These Cheap Things Make Your Home Look So Much More Expensive, You'll Wish You Got Them Sooner

Check out this super-cool mini chandelier.

by Madison Barber
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I love finding items that make my space look more stylish and put-together — bonus points if said items have a purpose beyond decor. On my constant journey to spruce up my home, I’ve found there’s no better place to look than Amazon.

Amazon has the basics for your space, like these cabinet handles; fun items like this stunning mini chandelier; and products that serve a real purpose, like these smart plugs. I have a list right here of 44 of the most affordable things on Amazon that are guaranteed to make your house or apartment look amazing.

A Light-Sensing Nightlight With Vintage Style

If you tend to get up in the middle of the night to take a bathroom break or grab a midnight snack, make sure you have this stylish nightlight plugged in to ensure you don’t bump into anything on your way. Though these have a cute antique vibe, these lights actually have an automatic light sensor that adjusts to your room’s brightness level, making these an energy-efficient option.

A Grout Pens That Prevents The Need To Scrub Your Tiles

If there’s tons of grout buildup on the tile floors in your bathroom or kitchen, don’t reach for your cleaning supplies. Instead, use this grout marker, which quickly paints over grout, giving it a bright refresh. This marker works for up to 150 feet of grout, so you can confidently refinish your shower walls or bathroom floor.

The Candles That Give You A Romantic Vibe Without Flames

I love candles because of the relaxing and romantic aura they give off, but I sometimes worry about having real flames around my house. These flameless candles solve that issue. With a gorgeous glass exterior that come in five different colors and remote controlled faux flames that flicker and move without the worry about starting a house fire, these chic candles are a safe alternative for setting the mood.

A Slim Bidet With That Works With Most Toilets

While the benefits of a bidet are not lost on many of its users, the bulkiness of most models makes bidets an unsightly home addition. This bidet from Veken is designed to be ultra slim, boasting better compatibility with most toilets. It has both posterior and feminine spray features and different levels of water pressure to give you a more hygienic and comfortable clean.

This Tiny But Elegant Chandelier That Glams Up Any Room

One of the easiest ways to make your space look effortlessly classy is by mounting this mini chandelier to your ceiling. This light fixture has the elegance of a traditional chandelier but the price tag of any old light fixture. This chandelier is easy to assemble, too, and comes with all the necessary hardware, so there’s no need to break out the toolbox.

A Set Of Satin Sheets For A Luxe Night Of Sleep

These satin sheets are silky soft to the touch and add a bit of luxury to your bedroom. Gentle on your skin and hair, these breathable sheets and pillowcases are wrinkle-proof, stain-proof, and won’t fade in the wash, so they’re built to last. Available in eight colors including a deep royal blue, crisp white, and relaxing gray, these sheets are suited for any room.

This Sleek Hanging Shoe Organizer With Mesh Side Pockets

If your collection of shoes is overflowing, keep them neat and tidy with this hanging shoe organizer that fits multiple pairs of shoes. The built-in hanger hooks are made with sleek stainless steel, and there are pockets on the side of the structure to help store other wardrobe accessories.

The Fuzziest Rug That Will Make Any Space In Your Home Cozy AF

Every home needs a few great rugs to tie each room together, and this fuzzy rug is especially perfect for bedrooms. With three different sizes and five styles to choose from, this rug is ultra-soft and won’t shed despite its fluffy 1 1/2 inch pile. Plus, the bottom has an anti-slip grip, so it’ll stay securely in place.

These Lanterns That Take Patio Lighting To A Whole New Level

You’ll never settle for boring outdoor lighting after experiencing the beauty that comes from these decorative lanterns. The quality metal construction is rust-proof and can stand up to the elements, and these lanterns can be used both on top of a table and hanging from a shepherd’s hook. These lanterns provide not only light for outdoor parties or bonfires but also stunning patterns that illuminate and stretch across your entire patio.

This 6-Pack Of Tasteful Coasters That Are Actually Absorbent

Coasters are those items for your home that you always need but never remember to get for yourself, which means you should probably gift yourself this pack of six cute coasters that come with a chic holder. These coasters are neutral enough to work in any room, and the ceramic stone surface is ultra-absorbent, so condensation on your tabletops will be a thing of the past.

