These 50 Clever, Cheap Things On Amazon Will Impress The Hell Out Of You

And they have thousands of five-star reviews.

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What makes a product impressive on Amazon? Ideally, it has to be affordable, or at least cheap. It also has to be something I’ll get tons of use out of, like a slim phone wallet or a travel-friendly sewing kit. But what makes a product truly outstanding is the number of positive reviews it has. For example, a sewing kit that has more than 10,000 four- and five-star reviews — and that’s just the start. If you want to see more seriously impressive products, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.

The Plant Food That Helps Cut Flowers Last Longer

Specially formulated for cut flowers, this plant food can help keep them looking as fresh as the day you brought them home. Just add two or three pumps to a fresh batch of vase water every day for best results. But if you need proof as to how well it works? One reviewer wrote, “This is the first time I've used this product and it's been just over [two] weeks ago since he got me these flowers [...] They literally look like he could have gotten them just a few days ago.”

This Hat Organizer That Can Save You Tons Of Closet Space

Don’t clutter up your closet shelves with hats — instead, use this organizer to hang them up and open up some space. It’s designed to fit most hats and can hold up to 16 of them. Plus, the stainless steel clips won’t rust, nor will they let go of your hats should you accidentally bump into them.

The Travel Sewing Kit That Covers All The Bases

Don’t panic the next time a button pops off your shirt while you’re on the go: Just use this sewing kit to reattach it. Each kit includes all the essential tools you’ll need for small fixes — including thread, needles, scissors, measuring tape, and more — all packaged inside of a convenient travel case.

This Slim Wallet That Sticks To The Back Of Your Phone

You don’t have to always carry that bulky wallet with you — just transfer up to four credit cards into this slim one, then stick it to the back of your phone. The RFID-blocking shield helps provide more protection around your cards, and it’s compatible with phones of nearly any shape or size.

This Outdoor Cupholder With Extra Space For Your Stuff

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach for hosting friends for a backyard barbecue, this cupholder is a smart way to help make sure you don’t spill your drink. The base easily presses down into sand or dirt, and the top is divided into two halves: one for drinks, as well as a second for keys, sunscreen, or any other small items you’d like to keep track of.

These Makeup Blenders That Deliver Smooth, Even Application

If you’re blending foundation with your fingers, try using one of these beauty blenders instead. You can use them wet or dry — whichever works best with your skin — and they’ll easily rinse clean under running water with a little soap. One reviewer also wrote, “The teardrop shape works for every crevice of your face [and] neck.”

The Rejuvenating Eye Masks That Are Made With 24-Karat Gold

Not only are these eye masks made with real 24-karat gold, collagen, and more, but they also contain nourishing hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin. They can also help minimize the appearance of dark, puffy circles from a sleepless night — and since each pair is individually packaged, you can easily bring a few pairs with you when traveling.

A Lanyard That Holds Onto Your Phone & Cash For You

Hiking, music festivals, beach days — regardless of what you have planned, this lanyard will hold onto your phone for you so that you always know where it is. It’s designed to fit nearly any phone. Plus, you can also stash credit cards and cash in the back, as the silicone webbing keeps everything held securely in place.

This Customizable Light That Clamps Onto Your Umbrella Pole

This LED patio light is unlike many others, because it’s designed to clamp around your umbrella pole so that your seating area is brighter. It can be controlled via remote within 50 feet — and with that remote, you can adjust the brightness and set the light on a timer. The light “works well,” according to many Amazon reviewers.

A Flexible Smartphone Tripod That You Can Balance Nearly Anywhere

Since this smartphone tripod has flexible legs, you can easily bend, twist, and angle them however you need in order to keep your phone balance upright. You can also wrap them around handlebars when biking — and since each order includes a Bluetooth remote, you won’t have to race against a timer in order to hop into photos.

The Easy-To-Install Cable Clips That Help Organize Desk Spaces

Simply peel off the adhesive backing, then stick these cable clips to your desk, dashboard, nightstand, or anywhere else that’s become overrun with messy wires. The best part? They’re large enough to handle everything from thick HDMI cables to thin lightning cables. Choose from three colors: black, blue, or grey.

