75 Things Under $30 On Amazon That Are So Freaking Cool

These products will make your home the top hangout destination.

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Amazon is stocked with an abundance of cool products that have quickly become household staples. Whether you’re in need of organizing hacks or ways to maximize your storage, this curated list includes a wide range of products that span every category. (Spoiler alert: The sushi sock box is a personal favorite.)

And guess what? You won’t need to spend a fortune to buy these high-quality, clever items. All set at under $30, here are the coolest things you can buy on a budget.

This Set Of Coasters That Resemble Your Favorite Houseplant When Not In Use

Available in a set of six, these cactus coasters make a great gift and an even better addition to your home office. Each coaster is made from a durable and waterproof material that can withstand high temperatures for your hot coffee. The plant shape design has a planter pot that can also be used as a pen holder.

This Foot Rest For Your Shower Or For At-Home Pedicures

This footrest stool is a game-changer for at-home pedicures or for shaving in the shower. It features a compartment that’s perfect for storing your razor and shaving cream and has draining holes so it won’t fill up with water. The compact design is narrow enough that it won’t take up much room, but also durable enough to hold up to 270 pounds.

This Home Security Camera That Will Add Safety At A Low Cost

This home surveillance camera is equipped with everything you need to feel safe in your surroundings. From the motion detector and the two-way audio feature to the color night vision and the 360-degree rotation, this camera has got it all for an affordable price tag. Plus, it works for both indoor and outdoor use so you can snag one for your backyard, too.

An Ultra-Loud Loud Self-Defense Keychain That Comes Highly Recommended By Police

If you’re looking for an added layer of personal protection, this alarm keychain features an ultra-loud siren that has so many different uses. Not only will the sound scare someone away, but it’s also an efficient way to call for help. The keychain can be attached to your keys, wallet, or purse. You can buy it in one of four colors.

This Best-Selling Chalk Paint To Restore Old Furniture

Whether you’re looking for affordable ways to bring old furniture back to life or have a DIY project in mind, thousands of shoppers are obsessed with chalk-style paint that dries in just 30 minutes. It’s available in 50 different colors — many with cute names like dark roast, cheesecake, and fresh mustard. The formula is made with an array of eco-friendly ingredients that don’t have harmful chemicals or strong odors.

A 3D Screen Magnifier For Your Smartphone

This 3D screen projector is designed to magnify the image on your cell phone without the hassle of wires and extra equipment. Simply place your smartphone on the bezel and the image will appear up to four times larger, making it easier to view the content. Shoppers love this for watching shows on road trips or for playing video games. One reviewer raved, “I keep it in my car because I take my lunches in my car, so I just put a TV show on and it’s like watching the TV. I take it camping with us because we don’t have a TV in the bedroom in our camper.”

A Japanese Meat Knife That Makes Slicing Meat & Chopping Vegetables So Easy

This Japanese-style meat knife has garnered an impressive 4.6-star rating and over 3,000 five-star reviews who “absolutely love” this knife. The super-sharp knife, which comes with its own gorgeous leather sheath, is designed for slicing meat or fish and chopping vegetables. It has an ergonomic handle that sits comfortably in your hand.

This Handy Snowflake Tool That Has 18 Different Uses

Dubbed a top choice on Amazon, this snowflake tool is designed to be used for 18 different scenarios. Whether you need a box cutter, bottle opener, or an Allen wrench, the stainless steel gadget can easily attach to your keys so you’ll never be without it. Plus, it weighs less than 3 ounces making it super light to carry around.

This Sneaker Cleaner That Will Make Your Shoes Look Brand New

Bring your worn-in shoes and sneakers back to life again with this sole and sneaker cleaner. After wetting the powerful sponge, gently scrub the dirt stains and scuff marks away. When you’re done, simply turn the sponge over to the orange side to get rid of leftover residue. You can buy them in packs of three, five, or 14.

These Best-Selling Storage Bins That Make Organizing Your Closet A Dream

If you’re looking for an efficient way to organize your closet and store away seasonal items, these lightweight storage bags can help. They feature a front mesh panel so you can see everything that’s packed away, and each cube measures 23 inches long by 16 inches wide, which is big enough for linens, sweaters, jeans, and anything else in your wardrobe.

