begin your day.

4. You feel constantly drained or exhausted at work.

In my last few months at work, I was always so tired. I felt as though I could barely move, but as soon as I left, I became instantly energized. Needless to say, I wasn’t tired; I was tired of my job.

5. Coworkers irritate or agitate you.

When you no longer want to be at your job, you begin to feel under-appreciated. Typically, this involves seeing the faults in others more clearly.

I’ve noticed the things my coworkers don’t do, should do more of and even things I could do better. Sadly, if you let that brew long enough, you’ll be full of resentment and possibly, ruin some friendships, too.

6. You feel physically ill on your way in.

This is probably the most extreme sign, but believe me, it happens. I’d been battling the decision to quit for over a year, and it started making me sick.

I would feel nauseated or get headaches while I was getting ready or on my way to work. It took a while to pinpoint, but I finally realized I never felt like this when I was anywhere else. That's when I knew I had to let go and put my fears aside.

If you’re reading this, you already know it’s time. I won’t bother feeding you half-truths and say that once you do finally resign, all of your problems will go away. They won't. Not all of them at least.

It won’t always be easy, especially if you set out on a not-so-financially promising path. However, you don’t always get to choose how your life unfolds, but this is a choice you can make.

You can follow your dreams, or even just take a position with a boss you don’t hate. I mean honestly, you're 20-something years old. What do you have to lose? Do it. I dare you.

It’s a terrifying jump, but totally worth the view.