This Skin-Remedy Balm Made With Tea Tree Oil, Lavender & More

If you’re dealing with a skin irritation, this paraben- and alcohol-free balm might be able to help. It’s made with tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender oil, along with various vitamins and omegas to help refresh and heal your skin. And since it absorbs quickly, you shouldn’t be left feeling greasy as you go about your day.

These Reusable Silicone Straws That Are Easy To Clean

Since these reusable straws come with a slim cleaning pipette, washing away any residues that have accumulated on the insides is a total breeze. Each straw is made from 100% food-grade silicone, with a bent tip for easier sipping. Plus, you also get a drawstring bag to keep them all packaged together in storage.

A Soothing Silicone Scalp Brush That Helps Lather Shampoo

With soft silicone bristles that gently massage skin, this shampoo brush is a soothing way to help wash away oil and grease from your hair while lathering shampoo. Plus, each order includes two interchangeable heads: one made specifically for massaging, as well as a second one for washing and massaging.

This Memory Foam Knee Pillow That Can Help Soothe Back Aches

Sleeping with this pillow between your knees doesn’t just keep them from knocking together uncomfortably. It can also help keep your spine properly aligned, which could result in less back aches after a good night’s sleep — all while its breathable cover helps keep you cool. Plus, the cover easily zips off if it ever needs a wash.

The Stemless Champagne Flutes That Won’t Shatter If Dropped

Not only are these plastic champagne flutes shatterproof, but their stemless bases also give them a modern appearance that’ll complement any occasion. The rims are rounded for easy, comfortable sipping, and many reviewers wrote about how they’re a “great value” for the price.

A Silicone Clip-On Strainer That Makes Pasta Nights A Little Easier

Whether you’re removing water from pasta or produce, this clip-on strainer can help make the process easier. It’s designed to clamp onto the edges of your pot so you can pour water straight into the sink in one motion. Plus, the strainer is made with silicone that’s resistant to heat — and it’s even dishwasher-safe.

This Sugar Dispenser That Helps Cut Down On Mess

The next time your coffee could use a little sugar, just hover this dispenser overtop, and then pull back on the handle to send sugar flowing out the bottom. It can help cut down on mess since there’s no chance of any sugar shaking loose off a spoon, and the wide mouth on the top allows for easy refilling.

A Container That Helps Keep Your Avocados Green

Avocados can turn brown after just a few hours of being sliced open, making this container a must-have for anyone who loves making fresh guacamole. Simply store your avocado inside of it upside-down; the container will do the rest of the work by limiting the amount of air it’s exposed to. “Have only tried it once, but kept my avocado nice and green for a couple of days,” one reviewer wrote.

A Gym Poster That Helps You Switch Up Home Workouts

Tired of doing the same workouts at home? Take a look at this best-selling poster for some inspiration. It’s filled with tons of different exercises, from overhead squats to superman planks — and the large pictures make it easy to see exactly how to do each move.

The Soothing Ice Roller That Can Help Refresh Your Skin

It’s not uncommon for my face to look a little puffy in the mornings, which is why I like to keep an ice roller (like this one) in my freezer. Not only can this one help soothe your skin, but it can also help shrink the appearance of your pores. Many colors are available, all of which are designed with silicone cases that are simple to fill with water and freeze between uses.

A Pan Rack That You Can Install Horizontally Or Vertically

You’ve got options when it comes to this pan rack. Install it vertically inside of a cabinet, or let it sit horizontally out on your counters. The included screws let you secure it down so that it doesn’t tip over — and there’s enough space to store up to five pans or lids.

The Personalized Luggage Tag With A Durable Stainless Steel Loop

This heavy-duty luggage tag features a tough stainless steel loop that’ll help ensure it doesn’t get lost mid-travel. The tag itself is made from sturdy rubber that can handle being tossed around, and it even comes in every letter of the alphabet to help you identify your bag more easily.

A Ring Toss Game That’s Fun For The Whole Family

There’s only one rule when it comes to this ring toss game: Try to get the ring to swing onto the hook. It’s simple enough that people of all ages can play, making it great for backyard BBQs or family gatherings — and each order includes all the screws you’ll need for installation.