The Easy-To-Use Marble Paper That Gives Surfaces A Refresh

Peel-and-stick contact paper like this chic marble patterned roll is perfect for those looking for a quick, effortless refresh or for those renting their space. This paper comes in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs, and the self-adhesive makes applying it to your walls, cabinets, shelves, counters, tables, or other surfaces easy for even the laziest among us.

A Stylish Marble Organizer For Your Bathroom Products

If you have limited drawer or cabinet space in your bathroom, this marble toiletry organizer will make all the difference. This slim organizer can sit perfectly atop your countertop and hold your hand soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, and whichever other toiletries you need easy access to when you’re getting ready for the day or for bedtime.

This Pot & Pan Rack That Adjusts To The Size Of Your Cookware

Pots and pans can be some of the most difficult items in your kitchen to store, which is why this expandable rack is a perfect addition to any kitchen. This rack adjusts to the sizes of your cookware, keeping them neatly stored away inside your cabinet or on the counter. With 10 compartments, you can even use this rack to keep your lids in order.

This Toilet Paper Holder That Stores Extra Rolls

This free-standing toilet paper holder has a sturdy steel structure and the ability to store up to three extra rolls, so there’s no need to keep bulky bags of toilet paper in your bathroom or panic in the moment when there’s no TP after you’ve done your business. Plus, there’s no tools required for assembly, just attach the two metal parts and you’re good to go!

A Contemporary Decor Piece That Also Tells Time

While it’s not often that we rely on analog clocks these days to let us know the time, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get this giant wall clock as a fun accent piece for our boring walls. This clock is guaranteed to turn heads, actually tell you the time, and is super easy to assemble. It has over 1,000 five-star ratings, with reviewers raving about the easy assembly and chic style that looks equally good in offices, living rooms, and dining rooms.

A Celestial Lamp That Glows Just Like The Moon

This glowing moon lamp is a decor item guaranteed to turn heads, and one that any adult or child will love having in their space. Control the color, brightness, and fun effects of this lamp with the included remote control, or simply press the bottom switch for a quick and easy change or to shut it off when not in use.

An Adjustable Organizer That Displays All Your Canned Goods

If you’re like me, you have stacks and stacks of cans in your pantry, some of which are collecting dust in the back because I keep forgetting about them. This can rack can keep your endless supply of black beans and canned veggies organized and where you can see them — so you can actually use them. It can hold up to 36 cans of various sizes, and the adjustable racks keep your food securely in place.

A Linen Ottoman That Doubles As Storage

Not only does this ottoman provide an additional seating arrangement or a footstool in your space, but it also doubles as storage. This ottoman is soft and lightweight, yet can hold up to 250 pounds on top. It’s also super roomy on the inside, making it perfect for storing toys, blankets, books and magazines, or whatever else you don’t want out on the coffee table in your living room.

This Lint & Pet Hair Remover With 116,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Reducing pet fur and lint off your upholstery, rugs, and drapes can go a long way to giving and elevated vibe in your home. This reusable pet hair remover uses static electricity to pick up lint and fur with ease simply by rolling it back and forth. The best part is there are no sticky sheets to replace (and pay for), you can just empty the collection in the trash with the push of a button.

A Reed Diffuser That Has The Prettiest Faux Flower Toppers

This reed diffuser not only fills your home with a subtle, beautiful scent, but the look of the diffuser itself is so gorgeous thanks to the flower reed sticks. With 17 different scents to choose from and a stunning glass vase, this 7-ounce reed diffuser is a remarkable addition to literally any room in your home.

This Shadow Box That Showcases Your Favorite Mementos

While picture frames are fantastic for storing our favorite memories in photo form, how are we supposed to display other memorabilia in our homes? This shadow box is the answer to that question — just pin your favorite photos, beloved postcards, medals and more to the linen backing of this display box and fall in love with the rustic-chic style of this decorative shadow box.

