If You’re 1 Of These 4 Zodiac Signs, You’ve Got Bookworm Written All Over You

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Reading books is something I used to love to do as a kid. Since the rise of social media and #adulthood, though, I find myself rarely making time for it. While this is likely the reality for many, there are four zodiac signs that still frequent the local bookstores or continue to Click To Buy on their Kindle, no matter how busy their schedule is.

Here’s Why Gemini Loves To Read Most:

As an air sign, you’re always eager to learn something new — and what better way to get your wheels turning than by reading? Whether it’s a book, article, or Tweets on your timeline, you prioritize absorbing information on a daily basis.

As a mutable sign, your ability to approach new information in a curious, lighthearted manner is one of your biggest strengths. As you absorb different thoughts and opinions, you’re always open to changing your mind, something that really serves you in the long run.

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Here’s Why Virgo Loves To Read Most:

As the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, it comes as no surprise that you enjoy reading books. You prioritize learning new things in a way that can improve your daily life, so absorbing new information is something that you never hesitate to make time for.

As a mutable earth sign, you’re not interested in learning new things just to sit on that information and do nothing about it. You’re constantly looking for ways to make things in life run a bit smoother, and through reading books or taking new classes and courses, you’re able to learn how to better be of service — something you love to do.

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Here’s Why Scorpio Loves To Read Most:

You’re someone who enjoys getting to the bottom of things — and what better way to do that than through reading a book? As a fixed sign, you’re consistent enough finish everything that you start, especially if it piques your interest. Your ambitious nature is at its best when you’re directing it toward things you’re passionate about.

When it comes to newfound information, you tend to be far more interested in deeper, more intense topics. You’re not a huge fan of anything surface level. When reading anything, you’re far more interested in a story with substance; something that really tugs at your heartstrings.

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Here’s Why Pisces Loves To Read Most:

Your imagination is your strongest asset, which is why you find it so easy to transport into a story so well. Reading books is the easiest way for you to support your dreamy nature. There are no rules to be followed, and reality can be easily left behind.

You tend to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not. While this can cause problems in the real world, it makes it a lot easier to immerse yourself in a story — so much so, it can almost feel like you’re there. In a story, your big-picture outlook can fully be appreciated, and you’re able to prioritize expanding your mind without being bogged down by reality.

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