A Tiny Griddle That Gets Meals Made Quickly

It only takes a few minutes for this electric griddle to heat up, making it perfect for whipping up quick meals when you’re rushing out the door. The compact size is perfect for cramped apartments, RVs, or even college dorms. Plus, both of the heating plates on this one are nonstick.

A Stackable Lunch Box That Keeps Your Foods Separated

Consider this Bentgo lunch box a much-needed upgrade to your meal-prep routine. Multiple compartments keep your food separated, while its stackable design helps save space in your bag. Plus, each order also includes a reusable set of utensils.

A Basket That Adds Storage To Your Cabinet Doors

Wrap boxes, cutting boards, dish soaps — this basket can be used to store nearly anything you can think of. Two hooks at the top let you hang it over any standard-sized cabinet door, and each one is even padded with protective foam to help prevent scratches. It’s also made from tough steel.

These Washable Fridge Liners That Make It Easy To Wipe Spills

Wiping up spills in the fridge can be difficult, especially if they’ve glued themselves down to your shelves — so add these liners to them. Their nonstick surfaces make them easy to wipe clean, and you can trim them to fit narrower spaces as needed. Plus, they’re food-safe, so you can even place fresh produce directly on top of them without needing a bag.

A Key Rack That Can Handle Up To 20 Pounds

There’s no need to fret about that extra-clunky keychain ripping this key rack off your walls, as the sturdy double-sided adhesive it comes with can handle up to 20 pounds. Or, if you prefer a more permanent installation method, each order also includes a set of screws you can drill into the wall.

A Stainless Steel Container That Saves Bacon Grease For Later

While saving bacon grease after meals, try pouring it into this container made with stainless steel. The heat-resistant walls won’t melt when exposed to high temperatures, and there’s even a built-in strainer that removes any burnt bits from the grease. If you aren’t using it for bacon grease, you can fill it with cooking oil.

The Bags That Help Keep Your Toaster Crumb-Free

Tired of cleaning out the crumb tray on your toaster? These bags not only help keep crumbs to a minimum, but they also let you cook everything from grilled cheese to chicken nuggets. Each one can be reused up to 50 times — and if they ever get dirty, you can easily wash them in soapy water without having to worry about them falling apart.

These Airtight Canisters That Look Way Nicer Than Plasticware

The airtight lids and durable clamps on these food containers help keep everything inside fresh, while their slim designs fit into pantries of different sizes without being too crowded. Plus, each plastic canister comes with its own scoop, making it easier to remove small snacks like almonds, rice, and more.

The Fabric Markers That Shouldn’t Bleed Or Fade

Looking for a fun craft project? Search no further than these fabric markers. They shouldn’t bleed through onto the backsides of shirts or fade over time. Plus, each one features one thick, as well as one thinner tip. They’re available in packs of black-, white-, and rainbow-colored markers.

These Coasters Made From Sleek Black Stone

Water rings are the easiest way to ruin a brand new table, so why not save yourself some stress and start using these decorative coasters? They’re made from genuine slate stone, with soft foam pads on the back to protect your surfaces from scratches. Plus, each order even includes a metal holder.

A Mini Cast Iron Skillet That’s Perfect For Small Treats

This miniature cast iron skillet is the perfect size for whipping up all sorts of small treats, from chocolatey brownies to rich quiche. It also arrives pre-seasoned, which means you can start cooking right out of the box — and each order even includes a silicone oven mitt to help protect your hands from burns.

These Cute Apothecary Jars Made From Thick, Durable Plastic

These sleek, decorative apothecary jars are made of plastic — so if they ever get knocked off your bathroom counter, they shouldn’t shatter. They’re perfect for cotton swabs, cotton balls, Bobby pins, and more — and the lids even help keep everything inside safe from dust.

A Shower Squeegee That’s Less Likely To Rust Over Time

This shower squeegee is made with a tough stainless steel exterior that’s unlikely to rust over time. It delivers a streak-free wipe to help keep your shower looking clean, and each order also includes an adhesive hook for storage. Many reviewers wrote that it’s “well made,” too.

This Mini Garlic Chopper That Saves So Much Time In The Kitchen

Cutting garlic can suck up a good amount of time, as fresh cloves have a habit of sticking to your knives — so grab this chopper. Not only does it do all the work for you, but you can also use it to dice everything from peppers to nuts. Plus, the battery is easily rechargeable via USB.

