These Cool Products With Near-Perfect Reviews Are Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon
These Cool Products With Near-Perfect Reviews Are Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon

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by Madison Barber

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new product that will change your life or are looking for something very specific to add to your daily routine, there’s a fat chance that Amazon can provide you with what you may need — and other people are looking for the same things too.

With its extensive inventory, there’s rarely a time where you can’t find a fun, new product to add to your cart — oftentimes the best ones show up in your search when you least expect them. Plus, Amazon’s customer base is so loyal, that you’re guaranteed to find pages and pages of honest reviews from real people who’ve used the product you’re eyeing, giving you insight on whether or not they think a household item is “life-changing” or a viral skincare product has achieved “holy grail” status in their routines.

Lucky for us Amazon consumers, there’s tons of products available with near-perfect reviews, all of which you can trust since they come from real consumers themselves. Items like this derma roller, this charging station, and this wearable fan have tens of thousands of high ratings and are climbing up Amazon’s popularity charts — there’s no time like the present to get on the hype train.

Check out 50 of these super popular products on Amazon right now, all with near-perfect reviews and ratings:

This Scalp Massager That Helps Reduce Buildup

If you’re struggling with an itchy, flaky scalp and need an effective way to ensure you’re removing all of the buildup when you shower, look no further than this scalp massaging tool. This massager comes with two heads with different-sized silicone bristles, both of which can help remove the dandruff, dry shampoo, sunscreen, and other buildup generated on your scalp throughout the week, giving you the cleanest and healthiest scalp yet.

One reviewer raved: “I was expecting a somewhat rough sensation when I used this product to massage my scalp, it wasn't!!! The material is soft enough to have some flexibility, but still firm enough to do some exfoliating/scrubbing. It felt quite nice, and it did a good job cleaning my scalp. I can feel a difference on the areas I used it on. I am happy with this product”

This Set Of Measuring Spoons That Are All Magnetic

This set of eight stainless steel measuring spoons are dishwasher safe, nest together for easy storage, can fit into most of the spice jars in your cabinet, and are dual-sided, so you can use them for liquid and dry measurements. They also have one really smart feature: they’re magnetic, so you can rest them on the side of a metal bowl. And, these come with both U.S. and metric labels on them that won’t rub off after continuous use.

One reviewer raved: “I ordered a second set because I absolutely love these measuring spoons, they are ingenious! Not only do they fit compactly in my drawer, they magnetically stay together. Yet, they are easy to separate if I only need a teaspoon, which I could also stick to my stainless steel pan or bowl instead of putting it down on a dirty kitchen counter. And if you do set it on a flat surface, the bottom of the spoons are flat so the contents won’t spill over. When I have a recipe that calls for a liquid and a dry teaspoon ingredient, I now have one measuring spoon that serves two more washing/drying the wet spoon or digging around for another teaspoon that may already be in the dishwasher.”

This Wireless Doorbell With Tons Of Cool Features

This wireless doorbell has the coolest features, including (but not limited to): 50-plus chime options, four volume levels, a special “silent mode,” and a memory of all your go-to custom features. Plus, it’s wireless and covers 1,000 feet, so you can hear if your guests have arrived pretty much all over your house. It’s easy to install, too — all you need is to stick it onto your wall with the included all-weather adhesive.

One reviewer raved: “I live in a big ol' 1880 house and have spent the last 15 years having guests knock at the front door because I didn't want to fool with wiring a doorbell. Finally decided to check out alternatives and found this. It's been perfect. Not the fanciest-looking thing, but certainly does the job. I worried that the sticky pad included to attach the ringer to the porch might not do the job, but it's firmly attached. And the bell sound (we're using the old-fashioned ding-dong) is loud enough to be heard just about anywhere in our house, as long as there aren't competing noises (e.g., water running in the kitchen sink can drown it out a bit). Overall a good purchase!”

This Roller That’ll Remove The Pesky Pet Hair From Your Couch

This pet hair removing roller means pet owners can finally feel good about letting their shedding dogs and cats on the couch again. This roller couldn’t be easier to use — roll it over the furry spots in your home until every hairball is gone, press the button to open the hair chamber, and dump its contents into the trash so you can use your roller again and again.

One reviewer raved: “Where has this been all my crazy cat-loving life? Sticky rollers work fine for clothes but this is the only product that has ever COMPLETELY removed all the cat hair from my bed. I have a long-haired 20-lb. tabby and if you run your hands up his back a few times and fling the hair everywhere, it looks like it's snowing – he never stops shedding no matter what I do. After using the ChomChom, I can put on a black dress and roll around on my bed and not get a single hair on me. It's absolutely amazing.”

A Slim Stainless Steel Coozy That Keeps Cans Cold For 12 Hours

Prevent any cold beverage condensation on the sides of your seltzers with this slim can coozie made with double walled stainless steel. Suitable for any skinny, 12-ounce can, this can cooler will not only prevent sweating but also keep your fresh-from-the-fridge beverage cold for up to 12 hours. All of the chic patterns and cool colors add a fun aesthetic element to an otherwise boring can, plus you can slide your can in and out of its coozie without any struggles.

