What's Your Signature Summer Flavor?

by BDG Studios

Summer 2021 is here, and with it is an opportunity to make up for lost time — and finally have that #HotGirlSummer you deserve. But as every good summer does, this one is coming with its fair share of heat, so it’s crucial to stay prepared with something cool to balance everything out.

Enter: the Iced Tea Freeze from Baskin-Robbins. It’s a refreshing combo of real iced black tea, ice cream, and sorbet, and it comes in two mouthwatering flavors — Triple Mango and Blueberry Hibiscus.

Whether your idea of a perfect hot-weather day is chilling poolside, exploring a new city, or hiking the next peak on your bucket list, there’s an Iced Tea Freeze flavor that suits your tastes (and your tastebuds).

Frozen with indecision?

Keep tapping to answer a few questions that’ll help you identify which flavor will fuel your summer — and make it ten times sweeter.