The Most Clever & Best-Looking Home Upgrades Under $30 On Amazon

Renovations don’t need to cost a fortune.

by Caroline Reinstadtler
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You’ve heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” When you feel proud of the space you’ve created, it makes life that much better. Of course, minor inconveniences pop up all the time, from inconsistent apartment temperatures to the constant battle for counter space. It’s way too easy to let these issues pile up.

If that sounds like you, it might be time for an upgrade. The additions below will take your living room, kitchen, or bathroom to the next level. No matter your design tastes, there’s something on this list that’ll have your home looking Pinterest-worthy in no time.

These Colorful Boho Chic Throw Pillow Covers

Anthropologie and Free People shoppers rejoice: these boho chic throw pillow covers will match your wardrobe to a T. Featuring a super-cute striped pattern, they're a great addition to any couch or bed that's trendy and timeless. You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine, and they won't deteriorate as you wash, so feel free to snack on the sofa.

These Gorgeous Geometric Vases For Your Favorite Plants

Mix and match these gorgeous geometric vases and place them on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen table for a decoration that's both modern and stylish. You can fill it with your favorite plants and flowers, but the stands will also look great holding your brushes, accessories, or pens/pencils. The kit comes with two vases, one large and one small, so the iron frames and glass vessels fit perfectly wherever you put them.

These Under Cabinet LEDs That Turn On With A Simple Touch

For a big impact that requires almost no effort, put these slim LED puck lights under your kitchen cabinets, in your closets, or on your bookshelves for stylish illumination. They have a chic, warm white glow that turns on with a simple touch, and each battery lasts over 100 hours. They’re beyond easy to install too — all you need is the included double-sided adhesive.

These Silky Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Your Hair & Skin

Your bedroom will look instantly more luxurious and pulled together with the simple addition of this set of $12 silky satin pillowcases. Gentle on your hair and skin, these pillowcases have a protective zipper and come in standard, queen, and king sizes, as well as 26 scrumptious shades.

This Self Adhesive Door Draft Stopper That Keeps Cold Air Out

This door draft stopper can be trimmed to fit your door’s exact width, and then the self adhesive on the back handles the rest of the installation process. This is a genius, easy solution to keeping cold (or hot) air out of your home, but this draft stopper also helps with unwanted noise, light, and pests.

An L-Shaped Shower Caddy That Fits In The Corner

Optimize your bath and shower supplies on this attractive and practical shower caddy that is made from durable stainless steel and can be mounted to corners, freeing up tons more space in your shower. The L-shaped caddy (which comes in a pack of two) features eight hooks for accessories and can be installed without tools.

These Generous Storage Bins That Slide Under The Bed

The one thing that’s better than generous storage options for relieving your rooms of clutter is storage options that fit neatly in unused space. These under-bed storage containers have secure zippers, handles, and transparent covers that let you see what’s inside. They’re made of lightweight, breathable fabric and come in black, gray, or java.

A 10-Pack Of Super Absorbent, Reusable Dish Cloths

Ditch the paper towels for everyday spills, and use these super absorbent Swedish dish cloths for cleaning, drying, wiping, and everything else instead. These magical matching cloths are soft when wet yet scouring when dry, which gives them amazing dual purpose for all kinds of surfaces, from glass to wood to stainless steel and everything in between. They can hold up to 20 times their weight in liquid, too, which makes them especially good for drying dishes and wiping up messes.

An Organizing Rack For Your Pans, Cutting Boards, & Muffin Tins

These bakeware racks slide conveniently into your cabinet or pantry and make it so much easier to organize and access your pans, lids, cutting boards, and muffin tins. Each one is made from durable alloy steel with rubber feet to keep them in place and protect your surfaces. Color options include bronze and silver finishes.

A Multi-Plug Outlet That’ll Make Sure Your USB Devices Are Always Charged

With more and more devices depending on USB ports, it makes sense to check out this outlet that’ll give you four extra places to plug in your Kindle or camera. It has a lot of features that you might have never known you wanted in an outlet, like a soft warm LED light that’ll help make locating plugs easier at night. Perfect for a home office, all you need to do is plug it in. You can use all three sides to plug in whatever you wish.

