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Weird, Clever Things You Didn't Realize You Need

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If you look hard enough on Amazon, you’ll always find something that you didn’t know existed but suddenly can’t live without. Actually, you don’t have to look very hard at all, because I decided to compile some of the best, most clever stuff out there to make life better and easier.

This hair dryer holder is one example. I never saw it before but now I can’t wait to stick it up on my wall and save more cabinet space. It’s such a simple solution, which is what makes it so genius. There’s also some snail mucin cream (yes, really) and a tea mug that keeps your brew warm — all little things that’ll make your life a little bit better.

There’s a gem for nearly every part of your home — and your car — that’s just waiting to be added to your life to make it a bit more convenient.

This Leakproof Spray Bottle With A Continuous Mist

This leakproof spray bottle provides a continuous mist — no matter the angle the bottle is held at. The gentle release is perfect for everything from watering delicate flowers to more evenly applying heat protectant spray to your hair. The spray is also super quiet if you’re trying to use it for pet care and don’t want your pup to get scared.

A Hanging Purse Organizer With 8 Large Pockets

This hanging purse organizer creates more space out of thin air. The hanger has eight deep pockets with enough room to store your bags, scarves, shoes, towels, and more. The reinforced lining creates a sturdy home for all your belongings and the top’s 360-degree spin lets you get a clear view of it all. The entire thing will essentially take up just as much room as one coat.

This Tablet Stand That Feels Like A Soft Pillow

This pillow tablet stand is soft enough to cuddle up with so that you can marathon your favorite series while lounging in bed. The pillow is made with high elasticity so as not to deform over time and even has grooves built in so that you can adjust the angle of your device and use it with phones and tablets of various sizes. It’s also double-sided so you can place it between your kids and let them both watch what they prefer.

An Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes & Dries

Shorten the time you spend completing at least one tedious task with this automatic makeup brush cleaner. The set comes with a bowl, electric spinner, and eight collars to attach any size brush to the device. All you have to do is fill the bowl with soap and water and spin away. It’ll wash and dry your brushes in just seconds.

A Salad Chopper With Blade Protectors For Safe Storage

To slice and dice veggies like a pro, grab this salad chopper. The unique shape features two rounded blades that can rock back and forth to make yourself a chopped salad at home. They’re sharp enough to cut through nuts and chocolate for that sweet cookie recipe you’ve been wanting to try, too. The handle keeps your fingers safely away from the bottom and the included blade covers keep it protected when stored in the drawer to avoid getting dull.

An Easy-To-Use Tool That Makes It Easier To Put On Jewelry Alone

This jewelry helper will keep you from running around looking for someone to put on your bracelet for you. Instead, when you’re alone, you can simply hold the small tool to keep one end of a bracelet secure so that it’s easier to clasp it onto the other side. The lightweight, thin piece can slip into any bag to have with you on-the-go.

The Reusable Silicone Baking Mats That Food Will Glide Off Of

Say goodbye to cooking sprays and say hello to these reusable silicone baking mats. Salmon, chocolate chip cookies, and just about everything else will glide right off their nonstick surface. The durable material provides consistent heat distribution for even baking so your creations come out even better. Plus, they can withstand temperatures from -40 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit so you can put overnight recipes in the freezer too.

This Stainless Steel Spatula To Hygienically Apply Skincare

With everything our hands touch in a day, using this stainless steel spatula to apply your creams and serums is much more hygienic. The mini tool keeps your fingers from spreading germs and even makes it easier to scoop out every last drop of product from a jar with its subtle curved design. Stick it in the freezer before using for a cooling sensation that can help de-puff around the eyes.

These Food Saver Sheets That Help Greens Last Longer

By just placing these food saver sheets inside your salad containers, fruit bowl, or crisper drawer, your produce can end up lasting up to four times longer than they typically would have. Each sheet is infused with organic botanicals that naturally extend freshness for up to 30 days. It also works with certain breads and pastries. When 30 days pass, recycle or compost the biodegradable material.

A Gentle Brush That Detangles Without Damaging Hair

This detangling hairbrush differs from others with its flexible bristles that gently separate tangled hair instead of ripping right through knotted strands. Each cone-shaped bristle glides through wet, dry, straight, and curly hair without tugging so as to avoid breakage. The brush has an ergonomic handle, which makes it comfortable to use, to boot.

An Easy-To-Use Citrus Squeezer With A Spout & Measurements

Juicing citrus will be easier than ever with this lemon squeezer. With an efficient extractor on top that gets out every last drop or lemon or lime juice, a catch-all tray, and a non-slip base, you can focus on really squeezing that fruit instead of worrying about splashing juice in your eye. The bottom also has convenient measurements and an easy-pour spout, so you can cook or bake with more accuracy.

