Your Life Would Be So Much Easier With Any Of These Weird, Clever Things

Unusual, but so useful.

Have you ever been doing a task around the house or working on an organizational project and thought to yourself, “There has to be an easier way to do this?” Well, you’re probably not alone. Instead of racking your brain or trying to endlessly search for tips and tricks to create smoother systems for yourself, check out this list of weird but useful everyday household products that will absolutely make your life easier.

Need some creative storage options to make the closets in your home more functional? There are multiple types of hangers that help you make the most out of limited space, are incredibly versatile in how they can be utilized, or both if necessary.

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? It can sometimes feel like a never-ending job keeping things clean and organized. This list has plenty of functional solutions that will clear up counter space, tidy up loose cords, and create new-and-improved storage options for appliances and more.

The clever ingenuity of these products, along with their affordable pricing, will have you jumping at the chance to make your daily routines and systems more convenient and efficient.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

The Citrus Spray That Eliminates Pet Odor From Carpets & Furniture

Get an instant refresh on your fabrics that can’t be washed, such as carpets and furniture, with this powerful citrus spray odor eliminator. As opposed to the harsh chemical smell most cleaning sprays emit, this one has a pleasant orange aroma. The spray nozzle and portable bottle make it easy to use anywhere in your house you need, not to mention the car! It also has a UV flashlight to find messes that are hard to spot.

These Luxurious Bamboo Sheets That Are Wrinkle-Resistant & Hypoallergenic

Having high-quality bedsheets that won’t cost you a fortune — all that awaits you with these luxury bamboo sheets. Made from a blend of bamboo and microfiber, you will stay cool all night long thanks to the breathable material. You will also love how silky-soft they are against your skin. In total, this is a four-piece set with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King
  • Available colors: 12
This Handheld Spiralizer That Quickly Turns Veggies Into Noodles

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to using this handheld vegetable spiralizer. If you’re looking for a way to add more veggies into your daily diet, using them as noodles is a great way to achieve that goal. This handy device lets you turn zucchini, squash, carrots and more into instant noodles of different sizes and shapes, depending on the blade you choose.

This Hat That Keeps Your Head Cool & Provides UV Protection

Going about your favorite outdoor activities on those hot and sunny days means you need to properly prepare for time outside, and this Arctic Air hat is an item you’ll want to have. It has a built-in protective lining that keeps your head safe from harmful UV rays. Before putting it on, dunk it in water and then let the hydro-chill technology do its thing, as your head will stay cool for hours on end.

A Portable Laptop Desk With A Nonslip Grip Surface

Work on the go whenever you need and wherever you are with the assistance of this portable laptop desk. You can rest assured you’ll be working on a stable surface that has anti-slip, textured rubber strips to keep your laptop in place. It even has a hidden mouse pad that extends out from the side if you don’t like to solely rely on the trackpad.

This Holder For Your Tablet That’s Mounted On A Swivel Stand

Adjust the angle and direction of your iPad with ease when it’s being held in this mounted swivel tablet stand. With your device securely mounted in this stand, you can easily perform a wide range of activities completely hands-free for your convenience. Want to follow along with a recipe? No problem. Want to watch a movie and snack at once? You’re covered.

A Mobile Personal Air Cooler That Fits Right Around Your Neck

Taking walks or runs on a hot, sunny day doesn’t have to feel stifling or like you’re roasting. This personal air cooling device sits on your shoulders and blasts cold air on your neck and face. You can easily use it anywhere and whenever it runs out of battery life, simply charge it back up with the USB cable.

This Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow With Temperature-Regulating Technology

Help ease any neck, shoulder, or upper back pain you may feel during sleep with this bamboo memory foam pillow. It is designed to adjust to whichever way you are lying to provide ultimate lumbar support. The fact that it is made out of shredded memory foam ensures you don’t have to worry about constantly fluffing or rearranging your pillows to be comfortable.