One reviewer raved: “I love this dang thing! I was hesitant about buying one because I thought that it would be impractical (like- who doesn’t finish their hard seltzer’s while they’re still mildly cold?), but I couldn’t be more wrong!Not only does it keep your drink cold, but it keeps it ICE COLD. Throughout the entire drink! Idk, I just may be a light weight and nurse my White Claws, but having a cold ass drink the entire time is a real treat.”

A Lap Desk With Room For Your Wireless Mouse

This lap desk has a retractable mouse pad that’s suitable for both lefties and righties, making it ideal for WFH life. Its anti-slip surface is compatible with any laptop up to 15.6 inches, but despite its size, this thing only weights a little over two pounds, making it great for taking with you on-the-go. It even prevents your legs from feeling the heat when your laptop has too many tabs open and starts to overheat.

One reviewer raved: “I love this thing! The silicone is a bit tacky to prevent the laptop from slipping when tilted or bumped. The pop out mouse pad is an awesome feature, retracting for storage and transport. It's sturdy and we'll put together. The lap desk has a bit of weight to it so it doesnt feel like some light weight piece of crap, you have something that was put together with some thought. My laptop is a bit bigger than the lap desk, but no issues. I would 100% recommend this product.”

A Trunk Organizer With Convenient Carrying Handles

Whether you need an easy way to store and transport your groceries or simply need an organization tool for all of the tools and random clutter in your car, this trunk organizer is a great way to get either task done. This organizer has tons of compartments and pockets for all of your items, and can even collapse down fully or to half its size when you don’t need it. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying handles for hauling groceries indoors and a hook to keep it secure on bumpy rides.

One reviewer raved: “Okay, this thing is great. It's well made, especially for the price. Holds a lot. Folds easily. Super happy with it so far. I liked it so much I bought a second one. I had intended to use the second one for my other vehicle, but I am probably going to need a third. lol In my main vehicle (Toyota RAV4), I have grocery bags and other odds and ends in the first one. I want the second one for grocery store runs. So now I need at least one more for my truck. I'll probably buy two.These are easy to set up, anchors down if needed, with the provided straps, and hold quite a bit. I have zero complaints. And if it falls apart in a year, which I doubt, it won't break the bank to replace them.”

A Mat Made For Resting Your Hot Hair Tools

Prevent your bathroom counter or wooden vanity from feeling the burn of your hot hair tools while you’re getting ready with this iron mat. This mat is made from heat-resistant (up to 482 degrees) silicone that lets you place your freshly used tools right on its surface. Unlike other silicone mats, this one doubles as a pouch for storing and transporting your curling irons and flat irons with ease, making it great for the frequent traveler.

One reviewer raved: “This is the perfect heat-resistant mat for resting my hair straightener on while it is warming and as the straightener cools after use. I used to worry that my straightener might tip over and burn the countertop, and I would stress about checking the straightener even after it was unplugged. Now I just place the mat underneath the straightener and I can get ready for the day knowing my bathroom counter is protected. I’ve also found it nice for travel.”

This Sleek French Press To Upgrade Your At-Home Coffee Station

If you’re looking to upgrade your at-home coffee station and stop spending a ton at cafes, this French press will be a great addition to your a.m. brew routine. This French press has everything you’d want in a coffee maker: an insulated, stainless steel body, a cool-touch handle, a dual-filter screen, and a 34-ounce capacity for brewing up to four cups of delicious coffee at a time. As a bonus, this French press even comes with a tiny coffee canister for storing fresh beans or grounds.

One reviewer raved: “I've used several of the standard glass french presses over the years and they work good, this just works BETTER! The double wall vacuum insulation keeps the water temp at an even point so it extracts the maximum flavour from the coffee grounds, and when it's ready, it's still nice and hot. The container is well made and uses great quality materials, so it cleans up nicely, but more importantly the stainless double screen are REALLY well made and not only does it do a great job of filtering the coffee, but based on the quality, I expect it to last for years. Oh, and being all metal, I would comfortable taking this campling or anywhere else as I don't have to worry about the glass getting broken!”

A Tray Table For When You Want Breakfast In Bed

Treat yourself or a loved one to a little breakfast-in-bed with this easily foldable tray table. Made from 100% durable bamboo, this tray can be transported easily from kitchen to bedroom with its carved-out carrying handles and “sturdy but lightweight” feel, says one five-star reviewer. Plus, the edges of the tray are raised to prevent anything from slipping off its surface and falling onto bed covers or in between your couch cushions.

One reviewer raved: “I've only had it for a few days so far but I like it thus far. The legs are tight to fold in and out which is good because it means they won't buckle easily and are sturdy. The amount of space for food and drink is perfect. It wasn't too expensive either and is worth it for the time I'll be using it when I sit on the floor to play with my baby and need to eat (without worrying about getting the rug dirty).”

A Popcorn Popper That Makes A Tasty Snack In The Microwave

If freshly-popped popcorn is your go-to snack, this silicone popcorn popper will become your new BFF. Not only will this save you money at the grocery store by preventing you from picking up overpriced individual packets of microwavable popcorn, but this reusable, BPA-free silicone popper can make your favorite crunchy, buttery, and salty snack without any potentially-harmful chemicals or waiting forever for the stove to do its thing. Just add your kernels, cover, and you’ll have delicious popcorn in just under three minutes.