This Storage Rack For Your Brooms, Rakes, & Mops

Instead of leaning your cleaning tools in a corner and hoping they don’t fall over, use one of these wall-mounted storage racks to keep them organized. The rack can hold up to five long-handled mops, brooms, rakes, and shovels and has six hooks for hanging small brushes, dustpans, and gloves. All the hardware needed for installation is included.

A Pet Hair Remover That’ll Refresh Your Furniture

If there’s fur all over your furniture, this wildly popular pet hair remover is an easy way to clean things up. There’s no adhesive tape required — just move the roller over upholstery to lift loose pet hair and press a button to empty it when you’re done. Bonus: It works on clothing, too.

These Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinders With A 3/4 Cup Capacity

Put these stainless steel salt and pepper grinders at the centerpiece of your kitchen table as a chic and effective part of any dinner party. With the capacity to hold 3/4 cups of any herb or spice, you won't need to refill them as much, and they work manually, so you can say goodbye to batteries. You can adjust the knob at the top to your desired coarseness level and twist away.

The Mountable Grocery Bag Dispenser That Keeps Things Tidy

Get all of those wild and loose plastic bags out of that junk drawer or off counters and store them in one compact place — this mountable grocery bag dispenser. The dispenser, which has a high 4.8-star rating and more than 30,000 reviews, can accommodate up to 30 bags and mounts to the wall using the included screws or adhesive tape. When you need to grab a bag, simply lift one out from the opening compartment.

These Jumbo Storage Organizers With Reinforced Handles

If there never seems to be enough room in the house for all your trinkets, try these jumbo storage organizers. They're made with reinforced handles, so you can carry them from room to room with ease, and they're foldable when you're finished. Pests won't be a problem, as these organizers are constructed with a polypropylene material that's sure to keep them out.

A Ceramic Sponge Holder For Mess-Free Storage

If you’ve ever left a wet sponge on the side of the sink, only to pick it back up later and cringe, this ceramic sponge holder is worth checking out. Its farmhouse design makes it a cozy kitchen addition that will fit right in with your candles and dish towels. It's made of high-quality porcelain ceramic, so it'll last you through wet sponges and kitchen accidents.

An All-In-One Chalk Paint For Creative Decorators

Give any surface in your home an extra touch of creativity with this all-in-one chalk paint. Instead of buying separate primers and top coats, you can simply use this on any clean surface and trust that it will last. It's made without chemicals like phthalates and formaldehyde, and it's low odor, so it makes for headache-free painting in more ways than one.

These Wooden Baskets With A Rustic Vibe

From the spice cabinet to the shower, these nesting wooden baskets are a great way to store your belongings in style. Made from oak wood, they're stylish enough to use as kitchen table centerpieces. With their decorative yet functional mesh sides, they’re especially great for holding fruit and vegetables like onions or shallots.

These Dreamy Mason Jar Sconces That’ll Look Great On Your Wall

Hang up these dreamy mason jar sconces to give your space a warm glow. They're perfect for a farmhouse-style kitchen or a cozy bedroom — the possibilities are endless. They come with LED strip lighting and classic silk faux flowers to turn your home into a wonderland.

A Touch-Activated LED Light Bar That Illuminates Dark Spots

Let me set the scene: you're fumbling around the kitchen at night for a bedtime snack, you can't find the light switch in the darkness, and something gets knocked over. You can avoid all that by installing one of these LED light bars. Easy to install with the included adhesive or screws, this wireless touch-light burns at 65 lumens for maximum brightness and runs on three AA batteries (no need to recharge it).

A Water Bottle Organizer With An Adjustable, Space-Saving Design

From sports drinks to iced tea to classic H2O, keep your favorite beverages organized with this water bottle rack. Each shelf holds up to three bottles at a time, and they’re adjustable to allow for different sizes of bottle, travel mug, sippy cup, etc. Or, if you’re short on cabinet space, the shelves can be placed closer together. It's a fantastic choice for any room where space is limited, like a dorm or apartment, or for maximum kitchen storage.

This Toothbrush Holder That Eliminates Bathroom Clutter

If your valuable sink space is a mess of toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss, and other accessories, snag this toothbrush holder ASAP, mount it to the wall, and get organized in seconds. It features three mouthwash cups, space for six toothbrushes, and compartments to hold toothpaste and other toiletry items. Best of all you can adhere it to the wall — no drilling or tools required.