These Soft Wristbands That Make Washing Your Face Less Messy

These microfiber wristbands can keep your nighttime skincare routine from creating a giant mess. The super soft fabric is skin-friendly and stretches to comfortably fit your wrists as you wash your face. The absorbent material will soak up any excess water so it doesn’t end up around the sink or all up your arms.

These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Keep Drinks Cool

The stemless shape of these stainless steel wine glasses make them more comfortable to hold when mingling at a crowded dinner party or lounging in the grass during a picnic outside. The sturdier grip in addition to their unbreakable, shatterproof construction make it easy to avoid spills and dangerous glass shards. Plus, the insulation will keep drinks colder for longer.

A Repair Cream With A High Concentration Of Snail Mucin

This snail mucin cream has a higher concentration (97.5% to be exact) of the nourishing extract than most skincare products on the market, so its hydration is potent and effective. The blend also includes vitamin E and organic green tea to brighten the skin for a healthy glow. Best of all, the rich, ethically-sourced cream is non-comedogenic and won’t clog pores.

A Leakproof Food Container With A Removable Colander

After rinsing your fruits and veggies in the built-in colander of this food container, pop it right back in and pack it away for a snack while at work. The leakproof lid has a silicone seal that prevents any messes even when transporting on a bumpy bus ride. So bring along nearly 2 cups of your favorite snacks and even stick the container in the microwave or freezer if needed.

These Packing Cubes That Come With A Travel Laundry Bag

This set of packing cubes is essential if you want to spend less time looking for that matching outfit you were sure you threw in your suitcase. The breathable mesh on the four cubes of various sizes still let the clothes breath while being neatly contained, and the smooth zipper won’t snag any material. The set comes with a handy laundry bag so you know just what needs to be washed once you return home.

This Splatter Screen That Protects Your Walls From Hot Oil

To keep all the hot oil and grease in the pan instead of on your clean walls, reach for this splatter screen the next time you’re making some stir fry. The extra fine mesh shield sits right on top of any pan or pot to stop splashes from burning you or making a mess of your kitchen, while still letting steam escape. When stirring the pot, use the screen’s resting feet to place it on your counter for a moment or hook to hang it up and store.

These Wireless Book Lights That Can Clamp Onto Your Headboard

This pack of book lights come with one to keep in your bedroom and one to keep in the car for when you’re the passenger on a long road trip. The LED lights have three settings for optimal illumination, ranging from a gentle white to a natural daylight. The amber mode will even eliminate harmful blue light if you’re using it for a better view of your computer screen. Just clamp it onto your book cover or headboard for up to 30 hours of light on a single charge.

A Handheld Milk Frother That Comes With A Sleek Stand

With just the push of a button, this milk frother will whip up lattes and smoothies that look like a professional barista made them. The powerful motor makes the stainless steel whisk take just seconds to create a rich and creamy froth. The silicone handle is comfortable to hold using just one hand, and the whole thing can be stored using the included stand.

A Flat Top Kabuki Brush That Seamlessly Blends Makeup

This flat top kabuki brush is an all-in-one tool that every makeup lover needs in their collection. The soft bristles form a wide, very dense surface that can cover a lot of the face at once and apply liquids, creams, and powders without leaving behind any streaks. The bristles won’t shed or absorb product so that you can avoid having your expensive concealer disappear within.

These Dish Cloths That Can Be Reused 100 Times Each

To make your household more eco-friendly, bring in these reusable dish cloths. Each can be used 100 times and take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels. The absorbent material becomes very soft when wet, making them perfect for wiping down a counter or having streak-free mirrors and windows. When dry, they are gritty enough to be used to scrub away dirt and grime.

A Clip-On LED Ring Light With 3 Color Modes

This ring light will make you Zoom-ready no matter what kind of lighting you’re in. The lightweight piece is easy to travel with and can be clamped onto your phone or laptop screen. The LED bulbs have three color modes that can create a pearly white illumination or a sun-kissed glow, and 10 levels of brightness to really perfect your light. The brightness will reduce shadows so that your coworkers have a clear view of you and the genius ideas you’re presenting.

This Porcelain Mug With A Tea Infuser & Lid

This tea mug comes with a built-in infuser so you can brew a fresh cup right in your drinking vessel. The fine mesh filter can be used with any loose tea, and while you wait for the blend to steep, pop on the airtight lid to keep in the heat. The porcelain handle remains cool to the touch so you won’t get burned when going for a sip.

These Chic Silk Scrunchies That Reduce Breakage

These silk scrunchies add a subtle shine to every outfit and keep your hair protected at the same time. Their smooth surface slides over hair to prevent tugging and breakage and even reduces frizz. The pack comes in a ton of different beautiful colors, all of which are made with non-toxic dyes.