One reviewer raved: “I figured for what I paid, if this popper was a dud, I wouldn't be out much. Now I want to buy them as Christmas gifts! I love my popcorn but don't really like all the crap that goes into the packaged microwave popcorn. Go ahead, judge me for using a microwave AND wanting to control what goes into the food I eat. Anyway, this thing works. Seriously! I played with the timing and the power setting and now I can pop up a bowl with just a few old maids and no burning smell. And I control how much I make! No more paying a premium to get single serving size bags of microwave popcorn. The one I got makes about 6-8 cups of popcorn, but I usually only make 4 cups. Since I don't use oil in it I only rinse it let it dry. If I was going to downsize to a tiny house, this would be one of the things that would make the cut.”

A Monitor Stand That Ties Together Your Office Space

Whether you work from home or head into an office each weekday, you’ll love having this aesthetically pleasing monitor riser on your desk. With a transparent tempered glass design, this monitor stand will provide 3.4 inches of height that relieves fatigue in your neck, shoulders, and back while adding a fun, minimalist decor element to your office space. This riser also comes in black if you’re seeking a neutral design but with a sleeker touch.

One reviewer raved: “I love this computer stand! Super easy to assemble only took me 5 mins to do it! Love its sturdiness, it doesn't slide thankfully my iMac is safe. It's glass, it looks very high end on top of my desk. Makes my iMac look even better!”

This Cushiony Mat That Lessens Leg & Back Fatigue

If you spend tons of time meal-prepping, washing dishes, or at the stove whipping up something delicious, you’ll want this anti-fatigue mat to relieve some of the stress in your legs and back. This mat is 3/4-inch thick, giving your feet the most comfortable, cushiony surface to stand on for long periods of time, because its soft foam core takes the stress off of your body. It’s also easy to simply wipe clean should you spill any sauce or drop a little batter on it.

One reviewer raved: “This mat is absolutely a must have! We have really hard tile and my poor wife, who is an amazing cook, was constantly complaining of her feet hurting after standing and cooking for hours(we often entertain and cook large meals). I read the reviews and purchased one mat. I kid you not, within 5 minutes of trying it out, I immediately bought a second for the sink side of the counter. The mat appears very sturdy and thick. We’ve purchased mats before from home depot and these mats by far exceed them in comfort and sturdiness.”

The Most Convenient Strainer You’ll Ever Use

This pot strainer has the same filtering abilities as a traditional strainer, but is half the size and clips onto the sides of your pot so your noodles can stay in the pot while you strain. Yep, you can use this single handed instead of wishing you had a third arm. Storing it is easy too — it folds down to half its size for it can fit in even your smallest cabinets when you’re not using it.

One reviewer raved: “I cannot say enough good about this strainer. It fits all my pots from small to huge, even frying pans! I have strainers, colondars, every kind of lid converter...........This strainer is the best ever. When the pot is too heavy for me to hold to drain off the water, with this I can still hold on with both hands, and then when it is mostly drained, I set the pot in the sink to continue to drain (fidigity pastas) Washes up like a dream, or toss in the dishwasher. I do not know how I lived without this strainer. Now I can get rid of probably 20 items out of my kitchens!”

This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Cleans & Dries In An Instant

This makeup brush cleaner works in seconds. Just fill the bowl with the cleaning solution (included) or soap and water, attach your dirty brushes to the spinner and spin in the solution until the water color changes, then raise your brush up and spin to dry. You’ll never put off cleansing your everyday brushes again!

One reviewer raved: “First impression = hella good! This baby deep cleaned my brushes like crazy. I've never been able to clean them with an ordinary mat, it would take me longer and my hands would be pruned up from touching the bristle a lot looking for remaining dirt in between. With this, it separates the bristles during spin. It's kind of like the face cleansing brush, it does most of the work for you. I was scared at first when it spun dry cuz i thought it would mess up the shape of the brush but I squeezed it back in place asap and it was good. Best product I've purchased in a while. I love this thing, It would definitely be a great gift to all my friends.”

These Motion Sensor Lights That Stick To Your Stairs & Walls

With these LED lights, you’ll never have to worry about stumbling around in the dark for a midnight snack ever again. These little lights come in a three-pack and can stick onto your stairs with adhesive tape or be secured with screws, both of which are included in your order. Plus, they turn on when they detect motion up to 10 feet away, and will turn off after 30 seconds of no detected motion to save energy.

One reviewer raved: “Bought a pack of these to light a stairway that has no overhead lighting. I spaced them a few steps apart affixed to the side molding. These work great for me and my morning trip to the kitchen is so much safer. These are NOT intended to light up a room or to provide intense work area lighting. Think of them more as pathway lights.”

This LED Makeup Mirror With 3 Magnification Levels

This vanity mirror has not one, not two, but three magnification levels, and even comes with 36 built-in LED lights to make sure no bad lighting in your getting-ready station ruins your process. It even rotates 180 degrees, so you can check your look from any angle, whether you’re applying eyeliner, tweezing your brows, or perfecting your contour.

