Here's where to buy the new Lay's-flavored vodka before it's too late.

You Can Now Buy Vodka Made With Lay’s Potatoes For The Ultimate Pairing

You’re not gonna want to miss this.

Courtesy of Frito-Lay

It’s a big day for Lay’s lovers — your favorite potato chip is getting its very own alcoholic drink. That’s right, Lay’s has teamed up with Eastside Distilling to produce Lay’s Potato Vodka for an unexpected twist on an old classic. The one-of-a-kind vodka is here just in time to add a little flavor to your holidays, but it won’t last forever. If you’re 21 years or older, here’s where you can buy the Lay’s Potato Vodka before it flies off the virtual shelves.

I know it sounds like Lay’s-flavored vodka is something I came up with in a dream, but it’s real and it’s happening sooner than you’d think. Starting Thursday, Dec. 16, fans 21 years or older can score a bottle of Lay’s Vodka for $40, according to an email from Frito-Lay to Elite Daily. The unique vodka was created in collaboration with the Portland beverage company Eastside Distilling, and is made from a blend of Portland Potato Vodka and vodka distilled from Lay’s potatoes. It’s not all that wild of a pairing when you think about how vodka is made from potatoes, but to have such an iconic snack join the booze game is pretty huge.

Everyone wants to know how the sausage (er, vodka) is made, but I know why you’re really here — to find out where you can get your own bottle of the stuff. The chip-inspired Lay’s Potato Vodka hits virtual shelves on Thursday, and can be purchased online only at the Eastside Distilling website. But don’t de-Lay your order too long (sorry, I had to), because the Lay’s-flavored vodka is only available while supplies last.

The 750-milliliter bottle of 40% ABV vodka comes in a chic black case and prominently features that bright yellow Lay’s logo that always feels like home. On the bottom of each bottle, you’ll find a red label that tells you which number bottle out of 1,300 you received (i.e. 0025/1,300, etc.), as well as the batch number. It’s basically like you’ve just been invited to an exclusive club, and I’m so here for it.

With Lay’s chips, they say you can never have just one, but with Lay’s Vodka, you’ll probably want to keep it to one or two cocktails. Just make sure you snag your bottle on Dec. 16 to make your snack-inspired happy hour dreams come true.