This Sleek Measuring Cup With Adjustable Sizes

This adjustable measuring cup will save you a ton of drawer space. Instead of a having a different cup for every measurement, slide the plastic over the smooth silicone to get to the exact unit you need from 1/8 to 1 cup. There are both standard and metric labels, and the leak-proof canister can be used for liquid and dry, and semi-solid ingredients.

A Double-Sided Compact Mirror With A Built-In LED Light

For a quick and easy touchup even when in a dark car, slip this compact mirror into your bag. The bottom rim is lined with LED lights that illuminate your face so you can have a clear view of any makeup that needs fixing. The compact is double sided with a 10x magnification on the top half.

A Car Trash Can That Can Be Secured Onto Your Side Door

To create a true extension of your home, use this car trash can to keep everything neat even when you’re on-the-go. The leakproof bin can be used as-is or with the included garbage liners to hold up to 2 gallons of food wrappers and empty bottles. Use the buckled strap to secure it to your side door, console, or headrest. Its insulated walls can even double as a cooler for the next trip to the beach.

A Lid & Spoon Rest To Keep Your Counter Clean

Instead of making a mess of your counter with drops of condensation and sauce, use this lid and spoon rest to keep it drip-free. The stainless steel stand is the perfect thing to use in between checking on your soup or pasta and mixing in a few extra ingredients. The durable holder will keep you from wasting paper towels, staining pot holders, and creating a sticky mess.

This Set Of Fast-Drying Microfiber Towels That Resist Odor

This pack of microfiber towels can be used for a number of things. The smallest size is great to stick in your gym bag and wipe down with after a sweaty workout while the medium and large sizes can be used to dry your hair or body after a shower or swim. The soft material can absorb four times its weight in liquid and still dry quickly after. Use the elastic band and mesh carrying bag to keep them neatly packed and ready to be taken with you.

These Bowl Huggers That Keep Your Hands Safe From Heat

Instead of burning your hands when impatiently reaching for a steaming bowl in the microwave, use these bowl huggers as protection when reheating your food. The durable material can be used as a pot holder as well to take pans out of the oven or keep boiling pots from damaging your counter. They can also be used with frozen foods so your hands don’t stick to the ice cream carton.

A Handy Hair Dryer Holder That Doesn’t Require Any Drilling

This hair dryer holder neatly puts away the bulky tool that typically takes up way too much drawer space. There’s no nails or drilling required; just peel back the adhesive back and stick it on your bathroom wall. The holder can adhere to multiple surfaces including marble, tile, and even woods with a glossy finish. It comes in a few different sleek and shiny chrome finishes to blend into any bathroom decor.

This Chic Glass Teapot With A Built-In Infuser

This glass teapot has a round shape that’s not only adorable but compact enough to easily store in the cabinet when not being used. However, this pot is chic enough, I understand if it stays on your counter 24/7. The pot can brew up to 4 cups at a time and has a built-in stainless steel infuser to pack in loose tea and herbs.

A Soothing Cuticle Cream With A Precise Applicator

Any good manicure should start with this cuticle cream. The soothing conditioner is packed full of aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, and other hydrating ingredients that relieve cracked skin and leave you with nourished, healthy nail beds. The precision tip makes it easy to apply just the amount you need. The formula is free of fragrance and parabens and won’t leave behind a greasy residue.

These Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Extra Long To Protect Arms

These silicone oven mitts are extra long so that your forearms are just as protected as your hands when pulling something out of the deep oven. The durable material can handle up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and even resist steam so any accidental splashes don’t become dangerous. And the textured palms create a non-slip grip for sturdy holds on pots and pans. The interior has a quilted lining for extra comfort.

A Set Of Hydrating Under-Eye Patches Made With Real Gold

Made with a ton of nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and even bits of 24-karat gold, these under eye patches are made to bring back the glow in your skin. They hydrate under skin cells for a healthy and bright appearance that will make even the most tired eyes look more well-rested. Use them in the morning to help with puffiness or at night for a calming bedtime ritual.

A Sturdy Phone Mount That Can Turn 360 Degrees

Drive safe with this sturdy phone mount that attaches to most car’s air vents. When securing your phone to its extendable base, you can focus more on the road while still having a clear view of the directions you need. The piece locks in place and is lined with silicone pads so as not to scratch your phone on bumpy roads. Rotate the mount 360 degrees for both vertical and horizontal views.

This Pour-Over Coffee Maker With A Handle That Stays Cool

This pour-over coffee maker is what you’ll want to reach for when your low on time in the morning. After packing your favorite grinds into its fine stainless steel mesh filter, it’ll take just minutes to have up to 4 cups or cafe-worthy coffee. The wide handle is comfortable to hold and stays cool even when the durable glass pitcher is full so you can safely serve.