An Insulated To-Go Mug That Also Lets You Brew Coffee Right In It

Getting your morning caffeine fix just got a whole lot easier with this insulated travel mug. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in your morning routine, you’ll appreciate the mesh strainer that comes with it if you end up needing to make your coffee on-the-go (or if you don’t like the stuff in hotels). The insulated walls of this travel mug give you the ability to keep your beverage hot or cold for multiple hours, too.

This Foam Blaster Spray That Attaches To The Hose For A Quality At-Home Car Wash

Getting professional looking results from a car wash at home has never been easier than when you attach this foam blaster spray cannon directly to the nozzle of your hose. There are five spray settings, which can help eliminate the need to use brushes and other scrubbing devices to remove all of the dirt and grime from your car.

This Racquet-Shaped Swatter That Zaps Bugs Electrically

You get 4,000 volts of electric power in this racquet-shaped bug zapper. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is great for putting an end to all those small, flying pests, such as flies, gnats, and more. The racquet has a rechargeable lithium battery that is capable of providing 10,000 zaps before needing another charge.

These Space-Saving Vacuum Storage Bags Great For People Tight On Space

You really get bang for your buck with this five-pack of vacuum storage bags. If you don’t have a ton of extra storage space in your home, these vacuum bags let you suck all the air out of them to create an incredibly compact receptacle that will fit just about anywhere. You can also use these to help create extra room in your suitcase when packing for trips.

An Expandable Bamboo Tray To Organize Your Drawers

All of your utensils and other random knickknacks you have stored in your kitchen and bathroom drawers will turn into an organized delight with the help of these expandable bamboo trays. They are perfectly designed to hold silverware, utensils, and other types of cutlery. And whenever you need to, clean out these trays by simply wiping them off with a damp cloth.

The Best All-Purpose Hose Nozzle To Meet Your Outdoor Needs

You get eight different types of spraying power with this heavy-duty spray nozzle that attaches directly to your at-home hose. If you’re a gardener or enjoy taking care of your lawn or landscaping around your home, you’ve got all the options needed to keep everything properly watered. The versatility of the spray nozzle also let you use it for other activities like washing cars.

This Handheld Steam Machine That Can Replace Your Iron

Never again deal with the hassle and time-consuming effort of an iron and ironing board after experiencing the ease and convenience of this portable steamer. You simply have to fill the base with water, and within 60 seconds, the steamer is heated up and ready to use. The device is small and compact enough to fit in your suitcase, making it travel-friendly.

These Quick-Drying Paint Pens That Work On Any Surface

Let your artistic talents shine as you create beautiful masterpieces with these quick-drying paint pens. They work on an array of different surfaces, like paper, wood, rock, glass, ceramic, canvas, and more. One of the best things about these paint pens is the fact they will maintain their color as time goes on, instead of fading or becoming dull.

A High-Powered Flashlight With Hidden Bonus Features

This high-powered tactical flashlight will forever change the way you look at flashlights from now on. It has a magnetic base, giving you the ability to stick it on metal shelving or even under the hood of the car. You also get four different lighting modes: strobe, spotlight, wide beam, and lantern. It is also designed to be able to shine up to 1,200 feet away.

This Pack Of Expandable Drawer Dividers To Section & Organize Your Things

If you’re looking for a way to easily organize drawers into sections, these expandable bamboo drawer dividers are the solution. Each pack comes with four expandable dividers, giving you options for how many you need for the particular drawer you’re tidying. The spring that is built in to the end helps secure it in place, as well as release it whenever you want to take it out of the drawer.

A Bamboo Tray For The Bathtub That Holds All Your Relaxation Essentials

Soak and relax in the peace and quiet of your tub with all your necessities right at your fingertips with this expandable bamboo tray. At its smallest, the tray measures 29.5 inches across, and when it’s fully expanded, it measures 43 inches, making it perfect for almost any size tub. It is made from a water-resistant bamboo, which makes it ideal for using while relaxing in a steamy bath.