This Genius Cleaning Gel That Keeps Both Your Car & Laptop Dust-Free

Over 36,000 Amazon shoppers cannot get enough of this gel cleaning kit which is designed to keep your car clean. The sticky texture easily traps crumbs, dust, and dirt by pushing into vents, dashboards, and other surfaces. You can also use it to make your keyboard squeaky clean. “This product works effectively at removing dust flecks in those small crevices and seams in the dashboard and center console that the vacuum doesn't seem to be able to pick up. It's quick and [simple] to use and has a pleasant fragrance,” one reviewer glowed.

These Satin Pillowcases That Have Over 200,000 5-Star Reviews On Amazon

These satin pillowcases are crafted from a silky soft material that keeps your skin hydrated and protects your hair from creasing and split ends. There are five different sizes to choose from, each of which has an envelope-style opening to easily insert your pillow. With a vast assortment of 28 colors available, you’ll find the perfect hue to match your bedroom aesthetic.

This Handheld Milk Frother That Also Works To Blend Smoothies

This electric handheld milk frother is a must for any latte lover looking to achieve foamy milk in just 15 seconds. The stainless steel design comes with a sleek stand that sits pretty on your countertop. If you’re also looking for a simple solution to blend homemade salad dressings, smoothies, and more, this will absolutely do the trick. You can buy it in one of six cute colors.

These Best-Selling Hangers With Notches To Securely Hold Your Tank Tops

Swap out your mismatched plastic hangers for these sleek velvet hangers that prevent your clothes from slipping off. Scoring an overall rating of 4.8 out of five stars, each hanger in this set can handle up to 10 pounds. The slim silhouette of the hangers helps fully maximize your closet space. The pack of 50 also comes in a small size, which is great for hanging pants, belts, or scarves.

This Car Trunk Organizer For Storing Your Groceries

With an impressive 4.7-star rating and over 51,000 perfect reviews, this car trunk organizer is a great solution for getting all of your miscellaneous items off the seats of your car. Made from canvas, it has a waterproof liner to help avoid disastrous spills. It’s equipped with multiple compartments for storing your groceries, office supplies, beach necessities, or tools, and features a hook that easily secures to the trunk.

A Mattress Protector That Is Totally Waterproof

This mattress protector is made from a waterproof cotton material that protects your bed from accidents and other liquids. The fitted design easily stretches across for a secure fit that won’t slip no matter how much you toss and turn at night. It’s breathable, easy to wash in a machine, and available in five different sizes ranging from a twin to a California King.

This Microwave Pasta Cooker Designed to Make The Best Ramen

This viral pasta cooker is beloved for plenty of reasons. The microwave-safe plastic container features a built-in strainer and can be used to perfectly cook an array of different noodles in just minutes. Simply add water, microwave, and strain. One five-star reviewer called it a “lifesaver,” adding, “It cooks perfectly in the microwave with virtually no mess and has held up very well after countless times in the dishwasher.” It’s perfect for dorm rooms or for people who need to eat quickly between busy meetings.

This Sleek Spray Bottle With Nearly 20,000 5-Star Reviews

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this versatile mist spray bottle. From olive oil and homemade cleaning supplies to hair care or watering your plants, this bottle can end up saving you a ton of time. It has a unique twist-top design, unlike other spray bottles, and stores up to 10 ounces of liquid. You can buy it in an assortment of sleek colors.

This Dental Care Solution That Will Easily Make Your Dog’s Breath Smell Great

This dental care additive has incredible reviews (over 18,000 five-star reviews, for starters) since it can instantly curb bad breath and protect your dog's teeth from tartar and plaque build-up. It requires no brushing — just simply pour the solution into their water bowl daily. One reviewer even called it “magic,” writing, “[...] it's incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is add the recommended amount to your pet's drinking water each day, and it works its magic to clean and freshen their breath. This makes it a great option for pet owners who struggle with brushing their pet's teeth, or for pets who simply don't like the taste of traditional toothpaste.”

