7 Things All Successful People Do That They Will Never Admit To

by Greg Dybec

The Internet is inundated with every trait, characteristic and morning ritual of today’s most successful individuals.

We know what every millionaire eats for lunch and what every CEO reads before bed. We consume every possible word of advice from anyone with an impressive title or seemingly unattainable salary because we all, one way or another, strive to stumble upon the almighty path to success.

These checklists of habits, tendencies, dos and don’ts serve as accessible guides to budding go-getters and aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Though it does not take long before noticing that the onslaught of entrepreneurial and motivational insight offered sounds exhaustingly similar. After all, there are only so many ways to tell people they must be willing to fail and avoid making excuses.

The one element that will always be absent when it comes to the keys to success is what is not discussed. There are many inherent traits and attributes of successful individuals that are not as compellingly positive and could even be labeled selfish. Nonetheless, they are qualities that are equally vital.

Here are seven things successful people do, but will never admit when it comes to offering up advice.

Take note of what people have to offer them.

We are all created equal. We are all deserving of the same basic human rights. Though when it comes to the world of business and networking, we all offer very different and particular expertise and services.

Successful thinkers are not shy about documenting the key strengths and competencies of the individuals they surround themselves with. Having a strong network is just as much about acquiring contacts that can help you in the future as it is about knowing the people who can help you today.

Use money as motivation.

Money is a powerful motivator and a driving force for almost everyone. It may not be the driving force for everyone, but success is undeniably perceived by money made.

Yet, when successful individuals provide insight into their personal success stories, it has become expected and common to claim that money was a complete afterthought.

While it’s true that prioritizing money over passions and dreams is never the right approach, most successful individuals are wired to think ahead and had premeditated plans for the money they expected to come their way when just starting out. There's nothing wrong with expecting your hard work to turn into financial stability... or excess.

There’s almost a poetic honesty when a person admits that the idea of money was one of the main catalysts for their hard work. Though that is rare outside of rap music.

Realize that friends are disposable.

This is not to say that successful people don’t form and maintain strong and meaningful relationships. Though when you’ve paved your way to the top and have realized your personal definition of success, there is a shrewd understanding that nothing good lasts forever unless you continuously work for it.

Success, like friendship, is ever-evolving and requires constant maintenance and adaptation. If a relationship is not mutually beneficial, it's OK to cut ties, and the most successful people out there have no issue with the cutting part.

Possess a ruthless attitude that many people don’t understand.

A 20-something millionaire who asked to remain anonymous explained that before his first business sold, he would wake up in the morning and recite a self-written mantra into the mirror that would end with his voice raised and his hands shaking.

He explained that there wasn't a thing in the world that would prevent him from achieving what he sought out to do.

While not all successful people start their day in such a cinematic manner and borderline psychotic way, they do possess the same robust and physical desire to succeed.

Athletes have the ability to train and physically express their positive aggression and desires, but for many successful businessmen and creative individuals, this explosive and passionate attitude must be expressed in other ways as they chase their dreams.

Make an effort to stay humble, because it’s not always easy.

Many high-profile individuals are inherently humble. Though, when success comes in waves, a person must oftentimes make a conscious effort to remain humble as they adapt to newfound attention and success.  

When you’ve worked for what you have and the results include great wealth and material items that cost more than most peoples' homes, it's not always easy to come across as humble and composed.

There are absolutely moments when successful individuals understand they deserve the praise they are being given. However, most of them know it's better not to express such sentiments.

Except Floyd Mayweather. He never got the memo.

Have strange routines and strict schedules.

Hemingway would only write in the mornings. Winston Churchill would spend the first three hours of his day getting things done from his bed. Benjamin Franklin asked himself the same exact question each night before going to bed.

It is common for the world’s most successful people to practice routines that would seem strange or impractical for others.

Though the consistency of these routines, as bizarre as they may seem to the average person, is a testament to the dedication and self-awareness of these individuals. They stick to their schedules and routines with very little room for exceptions.

Judge a person’s value with the first few seconds.

The moment a person sees you for the first time, he or she starts making assumptions. It's just the way we're wired. Successful people take first impressions very seriously, from the verbal to the nonverbal.

Like a resume, a person has only seconds to convince another that they are worth their time and energy -- two things that usually become limited with increased success and responsibility. If you can't immediately present your value, whether it be a learned skill or your shining personality, consider yourself passed up on.

Photo via The Aviator