One reviewer raved: “Love, love the Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror. Couldn’t had made a better Purchase. Best part is that if you run out of Batteries it has a usb cord that you can plug in for lighting. Very happy and satisfied with my purchase.”

The Mesh Tape That Prevents Area Rugs From Curling & Slipping

While area rugs are a perfect way to accessorize in a space, they can often slip and slide too much or curl up at the corners, ruining your room’s whole aesthetic. This double-sided rug tape will prevent any of those things from happening, and even has attached mesh that allows your tape to stick way better. And, it won’t leave any sticky residue behind when you remove it, keeping your floors and your rug as good as new.

One reviewer raved: “It is a GREAT rug tape. I have used it outside and inside and it is incredible! On our cement floor to our patio outside it immediately secured the corners of a new rug that I put down that kept curling up. It’s been about a year now and the rug is still in place and no curling! I have also used it inside the house with problem rugs and this tape is just awesome. I have shared it with relatives as well and everyone is as pleased as I am! Very good product.”

This Wooden Lazy Susan For Organizing & Serving

A lazy Susan is the perfect storage option for any countertop, pantry, or even in the middle of your kitchen table — you don’t actually have to be lazy to enjoy the benefits of one. This turntable is made from premium bamboo and spins 360 degrees with ease. And, with a 13-inch surface and an ability to support up to 25 pounds, you can rely on this Lazy Susan to hold your ingredients in the cabinet, on the counter, or in the fridge. You can even use it as a convenient serving tray, because it’s easy to just hand wash with warm, soapy water.

One reviewer raved: “I got 2 of these 13in lazy susans for the inside of my fridge. Finally I don't have to take out everything in front of the fridge just access what's behind! Also I was looking for a lazy susan with no side ridges so I can have the flexibility to put large trays on it if need to. This is a game changer for me!”

A Set Of Baking Mats That Make Parchment Paper Obsolete

Any baking whiz will be delighted to hear that these silicone baking mats exist, giving them a reusable alternative to parchment paper and tin foil. In this pack of mats, you’ll get two half-size and two quarter-size, all of which eliminate the need for any nonstick spray or disposable paper and can withstand oven temperatures of up to 480 degrees. To clean, just rinse off with warm, soapy water.

One reviewer raved: “They prevent bottom of your food burning on the tray. They are EXTREMELY easy to clean up, no matter how messy the food/s you are baking on them. I LOVE how perfect my muffins bake up when I use these. They're great when we roast veggies on them (with balsamic vinegar/oil/salt/pepper). We've used them for a number of months now.”

A Wearable Fan That You Can Recharge With A USB Cable

On those long summer days where you just can’t stand the heat, this portable neck fan can help provide some much-needed relief. Wear this around your neck like a scarf and feel the 360-degree cooling sensation at three different speed levels. Plus, it has a low noise level, can last up to 16 hours on one USB charge (depending on your preferred speed level), and is extremely lightweight so it won’t put strain on your neck.

One reviewer raved: “This is a great neck fan. I work in a distribution warehouse and it gets really hot during the summer. Add a face mask on to that and it's miserable. Well this fan helps a lot. It has no fan blades so your hair doesn't get wrapped up in it like others. I've been through two with blades and I won't buy another. This fan is super quite. You can hear someone talking to you or computers beeping. It's light weight so you hardly know it's there but it hangs on when you are moving around a lot like I do. It takes no time to charge and last for over an eight hour shift. I am SO glad I got this and would definitely buy it a couple times more.”

The High-Pressure Shower Head That Can Also Clean Your Tub

This high pressure shower head will give you the most luxurious showers ever, and it even has eight different modes to elevate your shower experience as well as a pause mode that can help you save on your water bill. In addition to the useful modes, what makes this shower head stand out is that it comes with a tile/tub wash feature with two different modes, allowing you to blast away grime without scrubbing.

One reviewer raved: “Super easy to install took maybe 10 min to install and that included me taking my old one down. Very impressed with it compared to my older more expensive one this one is hands down the best. Super long hose with it I also like the second holder for it so can bring it down lower. The water pressure is fantastic. I like the jets on top to clean out the shower with makes it super easy to clean up.”

A Fast-Working Food Chopper That Has A Tub For Your Veggies

Chopping vegetables can be the biggest hassle (especially if you’re like me and can’t chop properly to save your life!). This veggie chopper not only instantly dices any veggie you place on the surface below the chop lid, but it also catches your chopped veggies in the bin below it. It Has four blades, including a spiralizer for crafting your favorite noodle-shaped zucchinis, sweet potatoes — whatever your preference is!

One reviewer raved: “We bought this short time ago but ever since this is our biggest helper in the meal prep time. We buy a sac of potatoes, onions and bag of peppers and one of us peels them and cuts with this little magic maker. Oh it a breeze!You have to push down hard to press onions for examples but I am a petite woman, even I can do it without much of a hassle and it is WAY MORE FASTER than cutting them with our hands. It is very versatile, as I said we use it to cut many vegetables. It has been very sturdy and easy to clean overall.”