A Pack Of Rug Grippers To Help Prevent Your Rug From Sliding

Designed to help keep your rug from slipping and prevent the corners from curling up, these adhesive rug grippers work for carpets of every size and shape. The triangle shape design sticks to the corner of the carpet and hooks to the round gripper that secures to the floor. They couldn’t be easier to use and come in packs of four, eight, and 12.

This 10-In-1 Vegetable Chopper With The Best Reviews

This vegetable chopper comes highly recommended by thousands of shoppers. The multi-use gadget features eight stainless steel blades that are designed to make chopping, slicing, grating, and shedding your produce simple as can be. Whether you’re making salsa or a salad, this will make any foodie’s prep time in the kitchen much easier. Its parts are also dishwasher-friendly, making clean-up a breeze.

This Quiet Humidifier With So Many Different Mist Settings

Featuring multiple different mist settings, this ultrasonic humidifier is the best device for adding moisture to your air and will also help you sleep better. It’s designed to rotate 360 degrees to cover every base of the room and has an automatic power button so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. Over 61,000 people gave it a top rating of five stars.

This Adorable Cat-Scratching Post That Your Furniture Will Thank You For

Any cat will love this cactus-shaped scratching post due to its ultra-soft carpet material. The height can be adjusted to three different measurements up to 23 inches. Whether your cat needs a place to scratch or get a good stretch in, your expensive furniture will be saved from its claws. Plus, it’s bound to be a conversation starter if you have company over. “Easy assembly and my [three] cats love it. It completely stopped the scratching on furniture and walls,” one reviewer glowed.

A Pack of Cable Ties That’ll Help Prevent Tangled Household Cords

Avoid tangled cords thanks to this pack of self-gripping cable ties that come in a pack of 40 assorted colors. They are perfect for organizing electrical wires in your kitchen or home office and the durable nylon material is made to last so you can reuse them for years. They’re even good to use outside and also come in black if the rainbow hues aren’t your style.

This Travel Neck Pillow Made From Soft Memory Foam

This travel neck pillow is a game-changer when it comes to comfort. It’s crafted from an ultra-soft memory foam material that will help you fall asleep easier thanks to its head and chin support. It’s available in three different colors and has a removable cover so you can easily throw it in the washing machine post-flight.

This Suede Shoe Cleaner Brush That Can Quickly Restore Your Favorite Shoes

Bring your lived-in shoes back to life with this shoe cleaner brush designed for suede fabric. It features two sides — the suede eraser works to scrub away dry stains while the gentle bristles are excellent at grooming the suede. This is a great item for shoe enthusiasts to have on hand, as shoppers also say this brush works great for leather and nubuck.

This Dog Water Bottle Perfect For Long Walks

This travel water bottle for your dog is the best accessory for hikes or hours spent at the dog park. The compact design, which fits into a car’s cup holder, holds up to 22 ounces of water and features a leak-proof lid that your pup can easily drink from. It also has a secure hook so you can clip it onto your keys.

This Sunrise Alarm Clock That Has So Many Different Features

This sunrise alarm clock is equipped with a ton of cool features, from the built-in night light with three different brightness settings to the energy-saving LED bulbs that change colors. Also great for a nursery, this light is perfect for heavy sleepers. Instead of waking up abruptly with an alarm, this clock will allow your body to wake up naturally without as much panic or stress.

This Makeup Protector That Will Prevent Your Clothes From Staining

This mesh makeup protector hood is genius for protecting your over-the-head tops from getting stained. From lipstick to bronzer, the chiffon material will keep your clothing totally free of makeup. Great for weddings or proms, this hood features a zipper closure for easy on-and-off and can be cleaned in the washing machine after use.

This Epic Box Of Socks In The Shape Of Sushi

This adorable box of socks makes the best gift or party giveaway for the sushi lover in your life. Each box comes with two pairs of socks that resemble and are folded in the shape of sushi rolls. The socks are crafted from super soft cotton with 3% elastane for stretch.

A Bidet Shower Hose That Attaches To Your Toilet

Investing in this stainless steel bidet hose attachment is a smart move to make. Not only will it save you money on toilet paper, but it will give you a fresh clean in just seconds — in fact, you may wonder how you lived without it for so long. The set comes with everything you need to easily install it on your toilet — and, installation will only take minutes.