This Mop & Broom Holder That Can Hold 38 Pounds

Get your cleaning tools off the floor and cultivate a neat and tidy look with this mop and broom holder that can hold five handles in its spring-loaded clamps and has six hooks for hanging cloths and tools with holes in the handle. It comes with a drilling template, anchors, and screws to make installation fast and easy and it can support up to 38 pounds total.

This Organizing Rack That’ll Save So Much Space

It’s great to have a few cans of food on hand, but storing them can be a whole different story. That’s where this stackable can rack comes in. The lip in the front prevents your food from scattering everywhere, and since it’s adjustable, they’ll fit just about any cans in your home.

This Stovetop Espresso Maker That’s So Easy To Use

Disinfecting wipe packaging can be an eyesore, but this sleek container fixes that. The airtight container keeps your wipes fresh, while the push button lid makes accessing them easy. Choose between a rust-resistant matte black or satin nickel finish.

These Hollywood-Worthy LED Lights That Stick To Your Mirror

Feel extra glamorous when you’re getting ready for a day at the office or a night out with friends with these vanity mirror lights. Just use the adhesive backing to stick these LED strip lights to your mirror, adjust the brightness using the touch control feature, and instantly feel like a celebrity getting ready in their trailer before a shoot.

An Affordable Pack Of Mason Jars You’ll Find So Many Uses For

From storing dry goods to picking and decorating, you’ll find so many ways to use these mason jars. The wide mouth makes filling them easy, and the lids are airtight for freshness. In addition to the 12-count, 16-ounce jars pictured, there are 12 different sets to choose from including smaller and bigger jars as well as smaller package sizes.

A Pair of Under-Bed Storage Bags With Easy-View Clear Tops

Storage space can be hard to come by but this set of two under-bed storage bags help you keep your bedding and out-of-season clothes safely stored away. At 42 by 18 by 6 inches, they can hold plenty of items while the clear top makes everything easy to find.

These Smart Plugs To Give Your Home A Necessary Upgrade

If you haven’t updated your outlets to include these smart plugs, where have you been? These plug-ins are ideal for any home, given how seamless it is to control the many devices in your home that require an outlet. There’s no need to have a smart hub — you can control your outlets and set timers through the Kasa app or via voice control if you have an Amazon Alexa, Echo, or Google Home.

These Rug Corners That Prevent Tripping

Stick the adhesive side of these rug corners to the bottom of your carpeting for a near-instant fix to rug curling and tripping. Unlike carpet tape which can damage floors and be a pain to clean underneath though, these are easy to lift and safe for delicate surfaces like hardwood floors.

A Utensil Rest That Holds So Much More Than What You’re Using Now

With four slots and a large drip pad underneath, this silicone utensil rest holds way more than your standard spoon rest, keeping your work surface organized as you cook. When it’s dirty, just toss it into the dishwasher. Choose from more than a dozen colors.

This Rotating Spice Rack With Matching Glass Jars

Turn the spices you use every single day into aesthetically-pleasing kitchen decor with this rotating spice rack. This organizer comes with 12 0.4-ounce glass jars that have three shaker settings to suit different seasonings. A perfect ix of form and function, this spice organizer is a must-have for chefs working in tiny kitchens.

A Rotating Cosmetic Tray For Perfume, Makeup, Skincare Products, & More

If you’re looking to maximize storage space in your bathroom or on top of your dresser, this sleek acrylic cosmetic organizer is a must-buy. Not only does it feature eight adjustable compartments, it also rotates fully so you can easily access what you need, whether that’s your go-to facial serum or fave perfume. There’s a spot for everything, including up to 60 makeup brushes.

A Gorgeous Jewelry Box That Can Hold Your Entire Collection

Need a new way to keep your jewelry collection neat and organized? You’ll love this classic wooden jewelry box with a 9-inch drawer, four roomy compartments, and seven ring grooves to fit all of your favorite pieces. There’s even a mirror on the inside cover so you can check out which pieces look best on your when searching through your new jewelry box.

This Chic Two-Tone Plant Basket

To level up your plant game, forget just using the tacky plastic container the plant comes in. This cotton rope basket provides the cutest spot for your plant to be displayed and it can accommodate pot diameters from 6 to 7 inches. It’s handwoven and crafted with two-tone rope for an understated yet chic look.

