The 10 Reasons Why You Must Be A Part Of The New Tech Revolution

Humanity has gone through many revolutions throughout history. The tech revolution is a new wave hitting the world. It is not only different from our more conventional revolutions, but it provides people with a change from their standard industrial revolution mindset.

People feel that working in the field of technology means that you were always that loser kid who had no social skills, was very intelligent, but was constantly made fun of. Not all people working in technology are nerds. The tech revolution provides us with a new way of thinking.

It allows us to be more open and realize that any idea can be brought to reality. Here are The 10 Reasons Why You Must Be A Part Of The New Tech Revolution.

10. You can go to IPO meetings with investors on Wall Street wearing a hoodie and investors will still take you seriously.

Many people can't help but fall into the Wall Street trap. No one would dare show up to an investor meeting without the finest suit. However when you start a company that is able to connect as many people as Facebook does, then it's okay to show up in a hoodie to an IPO meeting. Mark Zuckerberg did and still was able to secure a total of $10.6 billion in investments.

9. You can create any type of social network that hot girls will love.

What's not cool about creating a social network that has hot girls constantly uploading photos of themselves. Instagram has successfully done this and cashed out when they were bought out by Facebook.

8. Not all people in the tech world are nerds.

What's nerdy about starting a multi-billion dollar company? Any girl will sleep with you after Justin Timberlake plays you in a movie.

7. It's The Future.

Whether we like it or not -- technology is the future. If you want to conform to societal standards, then by all means do so. Go to school, get a degree and work for someone 9 to 5 -- it doesn't sound like a fulfilling life. Encourage this evolution in society and move away from that industrial mindset. Think outside of the box and get creative. There are no limits to what you can do.

6. There really is such a thing as a million-dollar idea.

Don't believe us? Just ask the founders of Google, Facebook and Yahoo. What is better than making money on something that you thought of in your dorm room while getting high?

5. Tech girls are actually cute.

Do not fall into the common misconception that tech girls are nerdy and ugly. Just look at the founder of, Sophia Amoruso who is worth $250 million. Or should we mention Ivanka Trump for good measure?

4. Hollywood A-list celebrities will want to be like you.

Justin Timberlake is all about the tech scene. Not only is he playing in movies, but he is getting in on the business side. What's not awesome about having Justin Timberlake buy the company you started?

3. You can literally change the way people live.

When you understand that you can create anything you put your mind to, then dreams are just ideas. Peter Theil, the founder of PayPal, is on a mission to build new societies on international waters. He has begun funding and working on plans to build these new cities.

2. You can be bought out by Yahoo at the age of 17.

Nick D'Aloisio didn't just listen to society telling him to stay in school and grow up to work for someone. He actually began creating and trying new things because of his ability to understand technology. Now this 17 year old's company is bought out by Yahoo. Not bad.

1. You can get an exponential amount of work done with ease and still have time for the things you love.

Once you learn how to develop and use technology, you will have more time on your hands to work on different projects. You can work on sending people to space or have some time to enjoy water sports with a naked beauty on your back...literally.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images