This Floating Pasta Timer That Sings To You When Your Pasta Is Ready

If you love your pasta al dente, this floating pasta timer literally sings to you when your pasta is ready at three, seven, nine, and 11-minute intervals — and, each time will bring on a new melody. Simply put “Al” into the boiling water with your pasta and the little guy will sing an array of opera songs letting you know that the pasta is ready. Not like you needed an excuse to eat more pasta, but this gadget will absolutely help with that.

This Retro Hot Dog Toaster That Works For An Array Of Different Foods

Thousands of shoppers love the retro vibe of this red toaster that is designed to heat up hot dogs, buns, sausages, or veggie links. It features two slots that will cook your food in just minutes, making it perfect for students or people with a short window for a lunch break. As a bonus, it comes with mini tongs so you can easily remove your food without burning your fingers. It also comes in yellow and white.

This Mini Sandbox That Will Bring The Beach To Your Home Office

This executive mini sandbox is an adorable way to bring the beach to your home office. The design features a mini chair, sand bucket, sun umbrella, and seashells, and will instantly spruce up your desk. Plus, it has an impressive 4.7-star rating with one five-star reviewer raving, “I got this for a coworker as a gift exchange and she absolutely loved it! It comes in a box and everything is [...] packed in different little clear bags. No mess and easy to put together.”

This Stainless Steel Soap Bar That Instantly Reduces Unwanted Odor

Nearly 20,000 reviewers love this stainless steel soap bar that instantly reduces lingering unwanted odors from your hands. It works with or without water and is formulated with stainless steel molecules that work to lift the remaining scents off your skin. Whether you’re cooking with garlic, onion, or fish, this bar will absolutely do the trick.

This Cute Cat-Shaped Case & Holder To Protect Your Apple AirPods

Keep your Apple AirPods protected in style with this cute cat case that also comes with a dancing cat stand to hold your AirPods on your desk. It’s crafted from a silicone material that can actually be used for an array of different types of earbuds. Plus, the keychain attachment makes it easy to secure to your purse or wallet.

A Pair Of Microfiber Slippers For Cleaning Your Floors

This pair of cozy slippers are actually designed to clean your floors. Crafted from a super absorbent plush microfiber material, these slippers have a detachable bottom that can easily be thrown in the washing machine. The fabric also picks up dust and pet hair on all different types of floors. They can’t replace your wet mop entirely, but they can make a big difference. Plus, they’re comfortable.

This Dip Clip That Makes Fast Food Runs So Much Easier

It doesn’t get better than this dip clip holder that makes eating chicken nuggets and french fries on road trips totally mess-free. The design easily mounts to the vent of your car and can store any of your favorite sauces. You can even buy them in multi-packs, to equip every vehicle you own. From BBQ to ketchup and ranch, the dipping options are endless.

This Pack of Scrunchies That Have A Secret Zipper Compartment

This pack of hair tie scrunchies has a secret zipper compartment that is genius for storing small items — such as your wedding or engagement ring — while traveling. “These are easy to wear on your wrist or around a ponytail in your hair. Tuck in coins for a parking meter or several dollars for a coffee at a nearby shop. No need to lug around a large purse,” one five-star reviewer wrote. They come in a pack of three assorted colors and are crafted from ultra-soft and lightweight suede material.

This Genius Ring That Holds Your Nail Polish For A Mess-Free DIY Manicure

With over 15,000 five-star reviews, this wearable nail polish holder ring comes highly recommended by tons of Amazon customers. The silicone design fits comfortably around your finger so you don’t have to worry about moving your wet nails during an at-home manicure. It comes in 22 different colors and makes a great gift for the beauty enthusiast in your life — even if that happens to be yourself.

This Dental Tool Kit For An Easy At-Home Cleaning

This dental cleaner tool kit includes everything you need to ramp up your oral care routine. The calculus remover is waterproof and has five different cleaning modes that work to remove plaque and tartar — and scrub off tough stains from coffee, red wine, and food. While it can never replace a trip to the dentist, it’s the next best thing.

