22-Year-Old Kiip CEO Brian Wong: Nothing Else Matters When You're Goal-Driven (Video)

With his mobile rewards company, Kiip, Brian Wong is making waves with a business that very much has a sense of newness to it.

But despite the feeling of novelty surrounding his success, the Vancouver native can't seem to shake his old ways.

Throughout his young career, Wong has a made a habit of picking up high profile accolades -- he made a third consecutive appearance on Forbes 30 under 30 list in January -- and of operating ahead of the curve.

From skipping four years of grade school, to graduating from college at 18, to building a tech company that is integrated in over 1,500 apps by the age of 22, Wong has very much been the early bird.

His rapid successes have all begged one question: how? The answer he provides is pretty straightforward: It's all drive.

In an interview at Elite Daily HQ, Wong fills us in on what it feels like to be "drunk" on goals, the importance of standing out as a business, the sacrifices it has taken to succeed in entrepreneurship, and much more in yet another inspiring episode of Elite Daily's "Startup From The Bottom."

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