These Fillable Paint Pens For Foolproof Wall & Furniture Touchups

It’s easier than ever to achieve perfect touchups on walls and furniture with these fillable paint pens. Designed to be used with your own paint for a flawless color match, each pen has a precise brush tip for seamless application. “So much easier and less fussy than carrying around a jar and paintbrush,” wrote one reviewer. “You will not be disappointed!”

This Rotating Stainless Steel Utensil Holder That’s Extra Wide

Your kitchen will look so much better, and your go-to spatulas and spoons will be easier to find than ever with the help of this utensil holder. It’s 7 inches in diameter, which is much larger than most, so it can hold a ton of go-to cooking tools, but the interior divider is in three sections to still keep your stuff in order. This sleek crock also rotates 360 degrees, which also helps you grab that whisk in a jiffy.

This All-In-One Furniture Paint That Doesn’t Need A Primer Or Top Coat

Give old furniture and cabinets a makeover with this all-in-one decor paint, which has a primer and top coat built in. Suitable for most surfaces (including wood, laminate, glass, and metal), it comes in 50 colors and boasts a soft-matte finish. “Love this paint covered both items (wood shelves and old cabinet) well. The color is amazing,” noted one reviewer. “As advertised I did no prep to either item and it worked out like a charm.”

A Cable Management Box For Hiding Messy Cords

There seems to be a cord for everything in your home, and all of those wires and cables just look messy. Here’s the simple and cheap solution: a cord management box that protects power strips and cables while concealing them. You can stash it under a desk or in a corner and it comes in two sizes and two colors (black or white).

A Detergent Holder That Will Revitalize Your Laundry Room

Detergent can be really messy, so it’s important to find tools like this holder and drip tray to make the process as flawless as possible. Available in multiple colors to best match your laundry room, this device will tip the detergent bottle for you, helping to prevent any drops or spills. It also has nonslip rubber feet that’ll stay secure, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around.

These Sturdy Rug Grippers That Help Corners Lay Flat

Rugs that curl or slide around are incredibly simple to fix thanks to these nonslip adhesive grippers. Designed to fit perfectly beneath rug corners, they feature strong, double-sided adhesive, yet they can be removed and even reused if needed. In fact, they’re so easy to use and effective that they’ve won over 17,000 fans on Amazon.

This Hanging Closet Organizer With 5 Shelves & Side Pockets

Before you think about springing for a pricey closet reno, give this hanging closet organizer a chance to transform your current clutter into an organized dream. The fabric hanging organizer features five shelves where you can stash sweaters, hats, towels, and more, along with six exterior mesh pockets for tucking accessories and hand towels. It support up to 15 pounds and comes in four colors.

This Attractive Woven Basket That Effectively Hides Clutter

Laundry baskets don’t have to all look the same — nor must organizers be bulky and plastic. This woven storage basket is pretty enough to pass as home decor, yet solves a multitude of clutter issues. Use it as a hamper or to store toys or various knickknacks. It’s made from cotton, has two sturdy handles, and comes in six colors.

This Broom & Mop Organizer That Mounts To The Wall

Get those not-so-clean cleaning supplies up and off of clean floors and organize them with this mop and broom holder that mounts to your wall. It features three grippers plus four hooks, and it can hold up to 45 pounds. You can use screws or adhesive to keep it in place and choose between black or gray.

These Smart Lightbulbs That Connect To Alexa & Google Assistant

Brighten up your space with these smart lightbulbs, which you can control with your voice using Alexa and Google Assistant. You can turn lights on and off, adjust brightness levels, and design the ambiance of your dreams with ease, and you can even set a timer or schedule if you're heading to bed or away from home. Try the wake-up and sleep modes to preset lights to slowly turn them on and off in the morning or night.

A Spa Pillow That Supports Your Head & Neck While You Bathe

Upgrade your bath with this comfy spa pillow. Made from thick foam, it supports your head, neck, and back while you soak. There are seven suction cups to secure it to the tub, and it’s waterproof and quick-drying for added convenience. Choose from five colors and two sizes.