This Motion Activated Toy That Will Entertain Your Dog For Hours

This interactive toy ball will instantly roll, rotate, and bounce for 10 seconds as soon as your dog goes near it — and, that’s not the only cool thing it does. It features LED lights that also make it a great toy for the backyard once the sun goes down. The durable waterproof plastic also makes this a great choice for the beach. It’s not built for aggressive chewers, but it’s excellent for interactive play.

This Set Of Portable Chargers For Powering Your Phone On-The-Go

Whether you’re constantly traveling or live on your phone for work, these small portable phone chargers are a lifesaver for keeping your battery powered on the go. They come in a set of two for just under-$30 and will fully charge your device in under two hours. They’re cord-free, making them extra convenient to throw in your bag or purse.

This Salad Spinner Gadget That Will Save You So Much Time

Instead of having to pat dry your lettuce and veggies, give this salad spinner a try — it’ll save time, as it quickly drains the water in just seconds. It can store up to five quarts of produce and features a lock-proof lid that secures to the bowl. It can also be used as a serving dish in a pinch, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying another bowl.

A Pack Of Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags That Will Save You Room In Your Suitcase

If you’re looking for an efficient way to save room in your suitcase, these vacuum storage bags work wonders for maximizing space. They come in a pack of six and feature a double-zip seal that prevents air from staying in. The bags are also great for storing away seasonal items like puffer coats or blankets, helping you better organize your closet without too much legwork.

A Stainless Steel Keychain That Opens Cans, Bottles, & More

What’s not to love about this stainless steel keychain that can be used for so many different things? The unique shape works as a box cutter, screwdriver, wrench, and bottle opener, and has a ton of other versatile functions. It comes with a keychain that easily secures to your wallet so you’ll never be stuck in a rut the next time you need a handy tool. “I use it for everything around the house!” exclaimed one reviewer.

This Simple Espresso Maker That Comes In An Assortment Of Different Colors

Make quality espresso in just minutes thanks to this Italian-style espresso pot. Available in a ton of cute designs, it has a five-cup capacity. The heat-resistant handle features a comfortable grip and Amazon customers love it for on-the-go use. “Bought it for a camping trip and it worked so well! It's cute and small but still makes enough coffee for a few people. It heats up quickly and cleans easily,” one reviewer explained.

This Ceramic Canister Set For Your Coffee & Tea

This canister set comes with three ceramic containers that are perfect for storing your coffee, tea, and sugar. Each container is 3.5 by 3 inches including its notched bamboo lid. They’re also dishwasher safe if you’d like to swap them out to store something different. Snag this set in black, white, or navy blue.

This Bluetooth Transmitter Port For Your Car That Also Charges Your Phone

This Bluetooth transmitter car charger is designed to make listening to music or taking calls from the car easier. It connects to an FM signal and has two built-in USB ports that make charging your phone seamless. The little gadget is suitable for all different types of cars and will help ensure that calls come in as clearly as possible. Over 22,000 Amazon customers gave it a top score of five stars.

These Self-Watering Bulbs That Will Keep Your Plants Alive For Longer

Available in all different sizes, these self-watering plant bulbs are super easy to use. They require no assistance for up to two weeks, making them the smartest option for caring for your plants while traveling. Just fill the bulb up with water and stick it in the soil. As soon as the bulb detects dry soil, it will release the right amount of water. One five-star reviewer wrote, “These are amazing! I only used one per large plant and when I returned after four weeks my plants were still looking great...”

These Multi-Use Storage Straps That Have A Sturdy Handle

These storage straps make carrying a hose, cords, or your vacuum so much easier due to the built-in handle that gives you a secure, comfortable grip. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, they come in a pack of three assorted sizes and can hold up to 50 pounds. “The handle is ergonomically shaped, allowing you to carry heavy loads with no discomfort. I will be ordering another set soon, to use on various equipment that is heavy to hold,” one five-star reviewer explained.

This Ice Roller That I Swear By For Depuffing My Face

I can personally attest to this Amazon ice roller — it’s my most prized possession within my morning routine, especially after a late night out. Not only does it reduce puffiness in my eyes and face and increase circulation, but the cold compress instantly wakes me up. Just keep it in your freezer and reach for it the next time you need to feel revived.