These Cord Organizers For Your Small Kitchen Appliances

Whether you’re looking to store the clunky cord of your instant pot, air fryer, blender, or toaster, this handy four-pack of cord organizers will do wonders for freeing your countertops from clutter. Simply adhere the silicone cord holder to your appliance, allow time to dry, and then wrap for a mess-free work station. The organizers are compatible with a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, tile, and wallpaper.

These Quality Cotton Kitchen Towels

Sometimes synthetic towels just don’t get the job done. Enter: These quick-drying dishcloths that are made from natural cotton for great absorption and soft handling. They’re machine-washable so it’s easy to keep them fresh, and you get six in a pack so you always have one on hand. Choose from five colors. One fan raved, “Nice big absorbent towels. These are especially nice for drying glassware. No little fuzzies left behind. They mix and match with towels I already have which is very nice.”

This Magnetic Fridge Planner For Always Knowing What’s Going On

This magnetic weekly planner sticks onto your fridge for a central command center, allowing you to see at a glance what you have scheduled for the week, as well other notes. The set comes with four markers and a dry erase marker. Shoppers love how it helps with everything from to-do lists to grocery lists, with one reviewer noting, “This was perfect! Large enough to be able to write our "plans" for the day without everything looking jam packed.”

This Cable Management Box For Eliminating Cord Clutter

Cords can look unsightly but thanks to this highly rated cable management box, you can keep them all tucked away in a minimalist container that’s sized to fit a power strip. Choose from three neutral colors that promise to blend into your decor. The box comes with three holes for running various cables out. With a 4.5-star rating after more than 11,000 reviews, this is an affordable solution for your desk, media center, or kitchen.

An Expandable Bamboo Bath Tray With Tons Of Compartments

This spa-worthy bamboo bath tray can expand from 29 1/2 to 43 inches, making it suitable for bathtubs of different shapes and sizes. The nonslip grips keep it sturdy on your tub’s edges, and this caddy has tons of compartments and trays for everything you could need for relaxation, including a wine glass holder, phone holder, book holder with three different angles, and a detachable tray.

These Silicone Trays For Your Kitchen Sink Accessories

Transform your kitchen sink area into a tidy station with these silicone trays that serve as a dedicated place to store your sponge and soap. You get two trays in the order, each designed with a drainage spout so there’s no gross water pooling. They’re dishwasher-safe, too, so you can run them through a cycle when you need a deeper clean.

This Stunning Centerpiece That Has A Relaxing Waterfall

Sometimes a bowl of fruit just isn’t enough for some when looking for a suitable centerpiece, which is why I think this tabletop fountain is the perfect option for those looking for something with a little more somethin’-somethin’. The perfect accent for your dining room table, coffee table, or nightstand, this fountain-and-candle-hybrid piece adds a touch of the elements to your space with a soothing waterfall, tea candles, and rustic rocks.

A Chic Tiered Corner Shelf To Organize & Display Anything

Make your storage chic with this tiered corner shelf, which can work in practically any room, though it’s particularly well suited for kitchens or bathrooms. This easy-to-assemble shelf has tons of surface area to hold tall bottles and products as well as smaller spots for storing lipglosses, tiny jars of spices, or knick knacks.

An Attractive Towel Ring For An Easy Bathroom Upgrade

Although it’s just something to hold a towel, you’d be surprised what an impact an aesthetically pleasing towel ring can have on your bathroom space. This elegant model from Moen has a shiny chrome finish, with all the mounting hardware needed to install with ease. As one shopper raved, “I call this boujee on a budget! [...]Great quality! VERY lightweight! SUPER SUPER easy to install!”

A Chic Paper Towel Holder That Couldn’t Be Easier To Install

This fabulous, wall-mounted paper towel holder can either be stuck to the wall using the sturdy adhesive or mounted with the included screws. It’s offered in eight finishes to match any decor, and the clean, minimalist lines make it look elevated despite it’s utilitarian purpose. One shopper noted, “I mounted this using the included stick on system. [...] I was pleasantly surprised that it stuck nicely to the tile backsplash. Great for getting the paper towels up off the counter and it seems like it will be sturdy over time.”

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