These Attractive Bamboo Bins That Will Keep Your Drawers Organized

With these bamboo organizer bins, you can ensure all your items have a designated place so they’re easy to find. Each set comes with five bins in varying sizes for everything from pens and craft supplies to makeup and jewelry (or you can choose from a set of three or eight). The bamboo bins are sealed with a protective finish to prevent damage if anything liquid spills in them, too.

This Rotating Makeup Caddy That Spins 360 Degrees

If tubes of mascara and jars of lotion are scattered across your desk and dresser, check out this rotating makeup organizer. It spins 360 degrees for easy accessibility and storage of all your favorite products. With seven layers of trays that you can adjust yourself, it's versatile and customizable, making it a great gift for someone you love (or... you could always keep it for yourself).

This Super Soft Rug With A Non-Slip Base

If you’re looking for a way to warm a room on a budget, try this super soft rug. Not only is it versatile enough for any space, from living rooms to nurseries, but it's so fluffy that you'll feel like you're floating. Choose from five sizes and multiple colors to accommodate your specific home and style.

A Sloped Can Organizer That Can Hold Up To 36 Cans

Make it easy to find and store your canned goods with this can holder that can fit up to 36 cans. Six plastic spacers help keep cans separated, and a sloped design lets cans roll forward when you take one out. It has a stackable design to create taller organization units for even more cans and is made of durable steel material.

These Versatile Storage Bins For Your Fridge & Pantry

With over 28,000 ratings and an overall 4.8 stars on Amazon, these plastic storage bins are a must-have for organizing your refrigerator or pantry, with one reviewer writing, “My fridge has never looked better!” The set includes four medium and four large bins, and they have a stackable design for space efficiency and handles for easy sliding and lifting.

This Coaster Set Made Of Hand-Woven Cotton

Keep your surfaces stain-free with this coaster set that's hand-woven from absorbent cotton. Their cozy, minimalist design is perfect for cottagecore enthusiasts. They’re also heat resistant, so bring on the coffee and tea. The set comes with eight coasters in four chic colors, all of which store perfectly in the iron holder they come with.

A High-Quality, Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain

Add luxury to your bathroom with this high-quality, heavy-duty shower curtain that won't sacrifice quality for style. With a classic waffle-knit design, it's machine washable in cold water and dries fast without shrinking or deteriorating. Watch as it repels water, especially when used in conjunction with a waterproof shower curtain liner.

These Rug Grippers That Keep The Corners From Curling

Few things can ruin the look of a beautiful room more quickly than a rug with curled corners. Keep those corners flat on the ground with these V-shaped grippers that stick right to the bottom of your rug. They’re great for use on all kinds of rugs and can be used on nearly all floors, including outdoor surfaces.

An Under-Sink Organizer That Can Slide Out

Give your bathroom or kitchen cabinets a major upgrade with this organizing system that can fit beneath your sink. Two sliding drawers allow for easy access to cleaning products, soaps, and shampoos, while perforated shelves provide drainage for damp sponges or wet bottles. Choose from black or white styles, and enjoy an easy tool-free assembly.

These Absorbent Coral Velvet Dishtowels That Come In The Cutest Colors

Treat yourself (and everyone in your home who washes the dishes) to these absorbent coral velvet dishtowels that'll make cleaning while you cook a breeze. They come in a pack of 12, so you won't run out while you take care of business, and the coral velvet material won't irritate your hands. You can use them to clean dishes, windows, electronics, and even furniture; they're a great choice for resourceful cleaners.

A Minimalist Kitchen Utensil Rest That Stops Spills

Stop spills at the source with this minimalist kitchen utensil rest. You can hang it up when you aren't using it for maximum counter space, and you can handwash it in between uses. Its four slots can hold forks, spoons, tongs, and any other utensils that need to take a temporary break while cooking.

A Plush Memory Foam Bath Mat In 22 Colors

Step out of your shower and onto this deliciously soft memory foam bath mat that one reviewer describes as being “so nice and luxurious underfoot.” A velvety soft microfiber material lines the top while the thick padding inside is both super absorbent yet quick-drying. It has a nonslip backing to keep it in place and comes in eight sizes and 22 colors to suit your bathroom style.

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