A Stainless Steel Kitchen Chopper That Will Be The Star Of Your Kitchen

This chef kitchen bench scraper can be used to scrape dough, smooth icing, chop vegetables, and so much more. It features a super-sharp stainless steel blade that comes with a cover for maximum protection. The rubber handle ensures you’ll be met with a comfortable grip every time. It’s also dishwasher-safe, making it easy to care for.

This Camping Tarp That Easily Protects Your Tent From Rain

With an impressive 4.7-star rating, thousands of campers love this hammock tarp because it protects their shelter from rain or strong winds. The material is crafted from waterproof nylon that comes in two different sizes. It also comes with a portable carrying bag for easy transportation, and the stakes and cords needed for setup.

A Dog Leash Extension That Comes In 4 Sizes

This bungee leash extension is ideal for giving your dog more freedom while keeping a close eye. It comes in four sizes that work for dogs of all different sizes and breeds ranging from 3 to 110 pounds. It’s crafted from a durable material that’s made with extra cushioning and, depending on the size you choose, stretches up to 16 inches. Your dog will thank you for it.

A Pack Of LED Lights That Stick To Your Cabinets Without Tools

Whether you need extra lights in the hallway or are looking to brighten up dark nooks and crannies such as underneath the cabinets, these LED puck lights are a simple solution. The installation process is incredibly fast thanks to their adhesive back, and they come with a remote so you can easily control the brightness and power from anywhere.

This Quirky Duck Tea Infuser That Helps Prevent Waste

This adorable duck tea infuser makes tea time more fun while also reducing the waste of daily tea bags. Just fill the duck with loose-leaf tea and place it in your mug to enjoy the perfect cup. It’s constructed from high-quality plastic and stainless steel that can only be washed by hand. If you’re looking to swap in tea instead of coffee or alcohol, this duck might make the process a little easier.

This All-in-One Measuring Cup That Eliminates Clutter

This all-in-one measuring cup eliminates the need for various cups that clutter your kitchen drawer. The cube design features over 19 different cooking measurements that you’ll need for any type of recipe. The BPA-free material is microwave and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. It’d also make the perfect gift for a home chef.

This Freestanding Wine Rack That Stores 9 Bottles Of Wine

Neatly display all of your favorite wines thanks to this freestanding wine rack that can hold up to nine bottles. The space-saving design, crafted from alloy steel, can sit on your countertop and works great in kitchens of all sizes. It’s sturdy, simple, and functional — plus, the hexagon shape adds a unique flare.

This Sleek Set Of Indestructible Wine Glasses That Are Great For Cold Drinks

Function meets style when it comes to this set of sleek wine glasses that are made from shatterproof stainless steel — so the next time you host a party, you won’t have to worry about broken glasses. Reviewers say that despite the material, they don’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth, while others rave that they’re good to stick in the freezer before use for chillier white wine. They come in four different colors and each holds up to 18 fluid ounces.

A Pilates Ball To Help You Get In A Good Morning Stretch

It doesn’t get more versatile than this Pilates ball that works wonders for relieving muscle tension, strengthening your core, enhancing posture, and helping your body stretch. It has an anti-slip design to secure a sturdy grip that won’t slip and slide. Would you believe me if I told you that this tiny ball can hold up to 600 pounds?

This Slim Wallet With A Built-In Money Clip

The daily problem of trying to keep your cards and cash organized is answered by this bifold wallet that features an internal money clip. The slim design is crafted from stylish faux leather and has nine pockets for all of your different cards. It comes in three different hues, so you can easily find one that works for your personal style.

These Packing Cubes That Make Organizing Your Suitcase A Breeze

The next time you go on a trip, don’t even think about packing your suitcase without these packing cubes that are crafted from a lightweight mesh. Available in a ton of great colors, they come in a pack of five assorted sizes that easily maximize space for your clothes and undergarments. Bonus: The set includes a travel laundry bag to separate your dirty clothing.

This Elastic Bed Sheet Band To Prevent Your Sheets From Curling Up

Few things are more annoying than your sheets curling up in the middle of the night and coming undone. Luckily, this bed sheet holder band, which is available in three sizes, is a simple solution that will keep your fitted sheet in place — all thanks to its durable elasticity that secures around your mattress. Due to the way it’s positioned, it’s set to be covered up by your comforter, so overnight guests may never even realize it’s on.