This Shampoo & Conditioner Without Any Stripping Sulfates

Keep your locks and scalp clean and healthy with this shampoo and conditioner set, both of which are formulated without any sulfates that can strip your hair of hydration. Made with organic coconut oil, peppermint, and argan oil, this set has a neutral pH for your hair and body. Best of all, each 8.5-ounce pump container will be sure to last a long, long time.

One reviewer raved: “My hair was frizzy, dry, and oily before using this product. I switched to this set and now my hair is glossy, soft, and my scalp is never feeling icky. It is worth the higher price tag. I never even use heat on my hair anymore because it looks so good on its own.”

This Wine Aerator & Dispenser All-In-One

Any wine lover needs a good aerator on hand, and this aerator in particular dispenses a glass of wine all at the same time. Attach it to your bottle, and with just one push of a button, this aerator can give you an oxidized, sediment-free glass of vino. It even has an airtight rubber seal to keep your bottle super fresh while you’re sipping from it.

One reviewer raved: “This is more of a want than a need. However, when you're using it, it feels definitely like a need. It take so much less effort to pour wine into your glass. Instead of getting up and physically pouring the wine, you just push the button on top and let the aerator do its thing! Super simple, very easy to clean (and you should clean it after every use so that bacteria doesn't grow on it and it so it does not get sticky), and extremely easy to use!If you are a wine connoisseur and wish to have your wine aerated without the long wait, then you need this product!!! I am extremely satisfied with how it makes any brand wine taste instantly better!!!”

This Portable Door Lock That’s Great For Solo Traveling

This portable door lock adds an extra layer of security to give you peace of mind in a hotel room, AirBnB, or apartment, and can fit almost all types of doors with no issue. This easy-to-use lock doesn’t require any tools to install — a few minutes of your time and an inward-opening door is all you need with this portable lock.

One reviewer raved: “I absolutely Love this Secure Locking Door item!!! I purchased 4. I use 3 on a daily basis. One on my front door, basement door and one on the back door. No one can come in without me removing them...not even with a KEY. VERY EASY TO USE!!!!”

A Durable Hammock That You Can Tote Anywhere

Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or just want to curl up to a good book outdoors, this durable nylon hammock can easily hold you up to swing in the breeze. The hammock itself is super lightweight and comes with a carrying pack, yet can sustain up to 400 pounds in weight (500 pounds for the two-person version!) and has two 9-foot tree straps for secure positioning onto any trees in under one minute.

One reviewer raved: “I was a little skeptical when I ordered it but I've been wanting a hammock for work and this fit the budget. This hammock is the real deal. Super easy to set up and use! The material is great in my opinion. I'm close to 200lbs and I don't feel like I'm going to break through or hear it start to rip. Also the straps themselves are fantastic. They're strong and a LITTLE stretchy. I was thinking they wouldn't hold up on the 4x4 poles I had to hang it up on but they held strong! Honestly I do recommend this!”

The Dip Container That Keeps Guac Fresh For Days & Days

Whether you’re transporting your famous dip to a party or just want to store a fresh batch of guacamole in the fridge for later, this dip container can help with the task. With a 4-cup capacity to hold a family-size bowl of dip, this container comes with an airtight lid that’ll keep your food fresh for days. Some reviewers say that their guacamole batches “lasted for four days” – unheard of with other containers!

One reviewer raved: “This batch of guacamole lasted for four days, and could possibly have lasted longer if it wasn't eaten up. Container was opened and sealed each day, and the avocado still remained green. Usually, it's a race to eat avocados before they go bad at my house, and once they are cut, leftovers need to be eaten within a day before they brown (despite using copious amounts of citrus, pits, or plastic wrap). Now I can prepare several for the week ahead. Be sure to work all the air out to seal properly.”

This Cute Headband That You Need For Your Skincare Routine

When we’re doing our skincare routines, applying a face mask, or applying a full face of makeup, it’s important that our hair remains out of the way. This soft microfiber headband from cult-favorite beauty brand I DEW CARE is sure to do the trick, and the brown bear ear design simply couldn’t be cuter. It wraps all the way around your head to ensure every strand is secure, and even comes in a white cat, black cat, and princess tiara design as well.

One reviewer raved: “I've worn these almost every night for a year or so. They're a super great value and absolutely adorable! My head is kinda big and they stretch a lot and feel snug and comfy; the band is also pretty wide which is nice. I've also thrown them in the wash several times and they still look brand new. I bought the bear ears for my boyfriend so we can wear them together -- he also says they're really comfy! They would make a really cute gift.”

An Accurate Food Scale That Sits On Your Countertop

This digital food scale is the perfect accessory to keep on your kitchen counter, especially because it has no problem converting between ounces, pounds, grams, and milliliters. It even has a helpful tare function, which allows you to subtract the weight of any container your food is residing in to get the most accurate measurement for your ingredients. There’s a reason this scale has over tk five-star reviews.

One reviewer raved: “This stainless steel scale works really well for us. For the price you can't beat it.If you cook and bake a lot like we do, the scale helps achieve an accurate measurement. It's super convenient when a recipe calls for an ingredient in grams and you don't have the tools to measure, this scale is simple to use and accurate.”

