The 10 Reasons Why Jenna Marbles Is Successful And The Queen Of YouTube

by Jessica Fase

Three years ago, Jenna Marbles uploaded her first video on YouTube entitled 'How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.' The video went viral within its first week, receiving 5.3 million views.

Since then, she’s become a YouTube sensation with over 10 million subscribers, over 150 videos with 1.2 billion views in total since she started with her first video, showing over 54 million views to date. So what makes her so entertaining?

10. She has no filter

'F*ck' is probably the number one word in Jenna’s vocabulary. Does it offend the Internet? Not in the slightest. We love her for it. She’s rude and hilarious and says what’s on her mind. Her unique words of wisdom seem endless, including many of her blunt, somewhat rude, yet awesome ways of getting the word out on things some of us are too afraid to say.

"I'm sick and tired of guys thinking that just because I showed up at a club or a dance or a bar, that I want to have their genitalia touching my backside." - Jenna Marbles in 'How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To'

9. She’s a realist

Jenna is very in tune with what it’s like to be a 20-something today, she keeps it real and tells it like it is. Although she makes a living starring in her own YouTube videos each week, she still works hard, she still pushed her way through high school and college and came out a shining star with a master's degree.

You may hate her for having the easiest job on the planet that probably pays a hell of a lot more than your job, but hey, at least she keeps us all smiling. She knows what it's like to struggle, to feel isolated and picked on; she's been through a lot. Her shining charisma and strong sense of self has made her a role model to girls everywhere.

She teaches us that it's okay to be different - that's what makes all of us special. She breaks it down in an entertaining and cool way and helps us realize that we've all been there, and it's going to be okay.

"In order to find out who you are, you will, at some point, have to feel really isolated, left out, different." - Jenna Marbles

8. She has two adorable dogs

Mr. Marbles and Kermit are her furry little children that she adores more than anything or anyone else in the entire world. They appear in almost every single video she uploads. If the two cuties aren’t included in her videos, she makes sure at least one of the two makes an appearance at the end.

As of a few months ago, Jenna has worked on making it possible to own your own furry children! With Jenna’s new plush puppies for sale on her blog, everyone’s buying Mr. Marbles and Kermie Worms.

“Let me drop a cold, hard fact on you: There’s no bigger turn on than when a guy has a shameless animal voice. ‘Hey there, Mr. Doggie. Hi!’ What was that sound? That’s the sound of me throwing my underwear across the room. Let’s bang.” - Jenna Marbles in 'How To Talk To Animals'

7. She has a hilarious outlook on life

The number one thing we learn as a 20-something in this generation is to not take life too seriously. It’s important that we still have some fun and enjoy life instead of stressing about work and the future. Jenna does a pretty good job, if I do say so myself, at living life to the fullest and having a great time all the time.

Sometimes her videos are just ten minutes of her ranting about how much her life sucks, but she still makes herself and the rest of us laugh hysterically and realize that we can’t always take things too heavily. It’s better to just laugh and keep on going. These videos still receive millions of views so she must be doing something right!

“Listen buddy, I can go to the gym and pick sh*t up and put it back down too. You try to make your butt touch your face.” - Jenna Marbles on working out

6. She’s your typical 20-something girl

Jenna has many videos about relationship advice, how and why guys and girls act the way they do. She tells us personal stories, and she rants about her daily life as a 20-something girl. Although her life is a bit above average, she’s definitely been through a lot of the same things we have, and she’s not afraid to tell us all about it. Check out ‘Draw My Life – Jenna Marbles.’

“One time I grew into an adult and it really sucked.” - Jenna Marbles

5. She’s not afraid to be herself

I can guarantee that at least 50 percent of her viewers sit back and think, "What the f*ck is this girl on? She’s insane!" But you know what? That's what makes Jenna shine - she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

She will post any kind of ridiculousness on the Internet, and people still love her because she is completely and totally unique and wonderful in her own way. Young girls look up to her so much because she promotes a healthy image and tells us it’s okay to be ourselves, it’s okay to be a weirdo and it's cool to be able to laugh at yourself. Sure, your parents may not appreciate her crude humor or excessive drinking, but hey, it’s Jenna Marbles.

“As weird and awful and terrible as it may seem to be yourself sometimes, it will always reward you.” - Jenna Marbles in 'Thoughts On Being Yourself'

4. Her impersonations are hysterical

If you haven’t seen her impersonations of Justin Bieber, Adele or Pitbull, stop what you’re doing right now and watch them. You’re going to potentially pee your pants - you've been warned. She does these impersonations so spot on and clearly has so much fun doing it. If you don't laugh at these videos, you have no soul.

3. She teaches us

Whether it be how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking, how to make your boobs appear bigger than they are, or how to talk to animals, Jenna teaches us anything and everything girls need to know in life. She makes it fun, and she’s brutally honest and upfront.

2. She entertains us every Wednesday

If you’re not satisfied with Jenna’s newest video, not to worry. We get a new one every "Sexual Wednesday" (sometimes Thursday). Jenna will never go out of style because she will never run out of goofy things to show and tell.

1. She’s smokin’ hot

If the last nine reasons didn’t convince you of why she's the best, and the craziness of her videos doesn’t lure you in, then her looks sure will. Jenna is a former go-go dancer, has the perfect body and isn’t afraid to show it. On top of her looks, she’s got personality and a crazy sense of humor. What guy wouldn’t want to look at her every Wednesday? She captures every single audience type, from 20-something girls looking for a role model, to any age group of boys who just like to look at her.

Let's face it...

“If you’re a girl and you don’t have any level of girl crushes on a girl, you’re just f**king lying to yourself.” - Jenna Marbles

Top Photo Courtesy: Instagram