This Professional Grill Kit That Has All The BBQ Tools You Need

This summer, become the best grill master in the neighborhood with this essential seven-piece grill kit. You get two different kinds of spatulas and two different types of griddle spatulas, along with a scraper that can double as a chopper, and squirt bottles that can hold your different oils and marinades. Easily clean these grill utensils when you’re finished with warm, soapy water.

A Clip-On Pot Strainer That Makes Draining Hot Water Beyond Easy

Never again deal with making room for a bulky colander in the sink thanks to this super handy clip-on pot strainer. It fits on the vast majority of pots, pans, and bowls and it’s only about a quarter of the size of a traditional colander, making it easy to store when not in use. It lets you handily strain a hot pot of water with just one hand.

  • Available colors: 5
This Unique Wooden Clock With A Digital Display Face

This triangular-shaped desk clock combines classic and modern all in one with its wooden base and digital display. Unlike your typical alarm clock, this one gives you the option to set either two or three alarms to help you slowly wake up as opposed to startling yourself awake. The brightness of the LED display can be adjusted, or even turned off completely if you want, so you won’t be disturbed while sleeping.

  • Available colors: 4
A Wall-Mounted Hook System Perfect For Storing Brooms & Mops In A Tidy Manner

It’s never been easier or more convenient to store all of your floor cleaning tools in one spot than with the help of this wall-mounted hook system. With this wall system, you get five holding slots and six hooks to hang and hold just about every type of floor or yard cleaning tool you can fathom. The springing, rolling balls securely hold the handles of your items in place.

This Incredible Knife Set That Will Make You Feel Like A Professional Chef

If you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen making food for the people you love (including yourself), give yourself the gift of this high-quality knife set. Each knife comes with its own individual sheath to protect the blade and keep it from getting dinged up when not being used. The handles are ergonomically shaped with a padded grip for an easier cutting and chopping experience. You also get a durable cutting board with set as an added bonus.

This Nifty Bungee Hanger That Holds Your Bananas

Keep your bananas in their perfectly pristine and ripe condition when you hang them on this bungee cabinet hook instead of tossing them haphazardly in a fruit bowl. Most people aren’t aware of this, but most fruit would maintain its integrity for longer if it was stored in a hanging manner, especially bananas. It mimics the natural airflow and ripening process they would go through while growing on the tree.

  • Available colors: 4
These Pop-Up Mesh Covers Perfect For Keeping Flies & Things Off Your Food

Enjoy spending time with your friends and family during your picnic, BBQ, or outdoor get together instead of worrying about protecting the integrity of the food by using these pop-up mesh food covers. You can rest assured knowing they won’t collapse on you with their stainless steel framing. They’re versatile enough to use in the garden to protect baby seedlings at the beginning of their growth period, too.

These Magic Hangers That Are The Space-Saving Solution Your Closet Needs

If you have a small closet or lack extensive storage space for your clothes, you’ll be happy you invested in this 16-pack of space-saving hangers. You basically can turn a single hanger into one capable of holding five pieces of clothing at once. Even if saving space isn’t your main priority, these are also great for organizing clothes by categories to make getting dressed quicker.

The Quintessential Notebook Any Small Business Owner Will Want To Track Expenses & More

If you or someone you know is a small business owner or entrepreneur, use this income & expense tracking notebook to easily stay up-to-date on the current state of affairs. You will only need to purchase this one book for the year, as well. Aside from weekly spreads, there are a multitude of other pages and sections that help you account for the whole of your business and to accurately plan for the next year.

A 3-Pack Of All-Natural Wool Dryer Balls That Are Eco-Friendly

Say goodbye to disposable dryer sheets when you transition over to using these natural wool dryer balls. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also speed up drying time by 30%, which ultimately cuts down on your electric bill. The wool balls also make your clothes incredibly soft to the touch from tumbling in the dryer together.