This Alarm Clock On Wheels That Guarantees That You’ll Wake Up On Time

This adorable alarm clock is equipped with wheels, so you have no choice but to hop out of bed to chase it down and turn it off. Perfect for kids and for deep sleepers, thousands of Amazon customers have depended on their Clocky to get them up every morning. Don’t even think about snoozing, because this gadget only allows for just one snooze button before leaping off your nightstand to hide.

A Compression Sleeve To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

This compression sleeve is made from a breathable quick-drying material that wicks away moisture as you sweat. It’s designed to comfortably protect your skin from harmful UV rays while participating in outdoor sports and activities, boasting a UPF rate of 50. There are two sizes available and it comes in gray, navy, white, or black.

This Fancy Set Of Salt & Pepper Grinders That Come With A Cleaning Brush

This set of salt and pepper grinders features five different grinding levels so you can choose how fine or coarse you want your spices. They’re made from a durable stainless steel and glass design that stores up to seven ounces. The set also comes with a cleaning brush, which is especially helpful since they are not dishwasher-safe, and a funnel that makes refilling them a piece of cake.

This Decorative Tissue Box Cover That Comes In 5 Prints

This decorative tissue box cover is an easy way to give your home a little extra attention. Each box is handcrafted from 100 percent cotton and features hand-sewn floral designs in an assortment of colors. It also makes for a beautiful housewarming gift, since aside from covering tissue boxes, it also serves as a work of art.

This Digital Meat Thermometer With Over 58,000 5-Star Reviews

This digital meat thermometer is an essential kitchen gadget for cooking meats, baking, or frying oil. It features an LED screen that displays the temperature, while the device outlines the necessary temperature for different kinds of meat so you can reference back to it. Over 58,000 Amazon customers have given it a five-star rating. The waterproof design is an added plus.

This Chic Waste Basket That Will Spruce Up Any Room

Available in an assortment of fun prints and patterns, this small waste basket will spruce up your bathroom or home office. Made from organic materials, these baskets conveniently ship flat. The hexagonal silhouette gives it a unique shape and it can hold up to 2.7 gallons. Some shoppers even use it to store their yoga mats.

This Shoe Organizer That Will Flawlessly Maximize Your Closet Space

If you can’t stand messy shoes taking up the floor of your closet or want to be able to neatly see your footwear collection, this over-the-door shoe organizer is for you. Available in three colors to best match your bedroom decor, it has 24 mesh pockets and is super easy to install. It also works as a toiletry organizer, so you can use it in your bathroom for a clear vanity space.

This Coffee Canister & Organizer That Can Also Be Used For Flour

With an impressive 4.6-star rating, this coffee canister is receiving glowing reviews for its versatility and long-lasting design that's crafted from stainless steel. This container isn’t just perfect for storing fresh coffee beans — it also works great for flour or sugar, too. It comes with an airtight lid and a notch for the scooper.

This Triple-Insulated Water Bottle That Comes In 18 Cute Designs

This insulated water bottle will help you stay hydrated in style. Available in multiple sizes and colors, and with a selection of three different lids, you can customize the bottle that’ll work for your situation. This bottle is insulated and capable of keeping hot drinks for 12 hours, and cold drinks cold for an impressive 24. It’s perfect to keep by your bedside for a cool drink first thing in the morning, but it’s also great for travel.

This Extra-Large Utensil Holder That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look More Mature

If you want to upgrade your kitchen space in a pinch, this utensil holder is a great place to start. Not only is it big enough to successfully hold everything you need, but it rotates without wobbling to make it easy to find your favorite spatulas and whisks. It’s a great addition to a modern-themed kitchen and will have people asking, “Where did you get that?”

These Cute Shelves That Couldn’t Be Easier To Install

Adding extra storage space doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and these easy-to-assemble shelves are proof. Available in nine different shades to accommodate every room in your home, these plastic wall-mount shelves are a great place to store memorabilia. Over 12,000 customers gave them a five-star rating, with many saying they’ve bought multiple packs.