3 Lucky Zodiac Signs Can Expect Great Things Throughout The Month Of August

Good vibes only.

Have you been enjoying the main character energy of summer as much as I have? The sun recently returned to the sign of its domicile, Leo, awakening a surge in ego and confidence. Though those vibes will come to an end for most as the new month begins, there are three lucky zodiac signs who will still feel main character vibes throughout August 2022.

Leo season’s been a time earth signs have all been called to withdraw and retreat, but as Virgo season begins, they’re being called to step out into the limelight in the best way. Here’s what they can each expect from the cosmos this month:

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Taurus: You’ll Experience A Surge In Creativity

As the stabilized Venusian of the zodiac, you’re all about expressing yourself through artistic pursuits. This month, that side of you will be easier than ever to connect to.

As the sun shifts into your fifth house on Aug. 22, you’ll be called to shift your attention to how you express yourself creatively. And as a fellow earth sign, the grounded similarities between you and Virgo will align, allowing you to lean into your desire to be productive when it comes to your self-expression. How do you allow yourself to really let your hair down, and how can you make things more fulfilling? This season, your vibe is all about enjoying yourself.

Virgo: You’re Stepping Into The Spotlight

It’s your season, Virgo. Though you’re not usually too thrilled by unwanted attention, you totally deserve it right now.

On Aug. 22, the sun will shift into your first house of identity, energizing your sense of self-awareness and prompting you to be your efficient, helpful, detail-oriented self. You’ll probably have your hands full (but you secretly love it) with new projects, plans, and responsibilities, but it’ll be easier than ever to get things done. As the Mercury-ruled sign of the zodiac, you can also expect to be communicating *a lot*. People want your advice, so don’t hesitate to share it.

Capricorn: Spiritual Awakenings Are On The Horizon

As the sun shifts into your ninth house of wisdom on Aug. 22, you’ll be called to leave the emotionally intense themes of Leo season behind as Virgo season begins. It’s the perfect time to embark on a journey, whether it be mentally, spiritually, or physically.

You’re being called to consider how you prioritize your pursuits in a way that’s practical, making this an excellent time to pick up a new book, join a wellness webinar, or book a vacation. As the stable Saturnian sign of the zodiac, you may not always feel called to embrace change, but this season is urging you to broaden your horizons in the best way.

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