These Shoulder Straps That Let You Move Heavy Appliances & Furniture More Easily

Using these shoulder dolly moving straps helps you avoid having to struggle moving large appliances and pieces of furniture and can help prevent potential injuries, as well. They allow you to have your arms and hands free to help you safely maneuver and position the item as you’re moving it. You will have the ability to lift up to 800 pounds using these dolly straps, ensuring there is no piece of furniture in your house you can’t move.

This Silicone Pad That Holds Your Cooking Utensils To Keep Countertops Clean

This silicone utensil pad gives you a handy surface to rest your cooking tools on without getting your countertops dirty. It has five slotted holders that give you enough storage space for all the utensils you could be using at once while making your dishes. The excess space on the bottom helps catch any drips while the utensils are resting.

  • Available sizes: Medium or X-Large
  • Available colors: 33
These Stick-On Lid Holders That Make Organization A Cinch

End the struggle of finding space or how to functionally organize the lid of your pots and pans when you invest in this four-pack of adhesive lid holders. We’re all guilty of shoving and piling lids haphazardly into our kitchen cabinets. But now we can simply mount these lid organizers to the inside of the doors for all-around convenience.

This Small Gadget That Helps Stabilize Loose Or Wobbly Plugs

If you have old plugs that tend to slip out of the outlet, fix things without needing any tools with the assistance of this Snug Plug device. There are many fantastic aspects of this product, like how small, compact, and lightweight it is. It is also clear, letting it seamlessly blend right in to the outlet so you won’t even notice it’s there. Just snugly plug your things right on top of it.

These Rotating Hangers That Are A Must-Have For Scarves & Ties

Clueless-up storing your scarves and belts with these rotating twirl hangers. Each hanger comes with a spinning base that has 18 separate hooks coming off it. Not only is it perfect for organizing scarves and belts so you can actually see them, but you can also hang purses, bags, and even hats. With 4 hangers in a single pack, you’ll have plenty of storage available to you.

These Wall Mounts That Make Hanging Anything With A Keyhole Slot Super Easy

Throw frustration out the window when it comes to hanging up decorations around the house — just switch over to these mounted keyhole companions. You don’t have to go through the time-consuming effort to ensure proper measurements in order to actually mount your pictures or wall decor with this tool. Just slip this companion into the keyhole-slotted object and it automatically marks the wall where it needs to be. No more guesswork required.

This Set Of Gliding Shower Curtain Hooks That Lets You Open & Close It Smoothly

Toss out those old and outdated shower hooks and replace them with these beaded gliding hooks that promise never to snag on the rail. One of the best features these shower hooks offer that the bottom is a double-sided hook. That makes it much easier for your to wash or change out the shower curtain and plastic liner.

These Hidden Drawers You Can Attach To Any Desk For Extra Storage

If you find yourself needing extra storage space for your desk, these under desk drawers are the solution you need. These drawers don’t need any tools for installation; they have adhesive backing that securely attaches them where you want on your desk. Slide them open quickly and easily to grab pens, paper clips, notepads, and more during the work day.

This Handy Magnetic Wall Pocket That Attaches To Any Light Switch Or Outlet

You’ll never frantically be searching for your keys or other necessities when trying to leave the house as this pocket wall organizer keeps your most used items all in one place. To install, simply slip it over the outlet or light switch and you’re good to go. You can’t beat the convenience of storing your keys and wallet right by the door.

This Pickle Pincher That Makes It So You Never Have To Squeeze Your Hand In The Jar Again

Grab any pickle you want with ease thanks to the help of the Deluxe Pickle Pincher. Instead of plunging your fingers and hands directly into a jar that other people will also be using, this helpful gadget does all the work for you. You can use it for large and small pickles, as well as other jarred condiments difficult to reach like olives.

A Cushioned Grip That Makes It Easy To Carry Multiple Bags At Once

If you’re one of those people who brings all their groceries in the house at once (let’s be honest, that’s all of us), then you’re going to love this cushioned gripper. Not only does it allow you to carry multiple bags at once with ease, but it also distributes the weight better. Aside from grocery bags, you can use them to help carry other heavy items around the house, like paint cans, buckets, and more.