A Soothing Ice Roller That Can Help Calm Redness

Grab this ice roller for some quick relief before you apply your makeup in the morning or your serums at night. The cooling massager promotes blood circulation to help reduce puffiness and redness — and it just feels good too. Using for just a few minutes can help relieve skin irritations you may be experiencing while providing a soothing massage at the same time.

A Collapsible Popcorn Popper That Can Hold 15 Cups

This silicone popcorn popper can be held as soon as the microwaves beeps thanks to its heat-resistant structure and built-in side handles. The unique shape evenly distributes heat so very few kernels end up burned or un-popped. And, because of its flexibility, it can be collapsed down to just 2.3 inches for compact storage. Best of all, it can pop 15 cups of popcorn at once so the whole family can enjoy.

An Under-Bed Storage Bag That’s Made Of Breathable Material

Make use of this under-bed storage bag when your closet space seems to have completely disappeared. The bags have tear-proof reinforced lining that can handle a great amount of sweaters or shoes and zip shut to keep out dust. The clear plastic cover makes it easy to see just what you’ve stowed away and the top opens fully on three sides for easy loading and unloading. At just 6 inches high, it’s sure to fit under any size bed.

These Sturdy Car Hooks With A Touch Of Glam

Instead of putting your nice bag on the dirty car floor, use these hanger hooks to keep it clean and more accessible. The heavy-duty metal hooks go around the poles of any headrest for a sturdy support point. They come in a variety of finishes and even have a bedazzled end piece to add a bit of bling to your interior.

This Silicone Wine Stopper In The Shape Of A Cute Elephant

This adorable wine stopper is shaped like an elephant for fun and functionality. The silicone piece can be used on most standard size bottles to seal unfinished blends and lock in the freshness. The grooves on the bottom half create an airtight seal once inside the mouth of a bottle so that the wine’s rich flavor can be enjoyed just as it first was.

A Bendable Microfiber Duster That Can Extend To 100 Inches

This extendable duster can reach all those high places that you would otherwise try to balance on a chair in order to get to. The stainless steel pole can extend from 30 to 100 inches to elevate the flexible microfiber head. The fuzzy piece can bend around ceiling fans and TVs to trap every piece of dust. When you’re done, just wash and reuse.

These Reusable Mesh Bags That Produce Can Be Stored & Washed In

Bring these reusable produce bags to the grocery store the next time you want to pick out some fresh fruits and veggies. The eco-friendly mesh bags can be used in place of the plastic ones offered at stores so you can help reduce waste. They’re easy to scan bar codes through and can even be used to rinse everything in once you’re home. This 15-pack comes with three different sizes.

A Makeup Brush Case That Rolls Up For Compact Storage

This makeup brush case has 15 elastic holders and a zippered pocket to hold some extra essentials. Plus, it rolls up, all your brushes and a few mascaras won’t take up much more space than your laptop charger. The bag has a plastic flap to cover the brush heads and prevent the spread of germs. Both the interior and sleek exterior are waterproof so that your tools and products are protected.

These Insulated Drink Holders That Keep Your Seltzers Colder

This drink holder is the best thing to pair with a can of your favorite seltzer. The stainless steel will keep any liquid inside ice cold for up to 12 hours and even prevent annoying condensation. The 12-ounce thermos can easily fit and conceal most cans so that those group photos look a little more Insta-worthy. Choose between a bunch of fun patterns and colors.

A Measuring Spoon To Mix In The *Perfect* Amount Of Matcha

Instead of playing a guessing game every time you’re craving a latte, use this gram measuring spoon to scoop out the perfect amount of matcha. It can also be used to brew loose tea leaves or complete a recipe with ingredients listed in metric units. The durable stainless steel will keep its shine after every use and can be placed in the dishwasher.

A Freezable Snack Box With A Clip To Attach To Backpacks

With cooling gel built into its walls, this freezable snack box can keep your lunch from reaching room temperature before it’s time for a break at work. Pack in yogurt, sandwiches, and fruit, and it’ll stay cool all day. The boxy shape gives you room to fit it all without having to squish anything. Attach the buckle handle to your bag or even bike for an easier commute.

These Clip-On Nail Caps That Help Remove Gel Polish

These nail clips can help make the tedious process of removing gel polish a bit more manageable. Each piece can be clipped onto your fingers to hold acetone in place as you wait for it to remove polish and even acrylic nails. You won’t have to sit completely still while waiting and will be free to roam around your home doing things as normal.

An Extendable Colander That Rests Over Your Kitchen Sink

This over-the-sink colander extends from 14.5 to 19.5 inches to reach either side of your counter for a hygienic way to rinse fruit or drain pasta. By not having to touch the bottom of your sink, the water better drains so you can quickly dry your produce after washing. The BPA-plastic is free of toxins and safe to use with any food.