This Jewelry Organizer That Is Easy To Travel With

With this travel-friendly jewelry organizer, you won’t have to worry about losing an earrings or having your necklaces get tangled up, thanks to its zones of ring rolls, special hooks, pockets, and compartments – all of which easily fold up into this pouch for compact, easy storage inside a suitcase. This organizer comes in two sizes, small or large, and nine chic colors and patterns.

One reviewer raved: “So I love this travel case. It’s going to keep everything organized! I travel weekly for work to meet with clients, and I enjoy dressing up my outfits with jewelry as I only like to bring limited basic items that are easy to back and wear with multiple things. I used to just throw all my jewelry into separate bags, old altoid tins, or small boxes. With this new case, everything is organized and when I come back home from work, I don’t take things out, I just leave it in the travel case and grab as I need. Come Monday, it’s still ready to go.”

A Derma Roller That Exfoliates Like No Other Product Can

“THIS IS YOUR HOLY GRAIL,” writes one reviewer of this derma roller — and I think they’re right. This facial roller is made with 540 titanium microneedles that help to gently (yet effectively) exfoliate the skin and increase absorption of all your go-to serums. This 0.25-millimeter roller will give you the rejuvenated, post-facial glow of your dreams, without having a break the bank for a professional.

One reviewer raved: “MUST HAVE. I had just recently moved from NYC to LA & the change in temperature has been really affecting my skin; it’s been red, puffy and frequent breakouts occur. Day one of using this product: I started off my cleansing my face at night, then used the Sdara Derma Roller (which left my skin with a tingly, though not at all painful, sensation), and finally applied my moisturizers and serums that I could literally feel were being soaked into my pores. The next day, my skin had totally changed! After ONE use! I plan to use it once a week & highly recommend this gem to everyone.”

This Bidet Attachment That’ll Save You On Toilet Paper

Remember the toilet paper shortage of 2020? With this bidet attachment, you won’t have to stress about hoarding rolls ever again. This bidet will not only save you on buying TP at the store each week, but it actually offers you a more hygienic way to clean your posterior after you go, thanks to its high-pressure stream of water and adjustable nozzle angle. Plus installation is easy, requiring no special tools and just a few minutes of your time.

One reviewer raved: “I could not be any happier with this bidet, and I completely recommend this to anyone that would like to dump the "flushable" wipes and still get a clean, fresh experience. As one of the other reviews said, if you wouldn't just use a paper towel to clean a nasty mess off your floor, why would you do it on your body? This easy to install bidet provides a much cleaner experience than I've ever had in my life.”

This Subtle Sink Mat That Prevents Water Puddles

Nothing ruins the aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom like puddles of water near the sink, a problem that this sink mat aims to fix. With a microfiber design, this mat wraps around the base of your sink head to absorb any water from washing dishes or hands that pools and dry quickly. Plus, you’ll barely even notice the subtle grey design of this mat with a stainless-steel sink.

One reviewer raved: “Easily installs around the kitchen faucet. Catches all the splashes, which prevents moisture from seeping into your cabinet. Easily cleaned- throw into the washer and dryer. Learned from experience: if it gets saturated, hang it from your faucet to dry out, otherwise it will cause mold growth on the countertop underneath it. I'm an insurance adjuster, I highly recommend this product to prevent water damage.”

The Best Makeup Brush For Non-Streaky Foundation

Streaky foundation can ruin an otherwise pristine makeup look, which is why we all need this soft flat top foundation brush. Made from dense yet soft synthetic bristles, this brush is perfect for blending or buffing out any liquid or cream products without trapping too much of it inside the bristles themselves. At under $10, you’ll wonder why you ever spent more on a professional makeup brush before when this works just as well — if not better.

One reviewer raved: “I am really impressed. I am a connoisseur of makeup and I have brushes in every high end brand, you name it, I have it. I like having spares cause I don't enjoy washing my brushes every week soooo I saw the high ratings on this brush and thought I'd give it a go and wow! This is an amazing brush. Great finish! Super soft bristles. It's fluffier yet fuller than the sigma brush that looks similar. I def recommend this brush to anyone as a must have essential to every beauty bag for foundation”

A Set Of Sleek Food Canisters That Help Dry Goods Last

If your pantry is a treasure trove of dry goods like pasta, beans, and rice, make sure you’re keeping them properly safe and stored in canisters like these. This stainless steel containers come in a four-piece set, are airtight enough to keep moisture and pests out, and even have little glass windows on their exteriors so you never have to guess which food item is inside each one while maintaining a totally sleek appearance.

One reviewer raved: “Oh my god these are a 10.... I was NOT expecting this nice of a product at ALL. Ive been a member since 2002 and this is definetely one of the BEST purchases Ive made. The PRICE is UNBEATABLE and they are beautiful, solid, sturdy and they look like a million bucks sitting on my counter. If your looking for Canisters look no further.”

This Spray Bottle With An Easy, Continuous Mist

Primping and prepping your hair for the day has never been easier thanks to this spray bottle. Not only can this hold water or any other go-to hair product of yours, but it also has a continuous spray function that’s way easy to use, especially if you have a brush, comb, or hair tie in the other hand. The continuous mist will last 1.2 seconds and provides 360-degrees of misting, unlike other spray bottles on the market.