A Critter Catcher To Get Rid Of Spiders & Bugs Around The House

If the thought of spiders and other creepy crawlers roaming around your house freaks you out, consider getting this critter catcher to not have to worry about that issue. This is a clever solution that lets you catch the bug or insect without harming it, then release it back into the wild outside of your home. Its patented designed ensures you never have to touch the bugs directly with your hands, too.

This Mini Refillable Spray Bottle Perfect For Perfumes & Facial Mists

Take your favorite perfume, body spray, or facial mist on-the-go without having to fuss with the entire bottle. Popping a splash of your favorite products in these mini refillable spray bottles is the way to go. The outer case is made from a durable aluminum that protects the liquid contents inside. There is also a small, clear window that lets you see the current fullness level, and it’s easy to load — just insert the nozzle into your product and pump it up.

An Airtight Container That Keeps Bread Fresh & Doubles As A Dispenser

There is so much to love about this pretty genius sandwich bread dispenser. You don’t have to fumble with opening the plastic packaging or worry about losing the twist tie to reclose it when you’re finished. Pop out a single slice of bread each time you need it with ease. The plastic container also helps your bread stay fresher, longer.

These Bamboo Racks That Store & Display A Variety Of Household Items

Investing in versatile storage options like these bamboo racks ensures you get your money’s worth. They are perfect to use inside cabinets to keep loose items, like lids to your pots and pans, stored and organized. The sleek and simple design also makes them a great option for making tidy displays of items like cutting boards and cookbooks.

This Rubber Cord Holder That Wraps Up Pesky Appliance Cables

Keep all of those bothersome kitchen appliance cables out of the way thanks to the help of this flexible cord holder. When you think about it, it’s kind of strange that so many of our most utilized kitchen appliances don’t have a suitable solution for getting that darn cable out of the way when not being used. By sticking this organizer on the back of your appliances, you can easily and quickly wrap it around the hooks to keep things neat and tidy.

A Charging Unit Designed To Rest In The Couch

Easily charge a diverse array of electronics with this charging station made to be slipped into the side of the couch. It comes with a 10 foot power cord, so can reach distant outlets (or be used as an extension cord when needed). On one side of the charger you get a traditional outlet that fits a two or three-prong plug, while the other side is fitted with two USB ports.

This Sticky Rubber Ball That’s Great For Cleaning Hard To Reach Areas

Easily clean all kinds of dirt and grime from hard to reach places with the assistance of these rubber cleaning balls. This is especially handy for cleaning the inside of purses and other types of bags. The outside of coated in a sticky material that grabs onto loose bits of dirt, crumbs, and more that gather on the bottom and in the corners over years of use.

A Handy Device That Instantly & Easily Shreds Meat

Quickly shred tasty chicken, pork, or beef by turning the crank handle on this shredding device. It’s the perfect kitchen tool that lets you easily prepare shredded meats for all kinds of meals, such as tacos, enchiladas, pulled pork sandwiches, and more. To use it, simply drop in your cooked meat, put on the lid, then use the knob on top to twist it.

A Chain Extender With Magnetic Clasps To Keep Necklaces Closed

You will never again have to struggle with a tiny, pull-back clasp on your necklaces with this magnetic closure extender chain. In total, this extending chain measures just under 4 inches so it adds a small amount of extra length. The real reason people can’t stop raving about them, though, is the fact the magnetic closure is hassle-free. As an added bonus, you get one in silver and one in gold.

This Jewelry Tool That Assists In Taking Bracelets On & Off Alone

If you want to wear one of your favorite bracelets without the worry of needing help to get it on, you’ll want to snag one of these bracelet helpers. On one end, there is a clip that is used to securely hold onto one end of your bracelet, while the other side fits in your hand. That leaves a free hand for you to close the bracelet in a snap.