You can buy Chipotle's Cilantro Soap online and make a meme come to life.

LOL, You Can Now Buy Cilantro-Scented Soap From Chipotle

But it’s actually not a joke this time.

Courtesy of Chipotle

“Hold the cilantro” is a common refrain from people who think the herb tastes like soap (yes, soap), and one fast-casual food chain known for its items with the ingredient is taking the issue literally. Two of Chipotle’s most well-known menu items — cilantro-lime rice and guacamole — are chock-full of cilantro, and the chain is leaning into the ~controversial~ herb with a soap that smells like, you guessed it, cilantro. If you want to bring a meme to life, here’s where to buy Chipotle’s Cilantro Soap.

In case you didn’t know, according to 23andMe, there’s a “genetic component to cilantro taste perception.” In a study by Eriksson, N., Wu, S., Do, C.B. et al. published in a Nov. 29, 2012 issue of Flavour, scientists found that “one of a cluster of olfactory receptor genes, perhaps OR6A2, may be the olfactory receptor that contributes to the detection of a soapy smell from cilantro in European populations.” According to 2015 SciShow data shared by Chipotle, “4% to 14% of the population is genetically wired to experience a soapy flavor when they eat cilantro.” TL;DR: Cilantro is a no-go for millions of people, which is unfortunate because, according to Chipotle, more than 28% of the restaurant’s menu contains cilantro. It’s inescapable.

Chipotle has poked fun at the issue many times (even posting a mock-up of the soap in August 2021), and the company is taking the bit to the next level with the brand new Cilantro Soap.

Starting on Dec. 2, whether you’re a cilantro fiend or just want to give the cilantro hater in your life a good laugh, you can buy the meme-tastic Cilantro Soap online at while supplies last. The soap will be available exclusively online, so don’t pull up to your local Chipotle unless you want a taste of the real stuff.

The green bar of soap is made with organic oils and coriander essential oil, which is where the soap gets its cilantro scent. ICYDK, cilantro leaves come from the coriander plant — the scent is unmistakable as soon as you open the package. Although, for some, I guess it’ll just smell like soap-scented soap...

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Oh, and as the box says, “Do not eat the soap lol.” But really, don’t.

If you’re craving the herb, cilantro fans can take their love of the herb one step further with the all new Cilantro Lover Badge. From Dec. 2 to Dec. 8, select Chipotle Rewards members can earn the exclusive badge when you order at least one item made with cilantro. The badge will be added to your Extras tab on Chipotle Rewards, which can help you access extra points and earn free Chipotle meals.

When you head to Chipotle, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.