One reviewer raved: “I love this product. It's literally a fancy spray bottle. I use it to spray my hair with water, leave -in conditioner, and coconut oil. It's got a fine mist so it won't soak your hair completely and it has a longer hold time so you can spray a spritz or have it come out just like when using an aerosol spray. I also discovered if you keep spraying it, it can be an extended aerosol spray if that makes since. It just a really good product in my opinion.”

A Dish Drying Rack That’s Perfect For Small Kitchens

Whether you have a cramped kitchen or simply want to save precious counter space, you’ll love this dish drying rack that rolls out over your sink. Made from rust-resistant and waterproof stainless steel, this drying rack can hold up to 33 pounds of dishes when unfolded over your sink basin, and even comes in four different sizes to suit tons of different sinks. And, when you’re not using it, you can easily roll it up again and store in a drawer or cabinet.

One reviewer raved: “I put it on my standard double stainless steel sink and it fits perfectly. What's more, the silicone on the edges holds it flat, even, and steady. If you want to use the sink underneath it, you can just roll it up toward the back and it will stay there while you use the sink! Very handy. Since you can turn the bowls upside down to drip into the sink, there's no more pouring out collected water later, either. One more thing that I find helpful is that I can put my cutting board on top of it and use it as a cutting surface. The silicone holds my cutting board steady from underneath. It's such a simple thing to be so multi-purpose.”

These Mesh Laundry Bags That Keep You From Losing Your Socks

You’ll never have to worry about losing one sock or your favorite lace thong in the washer or dryer again when you have these mesh laundry bags. This pack includes five bags of three different sizes (extra-large, large, and medium) which are perfect for storing your delicates on laundry day. Each even comes with a sturdy zipper so your undies, socks, and bras will be safe and secure throughout each wash and dry cycle.

One reviewer raved: “I rarely write reviews but I actually just really appreciate these bags every week when I do laundry. I've owned several others in the past and they basically sucked. But these ones are actually designed very well and crazy cheap for what you get. I think I paid about $7 for these bags a year ago and they have not only held up perfectly but they WORK! The design of the zipper is set up so that it slides under this little elastic piece that actually holds the zipper in place. Pretty much every other bag like this I've used in the past, it was a 50/50 chance if it was going to unzip while it was in the washer. These have NEVER come unzipped in the wash, not once in an entire year. And I have plenty of bags to keep all of my bras and such separate.”

An Outlet Extender That Actually Lets You Plug Everything In

If your home has minimal outlet space and tons of things to plug in – don’t fret. This multi-plug outlet cover provides your space with six traditional outlets and two USB ports, and even has a built-in nightlight. The outlets are far enough away from each other because of the hexagon design, so you can actually use every one, and this has a surge protector to give you peace of mind.

One reviewer raved: “One of my most proud purchases. With all the gadget most households have these days, So glad I found this. I needed more outlets behind my desk and also was tight on space between them and the wall. This does the job perfectly since the outlets are spaced far apart and three of the plugs I have are AC adapters. I also like the fact that I didn't have to install screws into the drywall to mount it. They were very easy to install.”

A Ice-Cold Facial Roller To Help De-Puff & Relieve Headaches

This facial roller is one of my favorite things in my freezer (besides my many tubs of ice cream, of course), all because of its magical de-puffing and headache-relieving abilities. Keep this tool in your freezer overnight and gently roll it over your face, neck, and décolletage for the most soothing, cooling sensation that helps promote lymphatic drainage and soothe any oncoming headaches or migraines.

One reviewer raved: “I was in the habit of rolling a cold can of soda on my forehead to help with tension headaches and sinus pain but that was cumbersome and not always cold enough. This ice roller works so well to ease the pain from sinuses and tension. It froze very quick and I felt instant relief. The rolling motion even cleared my sinuses and I could breathe better right away. I love this. Would highly recommend.”

This Salad Spinner That Works With 1 Hand

This salad spinner will give you clean, dry lettuce in seconds, and can even double as your serving bowl once all of the moisture is out. With an easy pump mechanism and brake that works at the push of a button, this salad spinner will remove all of the moisture from your freshly-washed lettuce with ease.

One reviewer raved: “This is the best salad spinner on the market! It is large, which accommodates a whole head of lettuce. The pumping mechanism creates the fastest and most efficient spinning off of water that I've ever seen (and it's kind of fun to spin LOL!)”

A 4-Pack Of Smart Plugs With A 4.7-Star Rating

Installing these smart plugs around your home is a great way to not only save energy and money, but it also makes turning your devices on and off the easiest thing in the world. Control them through the Kasa app or via your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or Samsung SmartThings — these allow you to turn them off or off or set them on a timer whether you’re at home or away, even giving you the ability to group your plugs to control a few at once.

One reviewer raved: “I made the mistake of buying a cheaper 4 pack. They did not integrate with Alexa at all. These have always worked with no hitches at all. I have a quirky printer, so I plugged into one of these and at 3am it turns off and on to reboot itself so it's ready for work that day. I have my living room lights and bedroom light on it. I tell Alexa I'm ready for bed and the bedroom turns on, the loving room turns off and she tells me to rest well. And when I'm out of town that randomly turn lights and a radio on and off. I'll never buy another brand.”

