5 Easy AF Side Jobs To Make Some Extra Cash This Holiday Season

by Jessica Oaks

These days, accessing unique work opportunities is easier than ever, mainly due to a rise in entrepreneurial culture.

You'll hear someone talk about their “main job” and “side job” more than ever before. So, why not join the fun?

Here are five non-conventional and non-corporate side jobs that'll bring in extra dough for the holiday season and maybe even after the new year:

1. Research Study Participant

Joining a focus group study is the ultimate way to make fast cash in a short amount of time.

From marketing to science, the types of studies you can participate in varies. So choose one where you get paid to just be yourself.

For example, marketing agencies and advertisers will often test a product or idea with a smaller group of people to see if it can work in a bigger scope.

You can find various focus groups that fit your schedule and interests on sites like

2. Ride-share Driver

If you experience absolutely no road rage, don't mind driving and like socializing with new people, you need to get on the ride-sharing bandwagon.

There are so many companies out there willing to hire you such as Uber and Lyft.

You get to be in the comfort of your own car, and you get paid to do something you don't mind. Something that actually can even be fun.

This is a great option for you if you've just moved to a new city, too. You'll get to explore the town and familiarize yourself with the streets as you're driving through them.

3. Direct Seller Or Brand Ambassador

With connective technology at our fingertips, we have access to an enormous social network.

If you're good at sales or interested in being your own boss, becoming a direct seller for a product or brand is a great way to practice your marketing skills and gain income.

One of the most well-known direct selling and multi-level marketing companies is Amway. This company gives entrepreneurs a platform to sell various items like nutrition and beauty products.

The company provides a strong foundation and the tools you need to build lasting relationships with customers, be it with your social media pages or direct communication skills.

Once you sell products, you get a portion of the revenue as does Amway, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

4. Freelancing

Working at a 9 to 5 corporate job can get a bit dull, I know.

Why not utilize your professional skills and knowledge outside the office to make even more money?

If you're a killer advertising agency account exec but have a secret knack for copywriting, pick up some freelance writing jobs.

You're already well-versed in the lingo from being immersed in your career, so stretching your other talents within your profession will come naturally.

Alternatively, if you have a passion outside of your office job, say for fashion, try being a fashion influencer on social channels like Instagram and get paid by brands who want to partner with you.

The possibilities are endless in the free(lance) world.

5. Nutrition/Fitness Instructor

If you're a gym rat or avid yogi, why not get paid for doing what you love?

Talk to the owner of the fitness studio you're a regular at and see what it takes to become an instructor (even part-time).

If nutrition is your thing, you can share tips with others on how you maintain your health by working for fitness and nutritional product companies like Beach Body.

You can get paid by sharing your journey of eating healthy and working out via your own social media and inspiring others to do the same.

Plus, you're indirectly forced into maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Who doesn't like extra spending cash? If you can capitalize on something you're already doing, good at or spending time on, why not make money doing it?

The aforementioned side jobs are amazing opportunities to do what you actually love aside from your main job, and they'll keep you on your toes for ultimate career fulfillment.