5 Ways To Finally Become Financially Empowered In Your 20s

The turn of a new year generally fills everyone with excitement and optimism for the future. As a business coach, I am inundated with calls and emails to coach at the start of every year.

Sadly, after a couple of weeks, it is back to business as usual for most. What I know is that success in 2015 starts with making a decision to get a grip on your finances.

If you don’t change your psychology, this year will be another cycle filled with financial mismanagement. Here are a few tips I have put together to help you plan for success in 2015:

1. You need to make a decision.

All great improvements in life start with decisions. You must decide you are serious about getting your finances in order. It is not enough to know what to do. You must decide to do the things necessary to achieve financial freedom this year.

While this may seem like a very easy step, what I know from years of coaching is that without decisions, you will derail progress and change in your life every single time.

You have to make up your mind. Once you do this, you will have the momentum you need to manifest your financial goals.

2. You need to have a plan.

Many people resolve to improve their finances every single year. However, without a plan of action, you will continue to repeat the same financial mistakes. In fact, you will multiply your chances of success when you have a solid financial plan.

This plan should include everything from vacationing to purchasing a new home to saving for retirement to starting a new business, etc.

Additionally, I advise having a reserve fund in place. Many things we call emergencies are just things we are not prepared to handle. If you plan for the unexpected, you will have a great foundation for financial success.

According to Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, 70 percent of American workers say finances are their primary causes of stress. Planning can reduce your stress substantially.

3. You need to study your financial failures of 2014.

One of the best ways to save money is to first identify where you are spending. Money Over 55 concludes that our spending is always based on our values. Spend some time evaluating your 2014 purchases: Did they align with your values?

If your purchases were not in line with your values, write a statement of your financial values. Keep a copy of this statement with you and refer to it often. This will challenge you to make more financially-empowered decisions in the future.

Start eliminating debt. While many people will propose many different theories to achieve financial success, the number one thing I recommend for 2015 is to eliminate debt.

You cannot truly achieve financial success with lingering debt. Sit down and assess your finances. Identify what you owe and start working on the smallest debts first.

Write out a plan of action. You will not only feel empowered, but also, you will free up cash and give yourself a raise every single month. Your debt may not be canceled overnight, but you have to start somewhere.

This is a great step toward financial freedom. Student loans and mortgages are debts that will take considerable time to cancel. However, you can start paying off credit cards, medical bills and other expenses.

Debt is stressful; it robs so many people of their lives. Decide to start paying down your debts in 2015!