This Shade That Keeps The Rays Off Your Face

A relaxing day outdoors can quickly be ruined by the sun in your eyes or a nasty sunburn – problems that this sun shade can easily prevent. This 12-by-12-by-12-foot sun shade can be used over your patio, doorway, pool – wherever the sun’s rays are hitting too hard – providing much-needed shade thanks to its high-density knitted fabric design that still permits any breezes to pass through. Choose from 12 different colors or striped prints when you order, and there’s even tons of different sizes available if you need something smaller or larger.

This Exfoliating Body Brush That Prevents Ingrown Hairs

In order to prevent angry red bumps and ingrown hairs all over your legs, underarms, and wherever else you shave, you need to exfoliate — and this exfoliating brush makes the process simple. This brush has an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to grip and gently massage in a circular motion over your body while you’re in the shower — there’s no chemicals needed to exfoliate when you have this handy tool.

One reviewer raved: “Where has this been all my life? None of the other exfoliating products seem to work well on me. This is awesome though! I didn't find it uncomfortable, but I like a heavier scratching than most people. It also depends on what part of the body you use it on. General body use seemed fine, but on my neck was a bit more rough. I found I had to use less pressure there. I also really like how the handle is designed to fit right in your palm. Goodbye ingrown hairs! This is now part of my daily beauty routine!!”

A Compact Charging Station With 6 Ports For Your Devices

You won’t need to constantly search for a charging cord for your phone, tablet, or other handheld device when you have this charging station. This station has six ports available for all of your Apple or Samsung devices, giving them a secure place to juice up when you’re not using them. Plus, the included cords in this station can charge your devices up to 58% faster than regular charging cables.

One reviewer raved: “Honestly, I was SO surprised with how fast this charging station chargers my products! I usually have 2-3 different electronics plugged into this at one time. I well get a full charge on all 3, within an hour. I love how the Blue LED lights up when a product is charging, and then turns off once its done charging. Such a great price for this chagrinning station! Especially because it comes with all the cables too!”

An LED Lamp For Doing Your Own Gel Mani At Home

This LED nail lamp lets you do your own gel manis and pedis from the comfort of your own home. This lamp has four time settings from 10 to 99 seconds to cure your nails for a long-lasting shine. With 36 LED bulbs, this professional-level nail lamp will give your claws a shiny, salon-perfect look without the steep price.

One reviewer raved: “I love this lamp! It had the highest wattage for the best price.It has a magnetic base so it’s removable for pedicures too. It cures quickly and it has a timer on the top with an automatic shutoff when you pull your hand out.It’s a really nice lamp for the price.”

An Automatic Drink Dispenser That Attaches To Your Jugs

Whether you want your morning glass of OJ on tap or just need the quickest way to refill your water glass throughout the day, this automatic drink dispenser can do the trick. This dispenser is simple to use: just replace the original drink cap with the dispenser and (universal) silicone top, and push the nozzle to get a freshly poured cup of your favorite beverage.

One reviewer raved: “Love this buy. Perfect for my toddler learning how to do things on her own. Easy to use, easy to clean & has a lock so it can’t get pressed by accident! I will be buying more for gifts!”

A Bathtub Tray To Hold Your Phone, A Book & A Glass Of Wine

Is any relaxing bath complete without a glass of wine, your favorite book, or your phone to listen to your favorite podcast from? I don’t think so! This bathtub tray is the perfect surface to rest all of your bath time essentials, whatever they may be, and can expand to fit the sides of any tub. It even has special compartments for items like your glass of vino and your phone, and is 100% water resistant.

One reviewer raved: “Overall I’m super happy with this bathtub tray. Small details make it super useful, primarily the wineglass holder, the ability to adjust the angle of the tablet holder, and the phone sized tray on the right side. Additionally, this came with rubber strips to attach to either side so it really grips the bathtub and doesn’t slide around. It’s perfectly sturdy for its purpose, I wouldn’t stack super heavy items on it but it holds a drink, snacks, phone, and a tablet without issue.”

A Plastic Bag Dispenser That Keeps Your Grocery Bags Handy

If you’re one of those people that has a bunch of bags within a bag underneath your sink, it’s time to consider a real place to keep them. This plastic bag saver is the perfect way to both store and dispense your plastic grocery bags when you need them — it even mounts onto your wall or to the inside of a cabinet for easy access with the included mounting hardware.

One reviewer raved: “I bought this to fix, what had become, a nightmare! bags and bags all over the pantry floor, balled up and stuffed wherever there was an empty space. I use them in the household as liners for bathroom trash baskets so it got kind of ridiculous with where do you put them and do you even know how many you have so you can stop the madness! Well, this was just the ticket! I can clearly see when I have accumulated enough for my use so that the excess can be recycled. It gets them off the floor and since you can affix it to the wall it makes it assessable to add or subtract from the total. I love this problem solver. Its perfect in size and the stainless steel finish makes it nice enough that is not unsightly if seen and easy to clean if needed.”