These 2-Tier Sliding Drawers That Can Be Used Just About Anywhere

Whether you put these sliding drawers on your counters or inside your cabinets is up to you — but either way, they’ll provide you with tons of storage space for everything from skincare bottles to jars of tomato paste. You can also adjust their height up to four levels depending on how much space you have. Choose from six finishes: black, chrome, bronze, rose gold, silver, or white.

These Cooking Gloves That Help Protect Your Hands From Cuts

Always nicking yourself in the kitchen? Try putting on these gloves the next time you’re working with cooking knives. They’re made from ultra-thick material that helps protect your skin from accidental cuts, yet are flexible enough that you shouldn’t notice much different in your usual dexterity — and they’ll even work great during DIY projects.

An Electronic Scrubber That’s Battery Powered

There’s no need to throw all that elbow grease into your dirty grout, as this electronic scrubber has an oscillating head that delivers up to 60 scrubs per second. Features like a water-resistant body, ergonomic grip, and rubberized molding make it an obvious upgrade from that dirty sponge you’ve been relying on — and it only needs four AA batteries — all of which are included — in order to work.

The Broom & Dustpan Set With Easy-To-Clean Bristles

Ever notice how the bristles on your broom can latch onto dust over time? Rather than forcing you to clean them by hand, the dustpan in this broom set features a series of rubber teeth you can use to comb out all that dirt. And with an extra-long telescopic handle on both the broom and dustpan, reaching all the way underneath furniture should be a total breeze.

These Ceramic Bowls That Are The Perfect Size For Dip

Whether you prefer snacking with soy sauce or ranch, these little bowls are the perfect size to hold any kind of dip. They’re made from sleek, top-grade porcelain, and each one is even safe to put into the microwave, dishwasher, or oven. One reviewer also wrote, “The glazing is smooth and the bowls are thick enough to be sturdy.”

The Shoe Organizer That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

You’ve likely seen shoe racks that take up a good amount of floor space — that isn’t the case with this one. Instead, it hangs overtop any standard-sized door, helping keep your floors clutter-free while still giving you space to store up to 24 pairs of shoes. Choose from two colors: black or brown.

A Long, Durable Shoe Horn That Makes It Simple To Put Shoes On In A Hurry

Since this shoe horn is 15 inches long, you won’t have to bend over nearly as far to use it. It’s also made from sturdy stainless steel, is rust-resistant, and features smooth edges to help prevent any snags. Plus, it has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. One customer wrote, “It's sturdy, a good length, and easy to use. I have a hard time slipping into short boots, and now I can get my boots on super fast.”

These Stainless Steel Tweezers That Arrive With A Mirror & Traveling Case

Not only are these tweezers made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but each one has also been precisely engineered to make sure that the tips align perfectly. Each order also includes a small mirror, as well as a handy travel case.

The Spatulas That Won’t Warp, Bend, Or Melt At High Temperatures

Unlike some spatulas, these ones are made from tough silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit — no warping, bending, or melting. Their smooth, flexible heads make it easy to scrape that list bit of batter from your mixing bowls, or even flip delicate omeletes. Plus, the textured handles help you keep a firm grip when cooking.

These Nesting Funnels That Help Prevent Spills

It’s almost too easy to spill when transferring liquids from one bottle to another — unless you’ve got these funnels helping you out. They’re small enough to use with a variety of containers. Plus, you can even nest them together when you aren’t using them to help save space.

A Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron That’s Seriously Tough

This isn’t your typical cooking apron: It’s made from thick rubber vinyl that’s tough enough to wear while doing yard work or cooking in the kitchen. And since the straps are adjustable, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a comfortable fit. Plus, on Amazon, it has a 4.5-star rating.

The Door Hooks That You Can Install Without Drilling

Need somewhere to hang your jacket? These over-the-door hooks can be installed without any drilling, making them perfect for renters who are looking to increase their available storage space. The top hooks are also extra-thin, making it unlikely that they’ll impact your door’s ability to close properly — and the rust-resistant finish helps keep them looking good over time.

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